A cure of dumbness and treatment of effects of paralysis

27.1.2010 | Lenka Schwarzova | lenka.schwarzova@centrum.cz

I practice autopathy since the year 2004 (when I was for the first time in your lecture) with my whole family and professionally since the year 2006. I also work with psychotronics and am occupied with detoxification and toxins in the organism.

It is psychotronics that helps me to determine autopathic dilutions exactly.

I have realized that autopathy does not function for example in cases of chlamydia infection or parasites in the body, but works well in Lyme disease.

The best effects of autopathy are in eczemas, migraines, insomnia, psychic disturbances, pains in the joints, in tempered Lyme disease, diabetes (as long as insulin is not injected and the person takes only pills), immune disorders – you surely know this, I have many such cases, but also in a sudden paralysis and this I would like to share with you.

A woman, born in 1981, the episode happened on 13.10.2001 in Teplice. In the morning hours her circulation collapsed (medical records are not available), the doctors have allegedly given her wrong medicament and she fell in coma. No one knows why this happened. Until 16.11. she is in deep coma, from 17.11.2001 until January 2002 in a shallower form of coma, she perceived pain, she understood what the hospital staff said and she communicated in this condition through blinking of the eyes, she received full lung assist support, during the month the support was occasionally interrupted, she started to breathe alone, artificial nourishment, she gradually recovered, started to move her head, first sounds, loud crying, she accepted mixed foods, at the end of February 2002 transferred to a rehabilitation centre Luže u Košumberka.

Condition before autopathy: 7 years on a wheelchair, whole-day assistance, crooked face, did not speak, made only sounds, could not eat alone, could control the fingers slightly and thus communicated over the computer.

13.5.2008 -.application of the first AP 360 C – one week of oversensitivity, in one week strong spasms, in two days slight spasms, 26.5. feels relaxation in the muscles, improvement of movement of the back and the tongue, 29.5. strong throat pain. 12 days no new developments. 15.6. strong relaxation of the muscles and the back does not hurt anymore (before it did hurt).

16.6. her family notices for the first time the improved motoric of fingers on her right hand, she can shift beads between her fingers.

9.7.2002 – application of the second AP 480C – again one week of strong spasms, tiredness, sadness, after one week she notices relaxation in the hip, improved motoric of fingers of both hands and greater movement ability in both arms. Motoric in the left leg starts to improve, she can stretch her foot, which she could not do for years.

2.8. better stability, she tries to straighten up, to have a strait neck! Continually improving movement ability of the fingers of both hands. 23.8. all agree that one can understand her better.

28.8. she feels great, euphoria, she thinks that she can manage everything, active.

16.9. application of the third AP 600C – now and again pain in the back and in joints, occasional spasms, her speech improves, once can understand her better.

15.11. repeated application of AP 600 C – dizziness, spasms, she gets acupuncture, 8.12. starts to speak, she is less out of breath, quarter of an hour of continued speech (she did not speak for 7 years). 24.12 starts to speak well and also sings!! Christmas Carols. 28.12. pain in the back, problems with balance, which she had 4-5 years ago. In January 2009 she speaks clearly, marked movements of lower extremities, starts with speech therapy.

Now she speaks, sings, moves her legs and arms, she can eat alone, the spasm in the face ceases, she looks better.

Presently we are preparing for a fourth AP. I am very happy for her improvements and progress, however small these may be, which took place during the year. And this only thanks to autopathy, otherwise she would not speak, nor sing, nor move her legs and arms, nor could she eat alone. I firmly believe that one day she will leave her wheelchair and will walk again, contrary to the medical prognosis that did not give her any hope.


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