The correct preparation of an autopathic dilution

14.10.2009 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Important condition for successful autopathic treatment is the correct preparation of the dilution. In a situation where the person has chronic health problems, i.e. long-term problems that were treated but never cured through conventional medical methods, it is essential to proceed in the best possible and exact way according to proven and the most tested procedures. The autopathic bottle has already been implemented since six years and was proved to be effective in the treatment of thousands of cases of chronic health problems that could not be cured over a long period of time and were often causing much prolonged suffering (e.g. approximately 50 examples of cured cases described in my books about autopathy). The bottle has the advantage that it provides continuous flow-through dilution, which is very quick and exceptionally effective, it takes place in normal conditions and with the volume of water used we determine the exact potency to be made. We also have a guarantee that the dilution is not polluted by foreign biological information and that the material is free of contaminating leaching.

Exceptionally I have tried also other methods of infinitesimal dilution of saliva, particularly the Korsakoff method described in both of my books. It is a method of first aid, when no autopathic bottle is at hand. Low potencies made according to the Korsakoff method were usually effective in the first treatment, however, not in longer treatment. Korsakoff’s dilution has traditionally critics amongst homeopaths and many maintain that the potency stops at a level of 30 C irrespective of whether  we use two hundred or thousands steps. Treatment of chronic diseases takes however usually longer time, with repeated doses of autopathic preparation in higher potencies and here Korsakoff’s dilution in one vessel of random form fails. I have had several cases, especially at the beginnings of my autopathic practice, when we successfully used autopathic bottles, but then their manufacturer could not deliver the required quantity and I temporarily recommended going to the Korsakoff’s dilution. As far as I remember, I have always observed complications in healing, it came to a halt, new symptoms appeared, or already cured ones came back, etc. Only the further use of an autopathic bottle moved the case forward. In one such a case it was the treatment of eczema and migraine and in another juvenile arthritis. Both cases are now healed and without problems since several years, after having returned to the use of an autopathic bottle.

Once I had a similar case, which I described some years ago in the book get Well with Autopathy. The client came to me in the year 2004. Here a quote from the book:

„A man, 57 years old. High blood pressure, now up to 180/95, he’s had it for about a year, even though he’s taking medication against high blood pressure. The left chamber in his heart is dilated. He also takes medication for that. Sometimes he feels palpitations, sometimes his breathing is wheezy. The cholesterol in his blood is high – 6.3. His condition is deteriorating gradually. AP 3 litres, one dose. Check-up in five months. The breathing problems have passed, as have the palpitations, the cholesterol is down to 5.5 and the heart condition has improved, according to his doctor. The blood pressure is at a constant 135/75, or practically normal. He’s not sure if all these changes could have been caused by diluted saliva, but he knows of no other reason for these improvements, which came after applying the AP. He is booked for another check-up.“

Years of good condition followed, during which the same potency 240 C made in an autopathic bottle from six litres was repeated several times in a few situations of slightly increased blood pressure, short arrhythmia etc. The problems usually quickly passed after use of the autopathic preparation and did not return at all for a long time. In the check-up consultation in September 2007 he was completely without problems, with blood pressure 133/83 and with excellent resistance in stress situations in his profession and in mountain tourism. For the maintenance of the good condition I recommended repetition of autopathic dilution made with 6 l in regular intervals and made an appointment for a consultation in six month, which he did not keep.  Instead, he called me after one year that he has for some time the arrhythmias again, and this time bad ones. Somewhere he had read that it is possible to prepare potencies in the water bottle cap, into which he poured water. This he repeated in the agreed upon intervals, using the agreed upon quantity of water, but without the autopathic bottle until the previous pathology returned that was cured already years ago, and which did not react to his do-it-yourself prepared autopathic “potencies”. I sent him an autopathic bottle and recommended dilution with six litres. I asked him to come for a control to which he arrived totally healthy. The effect came within a week.

The basic finding from autopathic healing is that it is necessary to use finely differentiated potencies. A difference in 100 C can sometime be of major importance for full success. When we use various vessels, bottle caps etc., we do not know which potency develops (and whether it develops at all). On the other hand, potencies 30 C made with the Korsakoff method can be beneficial in acute situations and improve the condition temporarily. However, I am almost sure, that if the person does not switch over to an autopathic bottle, he or she will not stay with autopathy very long because the results achieved will not have long term effect. After my six years of experience I have not seen even one case of successful healing of long-term chronic diseases with potencies made in a haphazard way, while with autopathic bottle there are many.



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