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29.11.2009 | Dagmar Bartosova | Bartosova.Dagmar@seznam.cz

In May 2005 I have for the first time prepared an autopathic dilution from 3 l. At that time I had an insoluble problem with choking cough and raspy sound when breathing and also insomnia because of the continuous coughing. I had this problem already about 4 years and it slowly worsened. I tried everything from herbs, dietary supplements and homeopathy, till medicaments prescribed by a physician. At that time I had a history of long term stress periods and in the childhood problems with bronchi and later hay fever. But generally I have considered myself to be a healthy person.

After the first application of autopathic preparation my condition improved so that I was one week completely without the above described problems, but of course a definitive improvement took longer. I.e., my condition improved, sometimes it worsened, but the intervals of improvement were always longer than the periods of worsening.

Today it is 3,5 years and I still use the autopathic preparation (although only in cases of health problems), but my acute choking cough is gone. I have to say that the whole course was not always smooth and sometimes I considered, especially during the periods of worsening, what have I done wrong – whether I had the correct dilution or whether I applied the autopathic preparation at the correct time.
After ascertaining and testing of new findings in autopathy (i.e. repeated use of the autopathy bottle, which I very much welcomed), I corrected also my women’s problems and I believe that also my other small health problems which appear now and again (e.g. bleeding of the gums and spring colds), will pass.
Currently I apply autopathic dilution from 3 l water once a week and am satisfied with it, even my annual November flu and bronchitis did not arrive this year and I had not used even once the inhaler that I kept with me for „rescue“ in breathing difficulties, while in the past I had to use it now and again (approx. once in 14 days).

After applying autopathy, my younger (27 years) daughter no longer suffers from anginas and is free of frequent colds, both of which bothered her several times a year and especially in the autumn.

In July 2006 my husband survived pulmonary embolism, which he had a whole week before it was recognised as such by the physicians. The cause for the embolism was broken leg in plaster cast. Already before this he used autopathic dilutions 2x (in May 2005 from 3 l and in January 2006 from 6 l). This preparation helped him to remove excessive sweating and even snoring and I can assume that it helped to save his life (of course with the help of physicians to whom he got 5 minutes before twelve – supposedly it is not usual that people with embolism last so long). After this episode my husband used further (i.e. 3 autopathic applications from 3 l) autopathic dilutions and then 4 applications from 7,5 l. In the course of time after the episode with the embolism his condition improved (he took also medicaments) and today he is medicament-free. Currently he uses autopathy rather as prevention.

Another experience with autopathy comes from my aunt, who three years ago (when she used autopathy for the first time) should undergo a serious surgery of the female organs, but shortly before the operation the physicians told her that the surgery would be superfluous because all is in order. My aunt was born in 1931 and so she will not get rid of all the ailments that she already has since decades, and for which she takes a large number of medicaments, but autopathy helps her in easing the biggest problems, particularly pain in the joints. Especially in the recent time she uses autopathy more often, i.e. at least 3x a week (1,5 l) and says that she feels better.

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