Depressive disorder

24.1.2017 | Dr. Martina Kormundova |

Contribution from the VIII. Conference on autopathy, 2016

A man, about 50 years of age, university graduate, after the graduation unable to utilize his abilities in life, unable to find a partner and to form a normal relationship and a family, is unemployed, lives with his mother, has several years behind him of running away from problems, drinking until dumbness, smokes up to 60 cigarettes a day, much overweight. Has an older sister, who leads a normal life, he envies her.

Since childhood he has been very sensitive to arguments in the family, his father was very strict with him, had beaten him very often, supposedly to make a real hard guy out of him. In his puberty and early adulthood, when he studied at the high school and later at the university, he used to get examination fever, fear from failure, the father made fun of him that he is a coward, good for nothing, weakling… When the mother took his side, the father screamed at her that she is only mollycoddling him. He hated his father, had dreams in which he puts a rope around his father’s neck and is strangling him, but then come fears that he is strange, a monster.

He was not able to start a normal relationship with a girl, was getting red in the face, stuttered, felt that he is good for nothing, that it would have been better had he not been born, that he is a freak of nature, etc… And the depressions grew.

He visited psychiatrists and psychologists without effect, took many antidepressants, nothing helped, feeling of uselessness remained.

Five years ago his father died. He is relieved, but the feeling pertains that he is here for nothing, is of no value, that he should not exist. He was drowning in alcohol, two years ago had undergone an anti-alcohol addiction treatment, now he is abstinent.

We first met in August 2015. I treated him using the method RUS, he did not cooperate much, did not understand forgiveness, continued to blame his parents for his piteous life.

He came again in October 2015 and we worked again using RUS on basic relationships and self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and I offered autopathy to him.

I suggested autopathy with whole body under the shower – 2 minutes in the shower and then half a minute on each chakra downwards and upwards. He called me three weeks later that he has been repeating this cycle 4x – 5x under the shower on the chakras downward, then upward, then on the head again 2 minutes and then downward and upward again – this 4x – 5x, in total about 30 minutes under the shower.

He described a condition similar to a revelation, a huge relief, he spontaneously felt understanding, love and forgiveness to his father and mother that she did not have the strength to defend him and that that in the recent time she refused to give him money, so that he should earn his own…

He described that there was a light in his chest, he felt warmth, all-embracing love for all living things.

In December, during the last consultation, he fell on his knees while describing what has been happening to him, he raised his arms and thanked God, the Creator, the Universe for understanding, for self-acceptance and for self-forgiveness and thanked for opening his eyes, for autopathy and for feeling and perceiving how karmic foulness is being washed away when he makes his autopathy in the shower and for feeling his guardians’ and angels’ love.

Since January he has been working manually, lost already 22 kg and is grateful for the physical activity that he has. He sees life from a totally different perspective and some fortune-teller had told him that in his 53rd year of age he will meet the right woman and his wish for a family will be fulfilled. He is looking forward to leading a normal life, to find work on his level, he would like to do psychotherapy and to help people.



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