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14.1.2012 | Zdenka Dukatova | dukatovazd@seznam.cz

A paper presented at the IV. Conference on autopathy

The treated person is a young woman, now aged 19 years, autopathy practised since 1 and ¼ years.

THE REASON FOR STARTING TO USE AUTOPATHY: from birth often ill – virus infections and colds, always accompanied by temperatures, cough and rhinitis – it always meant being 14 days sick, and consequently also absent from school. Stays at the sea and immunotherapy did not help, nor did vitamins and other alternative and herbal therapies.  The conditions of frequent sicknesses did not change with age. At the same time she was doing badly at school, her results got worse, she had difficulties with subjects which were not very near to her, and which were taught by authoritative and strict teachers. She lacked self-confidence, also on a personal level, she did not have a good feeling about friendship with girls who have chosen her as a friend rather than the other way round, in these relationships she was often manipulated by the other person, which bothered her. She could not enforce her opinion, her ideas and live her own life.

AUTOPATHY START: from 4 l boiled saliva.

CHANGE: Here the improvement was the strongest, there was immediately a change in the psychic state – much more optimism and self-consciousness, less nervousness, problems started to resolve themselves alone, without stress.
The health improved, she was not ill for a long time, she only got a slight cold lasting about two days, for which she did not have to take leave from school

FURTHER CHANGES IN THE FOLLOWING 15 MONTHS AFTER THE FIRST AUTOPATHY APPLICATION: she had only 2x a virus infection when she had a fever and was ill, which is 5x les soften than in the previous years.

She has considerably better results in school, as could be seen on her school certificate.
Moreover, she also made a driving test, she was successful for the first time, unlike many of her classmates.
Currently she also got a certificate in the English language, i.e. internationally acknowledged examination level B2.
She has different friends, she has a very good girlfriend and with her also other acquaintances to spend free time with, they get on very well and develop together future free-time activities.
She continues with autopathy by using gradually increased dilution by 2 l, at the moment she is at 12 l. Nine months ago she added also breath from both nostrils to the saliva, followed by heating.

The general procedure in application of autopathy:
Soon after the start, the client started to manage the autopathic applications herself and did not keep notes, so I outline the procedure only roughly.

Started in October 2010:

10/2010 / single application 4 l / boiled saliva / she waited 1,5 months
12/2010 /single application 6 l / boiled saliva / she waited 1,5 months
The she got ill (virus infection), and so during the illness she lowered the dilution to 2 l every second day and after recovery:
03/2011 – 06/2011 / 1x a week / boiled saliva / regularly until the end 06/2011, while she gradually increased the quantity of water (by two litres) – in 06/2011 achieved 10 litres.

From 07/2011 until now / no longer very regularly, roughly 1x a month / still boiling / with gradual increase of litres / now she is at 12 litres.

From 04/2011 till 28. 1. 2012 she always practiced together saliva + breath from both nostrils + boiling.


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