Fatigue syndrome

2.3.2011 | Zuzana Vitova | zuzana@a.cz

My case started twenty years ago. I was married and had two small children. I was permanently tired. All people told me that it is normal and when the children get a little older, it will be better. Children grew, but my tiredness remained. I was desperate, because in the past I used to do much sport and learning was easy for me. Now when I wanted to learn vocabulary I fell asleep and did not have any strength left for sports. I put on weight a lot and my doctor told me that I am tired because I am fat. The more I tried to reduce my weight, the more weight I gained. My peril was cakes with butter cream. I had to have one a day or I felt ill.

Years passed and my children grew up and I had time for myself. I started to study at the Homeopathic Academy. As every other student also I tested several remedies. They helped me from various ailments, but the tiredness remained. Then I took part in a course on autopathy and applied it on me with a very good result. Unfortunately soon after that the tiredness returned.

In June 2010 I used autopathy from heated saliva diluted with 3 l water.

I don’t know what I expected, but I was very surprised, when the next day I lost the craving for sweet things. Since then I have not eaten one butter cake or other sweets.

In the course of five months my joy of life returned. I felt that my vitality grows. I started to socialize, returned to the English course, I ride an exercise bike and do Pilates. I have the feeling that everything in my head had lit up. Everything is clear and my problems are easily solved. I feel great. I feel as if in the last twenty years I did not live at all.

I have to add that during the last year I did not undergo any homeopathic or allopathic treatment and there were no changes in my job.

I thank autopathy for my „rebirth“. I used it only once with boiled saliva and 3 l water. Since then I did not have to repeat it.

Whatever it was that I had, it is gone now and I hope that it is going to stay this way.


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