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25.4.2016 | Jan Choteborsky |

A presentation from the Conference on Autopathy in Prague 2016
(From a PowerPoint presentation about a case of self-healing containing basic facts.)

June 2011

Disorders Symptoms
Chlamydia Trachomatis Pains in the joints, muscles, the back
Chlamydia Bronchialis Tiredness and depression
Burnout syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Digestive disorders after antibiotics

1st Application 9.6.2011 – 1,5 l

Boiled saliva and breath Development
9.6. Pain in the joints, muscles and depressions disappeared
10.6. Improvement in mood and feelings
13.6. Appetite to do something
14.6. Improved sleep
22.6. Appearance of a discharge from urethra

2nd  Application – 3,0 l

Boiled saliva and breath Development
24.6. Stabbing pain in the shoulder disappears
25.6. Discharge disappears
27.6. No depressions
30.6. Improvement of the digestion
4.7. Better mood and the general physical feeling
Appetite to work and to do sports
5.7. Fever and digestive pains

3rd Application – 4,0 l

Boiled saliva and breath Development
7.7. Stomach pain disappears
8.7. Digestion improves
9.7. Pains in the joints recede
11.7. Appetite to do sport and to work
15.7. Optimism and energy

4th Application – 6 l

Boiled saliva and breath Development
20.7. Light burning and itching in the urethra
22.7. Blocked sinuses
25.7. Burning in the anus area for 3 days
4.8. General improvement of the psyche

5th Application – 10 l

Boiled saliva and breath Development
17.8. A rush on the forehead like acne
18.8. Inflamed sinuses
20.8. Alternating slight aches in the joints cease
22.8. No discharges nor itching
25.8. Constant influx of energy for the psyche and the body
29.8. Arrival of new job opportunities

6th Application – II/2012 – Jan Matyas

Boiled saliva and breath Development
3rd and 5th Dec. – 3 l 3. – 9.12 without reaction
7th and 9th Dec. – 6 l 10.12. flu symptoms, tiredness, aching muscles, inner heat
11th and 13th Dec. – 9 l 13. – 14.12. reappearance of the urethra discharge
15th and 17th Dec. – 12 l 15. – 23.12. tiredness day after each application followed by improvement
19th and 21st Dec. 15 l
23rd and 25th Dec. – 20 l
27th and 29th Dec. – 25 l
1.1.2013 Marked improvement of the general physical condition and the psyche, no further demonstrations of chlamydia

Application – from 7 / 2014 – 10/ 2015

Boiled saliva and breath Development
Gradual increase of potency Disappearance of the skin rush
25-50 litres Improved digestion
Approx. 1x in 2-3 weeks till 1x a month Emotional calming and stability
Increased sensory perception
Increased sensitivity and self-confidence
Wider consciousness
Performance sport – triathlon

Positive effects of boiled saliva + breath 25-50 l

1st till 2nd day always significant wave of energy, 3rd till 4th day always worsening and over-sensitivity,
intensified consciousness and sensitivity to stimuli – hearing, taste Irritability and unquiet, sometimes extreme tiredness like after the application of kinesiology
New awareness of old experiences, situations and events. As if one would look „though it“ or „behind“ it Effect of influences from intensive experiences – shift in consciousness to a new level from the 1st and 2nd day – exhaustion as in flu symptoms
Mental and emotional calmness, detached view, the ability not to react to physical and mental stimuli, which were irritating before Mental and physical purification

Positive effects of boiled saliva + breath 25-50 l

From the 5th day always the return to a balance from both extremes, Harmonization of the body and mind demonstrates itself not only on the personal level, but also in contact with the environment,
Increase in physical resistance, physical strength, As the psyche and energy improves, trust in self and the willingness to change the old, malfunctioning habits for new, well-functioning ones increases,
Stabilisation – increase in proactivity, positive moods, Success in finding balance between the important life spheres – work, family, personal life, hobbies,
Negative states recede quicker, Important priorities find their place in my life – a person recognises, what really has a meaning.
Arrival of stabilization of emotion and psyche

Positive effects of boiled saliva + breath 25-50 l

Discovering inner unity, Transfer from competitive and emulous thinking to cooperation and helpfulness,
Negative emotions are more under control, mastering of critical situations without escalation, Freeing oneself from things, which have controlled my thinking before and tuned me negatively,
Dreams are clearer and I remember them better, Inner quarrelsomeness and conflicts of subpersonalities – several inner „Is”
Deepening of thankfulness,
The ability to forgive gradually increases.

Positive effects of boiled saliva + breath 25-50 l


The above mentioned demonstrations and developments repeat themselves in loops after each application of autopathy, irrespective of whether it was the same potency as in the previous application or an increased potency.

After the application of autopathy in a higher potency, a „new standard“ establishes itself on a higher level of the state of consciousness.

Because I continually observe the deepening of consciousness, the finer perceiving, deeper experiences and the increase in personal control and tranquillity – there is no border to the achieving of continually better condition than the previous one.

To all, who remove the initial symptoms of physical or mental illnesses, I recommend to accept autopathy as a life style and a life way through gradual increasing of the potency, because its possibilities arefor me still never ending and the results are better and better. I enjoy my life more and it opens new possibilities for me. The application of autopathy does not end with the removal of the critical condition, on the contrary, a new life period is starting, where autopathy acts as a guide on the way to new dimensions of the conscious life.


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