From the book “Get Well with Autopathy” – short descriptions of chronic disharmonies handled by autopathy

18.5.2009 | Jiri Cehovsky |

(AP =autopathic preparation, made at home in AB = autopathy bottle)

A woman, 38 years old. She is in the second month of pregnancy. She vomits several times a day and constantly has nausea. She had similar problems during the previous pregnancy seventeen years earlier. AP 6 litres. The vomiting and nausea passed immediately, for a short while a weeping mood appeared, an old (now reverse) symptom, which she had had from time to time. Travelling by car she felt unwell several times, which she’d suffered from in childhood (also a reverse symptom). The car sicknesses soon left. The child was born absolutely healthy and was, at the latest check-up, seven months old. The mother is surprised at the exemplary health of her child; the previous one (seventeen years earlier) was not without problems. The mother is also very healthy now.

A man, about 30. The tests have found sarcoidosis, a chronic untreatable disease, which could in time be life threatening. After using an autopathy bottle (AP 6 litres) he feels much better. The tests now show, unlike in the past, no medical finding, repeatedly, over a longer period. The ganglions on the lungs and skin have disappeared, the blood tests, unlike in the past, are within standards. Thus currently there are no reasons to maintain the previous diagnosis (a sentence of incurability of course).

A boy, 4 years old. Repeatedly he suffers from a cough, at least one week every month, throughout the year. Allergy specialists told the mother that he has allergic asthma. AP 6 litres. A check-up after six months, in December. Several months have gone with practically no cough or other problems. After testing recently the allergy specialist said that he is no longer allergic.

A woman, 50 years. Anxiety, fear, sadness, sleeplessness. Waking up often, sleeps till 3AM, than can’t sleep any longer. AP 80 C. Check-up in two and a half months: The anxiety’s gone, so is the sadness, she sleeps very well.

A woman, 50 years. For ten years she’s had a clogged nose, she breathes through her mouth only. She uses drops, but they don’t quite clean the nose. Because of this her sleep is disrupted. She suffers from strong lacrimation. The thyroid gland, according to tests, only functions to 15 percent and it is swollen; she is taking artificial hormones. CT scan found a cyst in her left kidney. The joints in her hands hurt her. AP 6 litres. Three weeks after application both kidneys got worse –she could feel them. The tearful eyes then got better, so did the joint pains, but the clogged nose persisted. I advised her to try not using the nose drops for a couple of days. Two days after she stopped using the drops the nose got clear. Six months after application she went to a check-up for her thyroid gland. She was told it had reduced to the normal size. The blood tests showed a normal, or 100 percent function, of the thyroid gland. Her nose is still clear. In 2008 I can state that in time she repeated AP twice more, 1.5 M and 1 M. For several years she’s been fine and she’s not been taking any medication or hormones. The nodules on her thyroid gland have been absorbed.

A woman, 24 years old. She says that she has come about a small protuberance behind her ear, and also that she would like to be less jealous. At this first meeting she wouldn’t say any more. AP 6 litres. Check-up in three months. She has noticed many changes for the better with problems she never mentioned at our first meeting. For a year and a half she’d had a buzzing ear with some hearing loss; that had gone away. From the beginning of her menstruation cycle she had always had strong pains and would take painkillers. The last two menstruations were completely painless. Also the stomach aches, which came regularly even outside menstruation have gone. She has a lot more energy. Sleeplessness has passed. She isn’t so jealous. The knob behind the ear remains the same. A year and a half after application of AP the improvements persist and she reports that she communicates better with people. She did not mention the knob behind her ear.

A woman, 23 years old. She has a myoma 3.5 x 3.9 inches. The gynaecologist insists an operation is necessary. She has chronic vaginal discharge, caused by yeast infections. She takes contraception pills. AP 6 litres. Check-up in three months. A week earlier she saw the gynaecologist, the myoma is considerably smaller, now 2.2 x 2.6 inches. There is now a sense of well-being. The doctor no longer wants to operate. Immediately after application of AP the discharge stopped.

A man, 57 years old. High blood pressure, now up to180/95, he’s had it for about a year, even though he’s taking medication against high blood pressure. The left chamber in his heart is dilated. He also takes medication for that. Sometime she feels palpitations, sometimes his breathing is wheezy. The cholesterol in his blood is high – 6.3. His condition is deteriorating gradually. AP 3 litres, one dose. Check-up in five months. The breathing problems have passed, as have the palpitations, the cholesterol is down to 5.5 and the heart condition has improved, according to his doctor. The blood pressure is at a constant 135/75, or practically normal. He’s not sure if all these changes could have been caused by diluted saliva, but he knows of no other reason for these improvements, which came after applying the AP. He is booked for another check-up.



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