Fatigue syndrome, allergies, pollinosis

20.1.2021 | Dr. Martina Kormundova | martina.kormundova@gmail.com

This paper was presented by the author at the last year’s conference on autopathy.

Middle-aged man, real estate agent, makes recreational sports – show jumping, trekking, alpine skiing. Non-smoker, normostenic, alcohol occasionally, coffee 2-3 cups a day. Since childhood gradually worsening polyvalent allergies – pollen, dust, mites, cat fur. Medical drugs – PNC series, Biseptol.

Family anamnesis: His father was also an atopic from young age with eczema, bronchial asthma and pollinosis.

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Social anamnesis: He lives in a block of flats, tries to eat rationally, does not have pets due to animal hair allergy.

Personal anamnesis: Born full term, breast fed for 4 months, in infancy manifestations of atopic eczema – especially the cheeks, forearms, abdomen, knee pits – which disappeared within 3 years, then common childhood diseases. Says that otherwise he was a relatively healthy child. At about the age of 11, he underwent atypical angina with a milder course, unresponsive to antibiotics, later antibodies were found suggesting CMV mononucleosis. At the age of 14, for the first-time symptoms of pollinosis, allergic conjunctivitis – watering, burning eyes, watery rhinitis, sneezing, conjunctivitis – especially during the flowering of willow, sallow and birch, lasting acutely a month, milder manifestations of pollinosis throughout the flowering times of meadow flowers and forest herbs and trees. After that seasonally every year, depending on the modulation of drugs with greater or lesser intensity. At the age of 21 he underwent infectious mononucleosis, since then worsening of pollinosis and fatigue syndrome every year in spring and autumn.

Laboratory: Skin prick tests strongly positive for pollen of birches and willows, as well as grasses, mites and fur of cats, in blood count eosinophilia 8% and positive antibodies against EBV, indicating that EBV (EB virus) is still active in the body.

He enjoys recreational show jumping, running in nature and enjoys skiing very much. He came to me in November 2018, saying that in spring and summer the pollinosis limits him, that he experiences unusual mental and physical fatigue, independent of work effort, rather seasonally in spring / autumn, and that children would like a pet – a cat or dog, or a chinchilla, guinea pig, but that they are afraid that the allergy will get worse and they will have to give the pet away for health reasons.

He learned about autopathy from the Internet and it made sense to him that potentized information from the person’s own body corrects bodily processes and helps to restore health.

November 2018 – diet modification, reduction of sugars, cow’s milk and dairy products, smoked meats…following my advice, over Christmas he read books on autopathy – Get Well with Autopathy and Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony – and from January 2019 he began to devote himself fully to autopathy.

He alternated BS (boiled saliva) and BB (boiled breath) every other day, after a week, initial dilution 4 l, after 14 days 6 l, twice a week, alternating again after a week. Within a month he felt more vital, slept well, felt calmer, no longer needed coffee in the evening. His throat felt a little phlegmy in the morning, but he coughed up some phlegm and then he could breathe well again.

In February, we continued for 14 days with 8 l BB twice a week, at the end of February he observed in places where he had eczema as a child a drier and rougher skin. Temporary itching of the rectum for about a week. He lubricated the skin with quality lard and I recommended Cicaderma ointment.

In March, outside in nature he reacted to pollen with watery eyes and sneezing and we increased autopathy from BB to 10 l, twice a week. The manifestations were much milder than in the previous seasons, he took the antihistamine Aerius only when in nature and more or less preventively. Overall, he felt better.

At the end of March, when the autopathy bottle was almost “exhausted” after three months of use, I recommended autopathy from intestinal nosode 6 l twice a week and then to throw the bottle away. Manifestations of dry skin and eczema disappeared.

From April he had a new autopathy bottle and continued with BB for a week at 10 l and from the following week 12 l BB. He reacted allergically to the pollen of willow catkins and birches – watery eyes, sneezing, watery rhinitis – but he did not feel tired as in the previous years, he really felt more vital. I recommended adding FRM GUNA Allergy Prev 2 x 20 drops and when going out in the nature, to take with him Allergy treet, and micro-immunotherapy 2L Allerg 1 cps under the tongue daily. The manifestations of allergy were really very tolerable, about 1/3 of the symptoms compared to previous years.

He continued with autopathy from BB in May 14 l once a week and in June 16 l once a week. He continued until the end of June, when he finished autopathy with a preparation of non-boiled breath 20 l and discarded the bottle. He interrupted autopathy in July because he was going abroad to the mountains, on bicycle and then on a yacht, and did not want to take the bottle with him. He planned to interrupt autopathy during the summer, but start again in the fall. He continued with FRM Guna and micro-immunotherapy 2LAlerg, 2LEID and 2LMici. He contacted me in mid-September 2019, telling me that the summer went without complications, that he took only very rarely the antihistamine Aerius and that he continued with a new autopathy bottle with BB from 14 l once a week, and after 14 days 16 l BB once a week.

He felt quite good all autumn, didn’t feel tired, only after a lot of physical exertion, but he found this quite normal, allergic manifestations were mild and only when exposed to an allergen – such as drying hay, etc.

Until the end of December 2019, he continued with BB 16 l and then towards the end of the expiration of the autopathy bottle he made himself an intestinal nosode and potentiated it with 10 l.

A check-up at allergology had shown still positive skin tests, but minor skin reactions, biochemistry and blood test without pathologies.

Currently, he continues with autopathy 18 l BB once a week to once in 10 days, this potency suits him, at the same time he takes Colenter LD, or liposomal cow colostrum, Lipo C Askor forte, i.e. liposomal vitamin C and preventively Guna Allergy prev. He feels good, his energy is good, he sleeps well and although there are viruses all around him, even in the family, he is without problems.



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