Experience with autopathy applied to plants

19.9.2013 | Blanka Masarikova | irisblank@seznam.cz

I work in a greenhouse where aquarium plants are grown. I can speak about my experiences especially with Anubias nana and Anubias coffiefolium. When under the water, the plants do not suffer from diseases, however because they grow slowly and send out offshoots, they are cultivated in perforated plastics beakers filled with gravel, where their leaves are above water. In this method of cultivation they are often attacked by fungus and have to be strictly sorted out. I must add that about one year ago I observed which cultivation methods are best suited for these plants and have gradually changed the technology of cultivation which had a great influence on their health. In the past it was often necessary to throw away several plants, sometimes even several hundred plants, this is influenced by the time of the year, for example they get worse when plums ripen. After introducing the new technology, the fungus appears rather rarely, however, at this time it can make much damage.

I have been applying autopathy here for about three months and am very surprised by its effect. It is used on approx. 17.000 plants.

First application 12.6.2013. I soaked several affected leaves in water -I used small new preserving glass (like the ones for baby foods), soaked the leaves for 45 minutes, after I took them out of the water I boiled the water by placing the glass in a water bath, then I poured in the glass about 1 l water, poured it to about 2 l water in a plastic bottle and sprayed it with a new plastic spray attachment that I screwed onto the plastic bottle. Because I did not have any information about potencies I went to a water spring and 4x poured out the content of the plastic bottle except for a small remnant at the bottom of the bottle, and with the „fifth“ water I sprayed the plants once more. After this, in the days to come, only a few diseased plants were selected and their number was decreasing, after the 5th day there was not one plant attacked by the fungus for the whole month. In the following applications I have used „only“ higher potencies („fourth, fifth water“… from the spring), we have tired 2x to boil the water in a microwave oven. Each time the application worked and the plants were healthy minimum for 3 weeks. The longest effect was after the first application. Currently it is the time when every year the plants were attacked by the fungus the most and they are still healthy.

This method is very cheap with plants, very effective and very gentle to the plants – the potency and the number of applications have to be discovered by observation.

I have prepared new aids, not affected by subtle information from plants. I want to experiment more with potencies, spray regularly 1x in three weeks and also try to spray potentized water from non-heated „infusion“ from healthy plants.

I bow to the wisdom and power of the highest „cosmic energy“ and want to express to Jiri Cehovsky my great respect and thanks for his work and discovery and spreading of autopathy.



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