Autopathy and flu

4.9.2011 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Autopathy has proved to be effective, especially in the colder seasons of the year, in healing acute states of fever, flu, inflammation of the upper air passages, etc. It is interesting that after having used autopathy, the persons had a markedly lower inclination to further illnesses.

Effective was especially application of autopathic preparation made in autopathy bottle from 6 l water. In cases of persons older than 50 years and those with serious inner disorders, it is good to prepare the dilution from 3 l water, poured through the autopathy bottle. It is advisable to repeat the dilution made from 3 l several times in the intervals of 2 hours, while the higher dilution from 6 l can be applied even in a single dose. Here some of the examples from my book “Get Well with Autopathy”:

A woman, 29 years of age. After autopathy many of her symptoms improved, but during her nine-month check-up I noticed slight indications of a relapse. I therefore gave her a new AB and recommended that she use a higher potency. That was in September. In December she phoned me at night, crying that she felt very bad, worse than she had ever felt before. She had stomach pains, headache, tiredness, a temperature of 102.2 ºF, and panic attacks. It turned out that she had not yet made the preparation after the last check-up, and that she had thus been in a state of relapse for three months. I told her to make it right away. Half an hour after application she was better psychologically, within an hour her temperature began to drop, by the next morning it was down to 99.5 ºF. The next day she was fine. When the acute state had passed, in the following weeks and months the remaining chronic disharmonies also began to disappear.

A boy, 20 months old. From the first month of his life he had been exclusively and successfully treated by autopathy. Seven months after the latest application of AP, at noon, he looked slack, his temperature was 100.8 ºF. By the evening his temperature was up to 103.3, he was breathing faster, a state he was never seen in before. It was interpreted as a relapse. The mother gave him children’s paracetamol, which lowered his temperature only slightly, to 102.6 ºF. In the evening she applied AP 1.2 M (fifteen minutes under the filter, the first litre distilled water, AB). At night his temperature rose shortly to 104 ºF, in the morning it was 102.2 ºF, but the boy was quite agile and behaved absolutely normally. The fatigue and rapid breathing were gone. By 1PM he still had a temperature of 102.2 ºF, and was given paracetamol before his afternoon nap. After sleeping two hours he was down to 99.1 ºF, and the following days his temperature was normal. The whole dangerously looking crisis was thus resolved within 24 hours after applying the preparation.

A thirteen year old boy – the parents rang me late at night from a distant place and reported that he had, for the past 24 hours, a temperature of 102.2 ºF. He had a headache and he was tired. After an aspirin and a short sleep, his temperature dropped to 99.9 ºF, but he was still not well. They had an unused autopathy bottle at home. I recommended AP from 5 litres of water from their own well. The next day after waking up his temperature was 102.7 ºF, by 1PM it had dropped slightly to 102.2 ºF. However, the headache was gone, he was not tired, he was behaving normally and not complaining about anything. Only a slight soreness in throat persisted in the morning. At 5 PM he had 99.9 ºF, an hour later 100.6 ºF, but by 8 PM he no longer had a temperature and was free of problems. The next day he was fine.  In a number of my cases, where AP was used with the acute states of fever, the problems have disappeared or have been significantly improved within 24 hours of application. Lately I often recommend boiling the saliva in such cases – see the chapter Autopathic Detoxication.

A note: In autopathic treatment it is always necessary to distinguish between a truly acute problem and what might be an acute aggravation of a chronic state, and act in accordance with this. As always, seeking a doctor’s opinion is an option.


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