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29.3.2009 | Jiri Cehovsky |


This is a case from my practice, in which the relapse was properly recognised.

Bettina was 16 years old and she lived in Bavaria. In the autumn of 2002 her mother brought her in. I found out that she had bronchial asthma. The disease was inherited; her grandfather from her mother’s side had died of asthma. She had had the problem for five years; the asthma first appeared following the separation from her father after her parents’ divorce. She was waking up during night suffocating. She also would stifle when she had to walk one flight of stairs, and after such exertion she had to lie on the floor to calm down and rest. She often used an inhaler for spasms, which only provided temporary relief. After an asthma attack she was very tired, and chronic tiredness was always present. She suffered from a stultifying cough. She could no longer ride a bike, walk uphill; this tired her very much and she couldn’t catch her breath. She was very tired even after five minutes of walking on flat ground. She often suffered from anxiety, even before such events as meeting with her boyfriend, or a party with her friends. She was sociable, but she offended others easily. At our first meeting I recommended a carefully selected homeopathic remedy in high potency, applied only once. Ten months later she came again, and told me about the developments: After applying the remedy on a long-term basis her breathing improved markedly, and she was not at all tired. However, three weeks ago everything got worse again (attention, a relapse!). Every second day she was having problems with asthma, she was using her inhaler again as well as drops, which she did not need before. After attacks she would get headaches (inward movement of symptoms, the brain is an inner organ, it is the opposite the direction of Hering Law’s). She was tired. She would coughs. She would wake up at night; her sleep was disturbed (psychological aggravation, inner problem). I gave her an autopathy bottle and recommended diluting her own saliva with five litres of water. The next check-up was over the phone, three weeks after application. She told me that her breathing had improved and the asthma had passed. The cough, however, still persisted. Immediately after the application she had a one-off headache, like those she had known from the past (an old reverse symptom). Two months after the application she reported that the cough was only slight and it wasn’t present after every exertion. She wasn’t waking up at night. She wasn’t suffering from asthma. She wasn’t using any inhaler or any other medication. One time she had a headache and took an aspirin. Her knees were in pain, a problem that she sometimes had in childhood. The inner symptoms had gone, those on the surface, the knees, had gotten worse, it moved from the inside out according to Hering’s Law, and it is also an old reverse symptom. Six months later her astonished adoptive father reported that she was hardworking and enthusiastic about work, which was previously undreamed-of. Even at home and particularly in her room she would tidy things up, which she had refused to do previously. She was much better psychologically, and she would make witty remarks about people. She didn’t cough and had no asthma. She was agile. Her knees no longer hurt her. Eight months after application: She had no problems; she was vivacious and very busy both at school and with social events. Eleven months after application, her stepfather said: her breathing was still fine, she didn’t cough and she wasn’t tired, but lately she had had some headaches and she was again being “irksome”, the headaches signified the problems were moving inward, against Hering’s Law, there was a return of the deeper-seated problem that was cured before – in other words, a relapse. The previously applied preparation was no longer effective. I recommended that she make a new preparation using ten litters of water in autopathy bottle, which I would mail her. A number of months passed when her mother and stepfather came to see me about their own problems, and told me that all was well with her. She was heavily into sports. There was nothing to treat7. Diagnosing a relapse, as we have just seen, often may not be particularly difficult. The important thing is to not recommend another application, or a change in the regularly repeated application, only on the basis of a momentary state of health. This, as we already know, fluctuates, sometimes more, sometimes less. It is necessary to wait and see if it is not only a short temporary aggravation. There might have been only a “curative crisis”, or a reaction to some unfavourable circumstances – psychological, for instance, at work, environmental, such as increased air pollution, etc. An aggravation lasting a day or two might not yet imply a relapse. We always have to look and see if the case is still developing in accordance with Hering’s Law or not. Always think of the diagram. And keep reminding yourself: Wait and watch.

6. Effect duration of one dose

It is generally valid that the higher the level of the dilution, potency, the longer the duration of its effect. We always apply one dose for a longer time. It resounds the spiritual fine-matter organisational centre in its original healthy melody, which in the course of weeks and months after the application spreads to the organism. The shortest duration of effect recorded is 3 months and this even when using only one litre of water (potency 40 C) in an autopathy bottle. The longest duration of effect until the first signals of relapse that was recorded up to now was approximately 2 years. However, autopathy is practiced only 3 years. I assume, on the basis of the experiences with homeopathic constitutional remedies which function in a similar way, that in the cases of autopathic harmonisation lasting longer time it will be possible to achieve a long-term (several years) till permanent effect of a single application (the cured health problems do not return). Some of my autopathic cases which have been observed a longer time indicate this. The average duration of effect is at the beginning of autopathic harmonisation between 5 and 10 months. After second and subsequent applications, after increasing the quantity of water, the duration increases further. The usage of autopathy bottles (intended for a single application – see below) can be therefore expected to be as follows: one till two in the first year, one in the second year, then a further one after several years.

7. Speeding-up of harmonisation

Applications which are more frequent than necessary according to specified rules do not speed-up positive developments. After the application, the organism does everything in its power to improve itself. We cannot drive it forward with a whip. However, to speed-up the development we can remove some obstacles.

An obstacle or retardant of positive development could be any outside influence that enters the organism as a disturbing element. For instance: chemical substances or products, no matter if they come from the environment or if they are taken with intent; a great burden of improper food, perhaps too sweet, too fatty or too salty; electro smog; too much alcohol; drugs; staying in a highly stressful environment; low pH of the organism. Autopathy can add strength to a person, which is essential for overcoming and removing obstacles. Sometimes it comes on its own, through development. A certain lady mentioned to me a dependence on chocolate as one of her characteristics. She had to have at least two bars of chocolate a day. After she applied the autopathic preparation, she was surprised to realize that she had been walking past an open slab of chocolate since the morning without noticing it. Later on she would eat chocolate, but in moderation. Another example: One lady client for a long time kept looking for suitable work. She was getting desperate and stressed over it a great deal. Soon after applying the AP of 3 M (3 000 C) potency, she received two very good offers. The stress was greatly reduced. Autopathic treatment is supported by a healthy lifestyle. Everybody knows what that is, or at least has some ideas: more exercise, more vegetables, less poisons, more love of others and oneself, more spirituality or meditation (if you are interested) … etc. Naturally, this also includes lowering the acidity in organism and increasing its pH (see more information at the end of this book). It does not mean though that immediately after application we have to laboriously change our habits and everything that we have been doing up to now. These will change on their own, if need be, slowly, together with the harmony that begins to enter our more or less disharmonious life. Not resisting this trend helps. If we cannot remove some of the obstacles, or if we like them so much that we do not want to get rid of them, or if the environment does not allow it – it is not necessarily of major importance. Harmonisation can sometimes “flow” around the obstacle and continue on. Maybe a little slower than it could have done, if the obstacle was not there.


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