Dominik, 15 years – asthma

29.5.2011 | Ivana Klimova |

This contribution was presented at the III. Conference about autopathy in Prague, 29.1.2011.

He visits a high school, is dyslexic and functions slower. He plays a hockey in a sport club, 2-3x a week travels to a training from Brno to Jihlava. He has a match almost every weekend. In his free time he does much sport. He gets help to catch up with school work. He is quite interested in his health, about how the autopathic dilution functions and similar things. His parents are not preoccupied with his symptoms and do not draw the boy’s attention to them, they simply state.

The biggest problems: asthma, bronchi, inflammation of the lungs

  • whistling
  • wheezing
  • breathlessness
  • total muscle nausea
  • cloudy vision with fever 38° C
  • headaches without fever
  • sore throat and pain in the throat
  • perceives cold positively, he never feels cold, walks around open-necked
  • 1x per year intestinal problems, possibly after eating something gone bad


  • born 3 weeks past due date
  • started to walk soon
  • 2x broken arm
  • as a child had fits of anger, leading to coma, body bent backward like bow, stopped breathing, fell down, very tired, fell asleep
  • as a child did not cry, but went into rage, this ended when he was 4 years old
  • when under stress, he cannot learn anything
  • rage until getting blue
  • does not like vegetables, smelly cheese, he is sensitive to smells – to empty a rubbish bin is a problem

In 2010 he was diagnosed with the Gilbert syndrome.”Hyperbilirubinemia” generally means an increased level of the liver enzyme bilirubin, which represents itself by yellow tinge to the skin, till fully manifest jaundice. Gilbert syndrome, a jaundice of young people,

Hyperbilirubinemia was described at the end of the 20th century by Gilbert and co. It is characterised by a small chronic increase of unconjugated bilirubin in the serum without the presence of bilirubin in the urine and without further symptoms of liver disorders. (see Tests were done by an Allergological day clinic, prescribed was the medicament xyzal (Hydroxyquinoline sulfate + benzalkonium chloride) 1x a day. Manifestations are only sporadic. Date of control check-up was not stated. Besides this he takes Wobenzym, 8 tablets daily. He also takes something for the joints (a medicine from the pharmacy).

Application of autopathy in autopathy bottle:

5. 10. 2009 – 8 l

20. 10. 2009 – 16 l

16. 12. 2009 – 32 l, thus with a distance of weeks and doubling the potency. After this application, in the time period until 20. 10. 2010, there were two onsets of an asthma attack, fever, both stopped in the beginning, problems did not develop further. During the crisis, Ventolin was applied 3x daily and 2x daily Oscilococinum. He rested for 3 days, did not go to the training, the problems disappeared within four days. Before this it was usual that he had an asthma attack every two months and for the subsequent 14 days he was shutout from normal life, did not go to school or the training.

20. 10. 2010 Application of dilution from 64 l. The boy asked himself for this application without having some problems. I trusted his intuition.

In the last year (written in January 2011) he has been having rhinitis sometimes, which manifests itself by slightly runny nose. He usually gets it in the mountains, it takes about one week. Normal tiredness after physical strain or from not sleeping enough (he gets up very early in the morning). According to his feedback, he does not have the illnesses, nor even its outsets, he feels a big change and experiences new quality of life.


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