Asthma, allergy, six-year-old girl

17.6.2016 | Kristyna Brzkova |

Six-year-old girl, already in puerperium occurrence of white pustules on both cheeks. It appeared three weeks after the application of fluid powder. Rough skin on both hands from the shoulder to the wrist and on both thighs. Gets worse always in the autumn, almost disappears in the summer months. After puerperium, also pus in the eyes, this problem lasted about 3 months, when her tear ducts were flushed. Since very early age, she has been suffering from strong rear rhinitis, which always developed into bronchial inflammation. From the rhinitis, her ears ache and she had an inflammation of the inner ear already twice. Antibiotics 3x or 4x every year, and this always from the autumn till the spring. She had the first strong rhinitis treated with antibiotics already at the age of six months. The girl is of a quiet nature, nice, calm, never under any circumstances does she assert herself. She does not like visiting, even her grandmother, she likes to be at home the most. She does not like any changes to the usual daily routine. Her integration in the nursery school, which she has been visiting already since her third year, took the whole of the school year. She is well-liked, easy-going, skillful, does not speak much. She had been ill through the whole of the last winter, continuous rhinitis with cough, at the beginning the cough was barking, irritable. The cough is accompanied by strong shortness of breath. She was sent to allergy testing clinic and was diagnosed with middle intensity asthma. Identified were allergies to mites, animals, pollen and outdoor fungus. Medication: 2x a day inhalation of Ecobek (corticoid), 2x a day syrup against allergy and 1x a day corticoid nose spray Nasofan. The physician recommended removal of the adenoids. She has been receiving this medication since her 5th year of age. In spite of this, she got the following winter 2x antibiotics for bronchial problems, at the end of February 2014 she had 2x viral lung infection and in April and May 2x scarlatinous angina, which was treated with penicillin injections and finally with Pendepon. The last episode took place 3 weeks after taking Pendepon, when strong shortness of breath led to 2-day hospitalization. In the hospital, she got Ventolin every 2 hours plus one nasal spray at night. Then from one minute to another everything stopped. The girl makes diffident impression, is tired, pale, sad, without energy.

Autopathy treatment starts in the last week in June 2014

First week 4l boiled saliva (BS), 3x a week

  • The first week itching skin, sneezing, is oversensitive – grumbles

Next week increased to 6l BS 2x a week

  • She is different, defies, complains, is waspish, argues when things don’t go her way, is angry, is crying
  • The rush on her thighs gets worse

We came to the conclusion that the increase by 2 l was too high, it irritates too much, therefore

The following week decreased to 5l BS

  • The notes state: she is fine, but she is different – more determined

In August and until the middle of September 2014 6l BS 1x a week

  • In this period appearance of hoarseness, phlegm, itching ear, has been coughing now and again

From the middle of September till the middle of October (4 weeks) BS 7l

  • Alternation of cough and a runny nose, nothing dramatic, but it takes place, around 10.10.
  • Fever of 38,8°C and a shortage of breath

Further increase to 8l BS

  • 6 hours after the increase a reaction arrived, the girl´s face color changed to a healthy pink, the irritating dry cough stopped and she started to cough out phlegm, the first 2 till 3 nights about one hour after falling asleep she strongly sweated, autopathy was used in an interval of 1x a week

A further increase 31.10.2014 to 9l BS

  • Again stabilization, after 14 days she started coughing a little again, blowing her nose, slight breathlessness, without color in the face

The next increase 14.11. 2014 to 10l BS

  • After six hours since the increase the breathlessness ceases, the girl is happy, the cough stopped
  • She feels well, is healthy, at the beginning of December she complains of phlegm in the throat, as if something were obstructing it, but she does not cough nor blow her nose
  • She has been snoring very loudly at night
  • A visit to the physician, he did not find anything, but he made a control smear test of the throat, where streptococcus had been identified
  • Unfortunately, antibiotics had been used, after which the cough and the rhinitis started again

In January 2015, 11.1., a transfer to a dilution from boiled breath (BB). (The main problem were breathing difficulties.)

  • First a large flood of energy, she is lively till boisterous, then she had a couple of days, when she said that she is bored. Interesting is that always after the increase of the potency, heavy coughing and nose blowing starts.
  • On her tongue appeared clearly visible red patches, which are sensitive to sour or other strong tastes, in February the whole family had a flu, only the girl did not. Since December 2014, she had not been to see a doctor. Individual episodes are brought under control with autopathy. The coughs gradually transferred from bronchia to the throat and then she said sometimes that it tickles her in the throat. Since June till August 2015 she complained sometimes about itching eyes, now and gain there was presence of pus in the rheum.

The whole of September she had strong rhinitis with yellow mucus, easily expelled, for 4 weeks she produced unbelievable quantity of yellow-green mucus.

  • Since October 2015, there is a note in the diary: HER FACE HAS WONDERFUL HEALTHY COLOUR, IT IS A HEALTHY AND LIVELY GIRL!

Currently, January 2016, she is at the potency of 21l BB, autopathy is applied only when there is actual need

Note: All medicaments, which she has been taking, were stopped from the first use of autopathy following the parents’ decision.

Together with the girl, also her mother started with autopathy, during the course of the year, her father and the younger brother and following their own request, even two almost adult sisters.


Presented at the 8th Conference about Autopathy in Prague, January 2016


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