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18.3.2014 | PhD Katerina Javorska |

Contribution from the VI. Conference on autopathy, February 2014

 My test “patient” was a relative of mine. Suddenly an eczema appeared on her hands, which was unpleasant not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also demonstrated itself through itching and pain. The pain was considerable and so at the beginning she used to take sleeping pills and painkillers, because the pain occurred especially at night. After I have told her about the course on autopathy, she immediately decided to treat herself this way.

First I have conducted the initial interview with her, where I tried conscientiously to map out what preceded this problem. The problems started after the patient moved her home from Ostrava to Bratislava. Weakened immunity, flu and anginas appeared once or twice in the winter period. During one of the anginas she got strong antibiotics. She never tolerated strong medicines well, and after taking these she felt sick. After completing the antibiotics, she took probiotics. Additional problems followed and her physician informed her that one of her kidneys is not functioning. She got digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, without obvious reasons. Because she had a very time consuming and also otherwise very demanding job in an international company, she had to work very long hours and often finish her work at weekends at home, also at night. Every time when she was under pressure, vertigo occurred. Her organism reacted badly to warmth, when vertigo occurred. She got used to regular exercising, which helped her a lot, although she had to spend much time with it. When she did not exercise, vertigo returned again.

The whole situation culminated after three years. At the end of January, itchy rush appeared on her forearm, which also hurt. Then eczema appeared also on her legs. This got better, the rush was only on the little finger of her left hand. Although the rush did not itch, it hurt a lot when touched.

Meanwhile flu and virus infections repeatedly appeared, for which I suggested homeopathic remedies and the illnesses did not return. She consulted a dermatologist about the eczema and got medicaments and probiotics. After reading the patient information leaflet, she stopped the medicine and nothing happened. The physician did not find the cause of the painful eczema. This got worse after eating muffins once (she baked them herself using good quality ingredients). Even after repeated consultations with the dermatologist it could not be ascertained if the allergy could be a reaction to a particular foodstuff, or not. She was told that she will have to take medicines her whole life and that such eczemas usually cannot be effectively cured.

At the same time the situation with the sudden illnesses returned – frequent rhinitis with a huge production of phlegm, when she had to have her sinuses cleaned.

I also asked her about tiredness – the patient stated that she is not exceptionally tired, only after work, which often exhausts her.

She is not a type of patient who would demand from her physician antibiotics for every illness, on the contrary, she hears the “voices” of her body and also reacts to what her body communicates to her concerning tastes. Besides this she told me that she has exceptionally sensitive skin, with frequent itching, but without rushes.

I considered all the indications and came to the conclusion that in spite of all the symptoms, the patient has a good vitality and I recommended a dilution with 6 l water. The patient was instructed about the use of the autopathy bottle. Because the main manifestation was an eczema and its alleged “incurability” according to the dermatologist, and because the patient had gradually also other ailments (rhinitis, vertigo, flu and angina), I suggested repeating after one week, followed by two further applications.

I saw the patient again after five weeks and I noted everything that has changed since then. The patient stated that the eczema started to disappear two days after the first application of the diluted saliva. After about one week, the skin was eczema free, as if it was never there. By the end of the third week she had a slight vertigo, which did not return again. She finished the applications as recommended.

The next meeting took place after almost four months (delay due to work commitments). The patient has clean skin without eczema. She had a weak rhinitis, for which she took homeopathic remedy and the rhinitis quickly stopped. She does not have any other symptoms.

She also visited the dermatologist and informed her that the eczema disappeared. The dermatologist stated that this happens sometimes and that she should not stop taking the prescribed corticoids (which however the patient did not take).

We are in occasional contact, she is healthy and without complaints. She is informed about possible further use of the autopathy bottle.


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