Boiled saliva and breath or There is always something new to discover

15.9.2022 | Jiri Cehovsky |

In our practice we are always discovering something new.  This includes also the methods and techniques of autopathy, with which we are already well acquainted, have been using them for years and which are described in my books. Lately, I have been recommending boiled saliva and breath (BSB) quite often, especially where problems of the body and/or mind persist after an infection, or when we suspect an overgrowth of candida or any other mycosis. Or when, for unknown reasons, the overall state of health does not improve any more with (previously effective) methods of autopathy. So far, we have been using, not only me, but, as I can see for example in the conference records, also others, mainly low potencies, say up to 15 l. Let us look at three cases from my practice, where the amount of water used was significantly higher and with a significant success.

20-year-old man, he has been on autopathy for the last 10 years. In the past, before autopathy, he was suspected of having epilepsy with the suggestion of taking antiepileptic drugs, he used to have allergies and strange states of dread at night when he woke up, an eczema, and there was also a suggestion to remove his tonsils. After starting autopathy, the negative (parental and medical) reports gradually stopped and he was mostly fine. Used was mainly preparation from breath without boiling, in the last five years exclusively. The potency was increased up to 150 l and used at long irregular intervals depending on the condition. He was treated by his mother, who sometimes came to see me for advice. In the last five years, autopathy was used only for superficial problems such as when he was tired or had a headache or cough, usually with a rapid retreat of the problem and then a long interval before intervention was needed again. However, this year in May, he developed rhinitis, described as allergic in his childhood, which he has not had for many years now, as well as fatigue, painful pressure in the ears and knee pain. He applied 30 l of BSB in a single use. Subsequently, the fatigue passed, the pain in the knee and ears stopped bothering him, and the cold improved to the point that, as he put it “there is nothing more to resolve.”

A 68-year-old woman has been using autopathy for a long time and has not had any serious health problems in recent years. However, she once suffered from cardiac arrhythmias and a number of other chronic problems, which she successfully cured with autopathy. But this winter she coughed and had a runny nose, she  “felt a bit off-colour” and was irritable. She also started having occasional abdominal pain (maybe a yeast problem), stinging pain in the ears, occasional poor sleep, and slight joint pain (it may be a surprise to some that yeast could be involved here as well). All these problems she had already resolved in the past with the help of lower potencies of BSB, B or BB. With a gradual increase from 26 liters to 34 liters of BSB, everything was corrected and for several months she has not had any health problems and with it no longer a cause for using autopathy.

A woman approaching fifty “caught the virus” in December, she was very afraid, vomited and had prepared for herself, as she had done before, 170 minutes (340 l) Breath. Then at night she had a dream of water flowing through her and cleaning her. Within a few days, her condition returned to normal except for a fatigue, which passed after six liters of BSB. Two months after that, during a particularly psychically demanding winter period, the changes that this whole civilization is going through affected her somewhat, and she’d developed a psychological condition with feelings of insecurity, anxiety and the impression that she was not able to handle anything. After BSB 30 minutes (60 l), the problems departed and she felt good, she even lost a few extra kilos, which she wanted to lose for a long time but did not know how to do it. Two months later, she reports that everything is fine with her. She noticed the difference in the effect of the high potencies of the two different preparations: After breath without boiling, she enjoyed esotericism and thinking about spirituality more, while after BSB she opened up more to the world, made various constructive decisions, accepted a new job. She does not look her age and appears more youthful than when she first came to me ten years ago with many problems.

As a curiosity, I will also mention a short conversation with a lady in her forties, which took place during a break in the hall of the conference on autopathy in Masaryk College, I think it was in 2020 or 19. She was a graduate of the courses. She approached me and said with a mysterious smile: I wanted to tell you something you should know. I made an BSB using several thousand liters, we have a well. It was an attempt, I had let the water flow through for many hours. The result is that I feel like I’m sixteen – and I have 3 (or did she say 4?) kids. Unfortunately, at that moment, organizational duties took me to the other end of the hall and I never learned the details. After all, the high dilutions marked as CM, which have been commonly produced and used in homeopathy already for 150 years, would be produced in an autopathy bottle after about 21 hours of flow, with a volume of 2500 l of water (the bottle passes 2 l/min = 80 C.). Of course, we’d have to have a chlorine filter or our own well.

Let us remind ourselves: When a functioning potency (amount of water poured through the autopathy bottle) loses or shortens its effect, we increase the dilution. And that regardless of any imaginary limit in the amount of water.

There is always something new to discover.



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