Autopathic self-healing and healing of plants

9.9.2011 | Ludmila Vranova |

Presentation from the conference in January 2011

1. There is something to this 

  • I learned about autopathy per chance, when I searched for herbs in the Internet at a time when I was strongly troubled by rheumatism
  • It caught my attention because of its simplicity, accessibility and the homeopathic principle
  • I was also interested in the descriptions of experiences of people who already tried it and also the experiences of the author who discovered the method and disseminates it.

2. I tried it 

  • I started on March 24, 2009, following the instructions, with the initial dilution 1 l, 2x a week
  • The effects came within 12 hours after the first application and multiplied. They were skin rushes on the whole of the body, increase of pain in the joints and now and again strong psychic relaxation
  • At this time I went through a „crisis“ connected with pension age, but paradoxically I had much work, because after a long period without work I suddenly had more work than I needed. I mention this because of anxieties which, besides rheumatism, bothered me. Autopathy functioned almost miraculously – the anxieties ceased almost immediately
  • I happily continued almost the whole of April, the pain in the joints calmed down, but it also moved around, pain in the knee (before autopathy I could not step on this foot when I walked down the stairs) ceased so much that in normal use I did not take notice of it at all, and hair grew in the places where they fell out before
  • What did not get better was nail fungus on the big toe and brittle nails on fingers of both hands, remained also digestion problems (the digestion process is not completed, the diarrhoea lasting over years is probably responsible for the deficiency of substances needed by the nails), which were connected, so I think, to stress resulting from the loss of financial security at the time when I lost my job.

3. The pressure increased 

  • At work the pressure for performance increased, the moment of the „crunch” was getting nearer and I was working with autopathy at full power. When I got a virus infection, it got better thanks to autopathy, I successfully suppressed a flew, I felt exhausted, but I did not take any notice of it
  • I increased the dilution to 200, 300 till 600 in a daily-use rhythm, but the miraculous effect did not arrive anymore, nevertheless, the effects previously achieved have remained – the joint pain notably decreased, also psychic condition was better, but tiredness announced itself
  • In July I performed as expected of me, but the tiredness did not pass, problems in personal relationship increased and at the end of July a surgery awaited me – correction of an anomaly of two toes.

4. Plants 

  • The idea that I will manage everything with autopathy did not leave me, on the contrary, it got stronger when I started to heal my plants and so confirmed for myself the effect of autopathy on roses, they have renewed their diseased twisted leaves and from the state of wasting away, arrived to a state of „health“, have produced buds and brought them to blossoming, while the leaves were smooth and shiny
  • I made similar good experiences with an diseased passionflower, rosemary invaded with brown scale, etc.

5. „A break“ – foot surgery

  • At this time (around half of July 2009) at a meeting in Brno, I discussed with Mr Cehovsky the issue of dilution and the speed of increasing it, and also the fact that nothing new happened concerning my health. I took his advice to return back to the dilution when I felt the effect to be the most positive and returned to a dilution with 3 l, i.e. 180 C.
  • but nothing changed for the better, or worse. As if the effect had stopped.
  • Then came the foot surgery, holidays started, the operated foot should be moved and so I started to go by car to the countryside where I exercised, but it was difficult. The healing was slow. With crutches or without I used to loose balance physically as well as psychically.
  • Pain in the joints returned and with it all „cured“ symptoms, i.e. anxiety, dissatisfaction, fear, motoric problems and tiredness of unusual intensity.
  • Not even this forced me to take rest. In August I left for vacation at the sea, I swam, sunbathed, and „healed myself by salt water“. The second day after my arrival I injured my forehead by falling on a sharp stone in the sea (almost exactly in the area of the „third eye“). But even this did not force me „to stop“. I had with me a „magic ointment“ from own production, which healed the deep wound on the surface. But upon touch a strong paint could be felt, because the healed skin only covered an injured bone.
  • I did not have the autopathy bottle with me, but I made autopathy every day in the morning with the so called „bucket method” from bought bottled water. I attempted dilution 40 C in the bottle cap. Skin rushes came and my feeling generally indicated that it is helping me.

6. Back to the beginning 

  • After returning from the vacation a new school year and much work awaited me, without a break for working on impressions, real „sharp start“.
  • Joint pain, nervousness, dissatisfaction and other unpleasant things were with me very day, fragility of the nails continued, fungus under the nail of the big toe got much better. I took autopathy approx. 120 C, but nothing happened, only the rush on different parts of my body appeared – I took it as cleaning if the organism. Anxieties returned and remained.
  • During my weekend stay in the country I tried to heal plants again and was successful. Basil that was in a poor state came to life again, roses that were not treated before were saved now. But my condition was not as good. Autopathy did not seem to function. The “returned“ pain in the joints was very strong, as was tiredness and bad mood. In this state I left for the spa. Before I left, I had much work because I had to arrange a one month replacement for me at work. In the spa were hardly any conditions for „spa relaxation“.
  • During the stay there I read books, took part in cultural life and nothing happened. I continued with autopathy in the same way as during my vacation – dilution approx. 40 C. Also now a rush appeared. I had the idea that with this approach the „cleaning of the organism” will continue until I die.
  • When I drove back, I had a car accident, the right front wheel broke at the speed of 140 km.
  • The consequences were as expected, nevertheless, I got home somehow. Exhausted, with a nerve compression in the lumbar spine, no feeling in the right leg, and very bad mood, nevertheless, determined to put everything right, to return to a „proper system“ of autopathy and with a feeling of hope that everything will be better.

7. Current  situation from the viewpoint of „subjective symptoms“ 

  • After I had returned from the spa, my reaction to it was total tiredness, strong pain in the joints of the hand, the nerve was still compressed, the nails were more brittle.
  • I visited my physiotherapist, who managed to free the compressed nerve.
  • I started autopathy again with a dilution of 120 C, 3x a week, as a media I combine breath and saliva and I felt improvement.
  • When I felt danger of virus infection, I applied, irrespective of the above mentioned rhythm, autopathy in a dilution of 120 C from pure breath and also felt improvement. Since the 1st December I have coped with three „attacks” of flu or virus infections, without getting into a state of increased temperature.
  • Tiredness persist, as well as problems with going up the stairs, psychic state is deep below being balanced, my work presents for me relentless pressure in spite of occasional positive experiences.
  • I increased dilution, currently I am on 200 C.

8. What can we conclude and what to do next? 

  • Autopathy functions as a method for balancing health.
  • It is practical and advantageous, because it is always at hand (in case of emergency it can be applied even without the autopathy bottle)
  • It represents a system of continual improvement of health – physical and psychical
  • It is demanding, needs concentration and ability to reflect about oneself as well as a sober view of oneself and sincerity
  • It can work only when a person recognises his own life and with it also health as a first priority, which he has to protect for himself as well as his fellowmen
  • It should be combined with consultation, experienced homeopath or autopath can help through advice based on experience
  • It should be applied with respect, because it is a very „new“ method, although its roots go back more than 3000 years
  • Because it was re-discovered, it should develop further!
  • What to do next depends on the person who uses autopathy. From my experience I can warn against its misuse (although it was „well meant“)
  • It would be good to have some platform for exchange of experiences such as creating an Internet portal. However, exchange can be fruitful only when someone „manages it“- gathering the experiences, analysing them, professionally summarising, which is an open task in before us. Who takes it up, helps to bring autopathy forward.

From the conference discussion:

Jiri Cehovsky was of the opinion that this contribution is a good example showing how important it is during self-healing to follow new developments in autopathy.

The case was obviously suitable for showing that saliva sterilized by heat, possibly sterilized breath can be used as a material for potencing, which is a method older than one year. It is necessary to use it whenever positive case development stops.

Not used was a whole scale of potencies, till 1 M (25 l) and higher, including the technique „wait and observe”, which often fosters healing and should be used in the case of healing with regular repeating of application, carried out longer than a year. Gradual increase of potencies until optimal level is a rule.

The contribution also demonstrated a generally known and published fact, that Korsakov’s potency (in the bottle cap) generally does not bring anything positive when healing chronic problems (while it is suitable for treatment of acute states and injuries, through potencies till 30 C).

There are many encouraging references to healing of plants. Unfortunately there is no detailed description of the implementation of such healing. 


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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