Conference on autopathy 2009

18.5.2010 | Jiri Cehovsky |

On the last day in January, in the building of the high school Na Zatlance, in Prague5, a historic event took place, namely the first large exchange about experiences with healing with the aid of the autopathic method – Conference about Autopathy 2009. Approximately 80 persons interested in autopathy took part, many had rich experiences with applying autopathy in the own family as well as in a wider context. In the course of the conference, twenty speakers presented their papers about their experiences with this relatively new method.

The cases were mainly of much interest, starting with successful cases of curing „common“ health problems such as eczema, Lyme disease or dispositions to various inflammations, and ending with very difficult cases with unfavourable prognosis, which however reacted well to autopathy and whose condition had markedly, or at least partly, improved – epilepsy in children, Alzheimer disease, heavy diabetes or schizophrenia. One of the cases was for example that of a woman who was paralysed for 7 years and had lost her speech ability. The medical conclusion was that it is an incurable condition which will not improve. After repeated application of an autopathic preparation the paralysis started to recede, now the woman is able to move her hands, can speak again and the condition is steadily improving. Of course, as with every other method, also autopathy cannot sometimes improve the condition, the reaction stops at certain point, it is not adequate or it even cannot be seen. This is a relatively rare situation, but it can happen.

The conference contributions show that the level of potency plays an important role. The potency is higher than in homeopathy and so the selection of appropriate dilution is very important for a positive reaction. It seems that in cases of inadequate reaction to a certain level of dilution a reaction arrives, when markedly different potency is used. Some of the cured persons reacted excellently to low potencies, others needed high dilutions for the healing reaction to take place.

The autopathic congress was not only an interesting possibility for exchange of experiences and ideas, it was also a confirmation of the effectiveness and the large possibilities of this method.

The conference proceedings (in Czech language) are recorded in mp3 format of and can be obtained from Alternativa.


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