Autopathic healing of house plants

2.7.2009 | Petra Jelinkova |

Ficus Benjamini: approximately in February 2006, small flies started to feed on its leaves. The leaves are covered by white film, the twigs hang unusually down, as if they got heavy, the illness develops slowly, but in August 2006, the leaves fall rapidly, some twigs are almost bare. During the whole of August, the leaves fall down in the form of small balls, every morning there are approx. 5 balls on the floor.

For the autopathic treatment I selected Korsakov’s dilution.  I have used one of the fallen down leaf-balls and one affected leaf, which I squashed in the bottle cap and diluted 10x. I have poured the content of the last cap back into the bottle, shook it and subsequently watered all ficus plants with it (also the others, which were slightly attacked by a fly), including the described one, the most ill one, from which I have made the dilution.

No balls on the floor on the second day, nor on the third.

On the fourth day a couple of balls fell (it looked like a reverse symptom).

Since then no balls fall, the plant looks markedly and visibly better (also according to impartial persons), the twigs no longer hang down, and very quickly new leaves started to sprout.

Right now (January 2007) I note again a loss of energy in the plant, and this in the form of hanging twigs and thinning leaves, and I plan to repeat the application of autopathy in a higher potency.


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