A case of holistic self-healing of serious illness

28.4.2012 | L. M. | autor@autopathie.de/novy

I had a heavy traumatic experience that I could not master and began to suffer from depression. Without treating it, it got better. Two years later I got an acute psychosis, when I did not recognise my surroundings and had to be treated by electric shocks. This led to a bipolar schizoid condition whose manic attacks returned regularly every 4 years. During the last stay at the psychiatric clinic I got risperdal injections. After my release from the clinic, I went there every 14 days to get the injection. I do not know what had started the heavy depression, which I did not know before in such intensity, if it were the injections, or a general progression of the illness; in the past the medicaments caused in me only a manic attack. The depression was so heavy that at my request the psychiatrist stopped the rissperdal injections and prescribed medication against depression. In spite of various combinations of antidepressives, the treatment did not work. With an enormous effort I continued with my occupational duties as a radiology assistant and when I was home I could only lie down. The worst were the weekends, when the feelings of fear and anxiety were exhausting. This depression lasted almost half a year.

I was very lucky, because a relative acquainted me with autopathy. As a result of the illness I was lethargic and without any interest, but I remembered a wonderful program in TV about the memory of water.

Fortunately the autopathic treatment was very simple, with a water spring not far from us it did not require much effort. My husband contacted Mr Cehovsky and he advised application of autopathy from boiled breath with 3l once a week. The depression had reduced my life so much so that I totally clang to it. I did not listen to Mr Cehovsky’s advice and practiced it every day the whole month thinking that the more often I do it, the better. After about a month the depression did not last a whole day or up to the usual 16 o’clock anymore, but receded already around 10 a.m. I had the idea to increase the potency to 10l and use it only once a week and a miracle had happened. Immediately after the first application made from 10l the depression passed. I am sure that this happened thanks to autopathy, because the accompanying effect was that the skin on my feet stopped getting hard, which was a long-term and also irresolvable problem, the skin on the heels of my feet painfully cracked. My feet also stopped sweating and smelling badly. Miraculously also my sleep got better and my occasional snoring had totally stopped.

L. M.


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