Autumn viral infections

29.11.2018 | Krystof Cehovsky |

Viral infections are a classical problem that people encounter during the season between the summer and the winter – infections of the respiratory tract, blocked sinuses, fever. The appropriate application of the autopathic preparation can support the self-healing mechanisms of the body and to achieve quicker recovery from the illness. How it can be done has been documented in the following case from autumn of last year.

A client, 37 years old, has been visiting me since a longer time. He has chosen autopathy as a therapy for Crohn’s disease, whereby we have succeeded reducing the symptoms so that his everyday life has been no longer impaired by it.

He has been applying the method Prana 5, “playing” with the potency between 15 – 30 litres according to his feelings, in the time span of 7-30 days. He used the autopathic preparation when he felt generally out of tune. However, the most of the time he has been in a good physical and mental form.

His whole life he has been suffering twice a year, in the autumn and in the spring, from blocked sinuses and strong irritating cough with slightly increased temperature of 37°C. This condition bothers him every year and prevents him from working and other activities for 10-14 days.

He called me to tell me that he feels that his classical autumnal viral infection is starting again and to ask how to deal with it with autopathy, because in a couple of days he must leave for an important business meeting abroad and has to be fit. After consulting my notes about the development of his condition following the past applications of autopathy, I had recommended to him the method of boiled saliva and breath in one preparation, diluted by 6 l. After applying this potency in the past, he had experienced great improvement in the intestinal area and in passing stool. With detoxification by autopathy we have succeeded in removing the inflammation from the body. This condition has been stable since almost two years, with the client’s significant subjective improvement. The idea was thus: as the potency had been effective in improving serious chronic inflammation in the past, why not try it for a more superficial and from the viewpoint of seriousness for the organism not so fundamental problem? The client had made the preparation and on the next day the worsening of his condition stopped. From the third day onwards he felt significantly better. Rhinitis stopped and he coughed only occasionally. On the following day he felt healthy. The “autumnal viral infection”, which in a state of momentary reduced vitality can afflict any of us, was overcome and the business trip abroad could take place. The problem, which would normally bother him up to two weeks, had been dealt with by autopathy in 4 days.


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