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15.1.2017 | Jiri Cehovsky |

When someone had decided for autopathy, made the dilution and saw that it helped him, he necessarily has some questions. These fall basically into three categories.

In the first category are the technical ones: From all the given possibilities, have I selected really the best potency? Is it for me really the best method of preparation from the six or more methods that there are? Should I be applying it once a week, once a day, or each time that I feel I need it, or do I have to wait and see how it develops? Does the healing progress according to the Hering’s law, or not? Should I proceed this or that way?

Questions of social type will surely also appear, for example: How do I explain to my colleague in the office or to my doctor, how is it that I no longer have the eczema or why I no longer use the walking stick? Should I say it to them directly or should I evade their questions and divert attention elsewhere to avoid sceptical responses from someone, who had never heard about autopathy or who places it together with UFOs and politicians’ promises into the realm of fantasy? How can I cope with my husband’s mockery or my mother in law, who thinks that if there is nothing in TV about it, it cannot exist?

Then there are the questions in the third category, philosophical ones, which do not have to come up every time, but occasionally, especially in the later stages of the development, and which sometime descent with strong urgency: my chronic complaints are obviously getting better and have partially or already completely disappeared, moreover, directly after the application I often feel considerable relief – does this mean that a fine-matter (immaterial) something has been steering my material life? And what is it? What do others think about this and how long have they been experiencing it? How do they integrate this inner change into their lives? How does it influence their attitudes? How do they cope with it? Had it enriched them? Or does it complicate their lives? Or is it a freeing experience? Or is it a matter of course?

One cannot answer to himself many of these and similar questions with certainty. However, although everyone goes his/her individual way, answers exist. They are friendly answers from people, who already went through or are going through a similar journey. People, for whom autopathy had become a part of life. Those, who have stopped seeking because they have found it. With these people and their answers we meet regularly at the conference.

The marvellous and energising atmosphere of the previous conferences is unforgettable for anyone who visited them.  And there is also a pleasant awareness of exclusivity: something comes to being here, which makes sense, which has a future, which helps, calms down, brings happiness and in which I can take part. In contrast to destruction, which we can observe in our environment all too often.

We will meet for the ninth time to talk about our observations, feelings and solutions. It is here, in the conferences, that for the last nine years we find the answers, also those, which are not expressed by words.



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