Arthrosis, joint pain

23.6.2019 | Dr. Martina Kormundova |

Arthrosis, joint pain

Woman, over thirty years of age.

5 cigarettes a week, alcohol occasionally – wine, coffee 1-2 daily

Pollen allergy – spring pollen

Medical history:

Neurol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – Nimesulide, Ibuprofen, occasionally Zolpidem for insomnia, anxiolytic Atarax in anxiety

Surgery: At 13 years tonsillectomy, at 15 appendectomy for acute appendicitis, at 22 years of infectious mononucleosis, at 32 conization for cervical carcinoma in situ

She had common childhood illnesses, at pre-school age frequent catarrh of the upper respiratory system, 1-3x a year antibiotics up to her 12th year of age, when the parents moved with the children to the mountains, spending more time in nature, improvement of the condition

She has behind her an unhappy marriage, when after a time the partner developed violent tendencies mainly after the consume of alcohol, the marriage remained childless, although she yearned for a child, then she left her husband and divorced him

8 years trying to conceive, hormonal treatment unsuccessful, 3 attempts for IVF, all unsuccessful, 4 years ago detected cervical carcinoma in situ, performed conization of the cervix, psychotherapy for anxiety and insomnia


Comes to me because of pain in the left jaw joint since 18 months – after a virus infection, which was not treated and which she endured with pains in the joints and muscles, a pain in the jaw joint remained with the inability to open the mouth fully and pains when chewing, but also occasional resting pains from the jaw joint to behind the ear and in the throat, at night she is woken up by pain, suffers from anxiety, at night she sometimes dreams that someone has attacked her, pursues her and then she wakes up with an unpleasant feeling that someone is in the apartment, she has to switch the lights on and cannot fall asleep again

Radiographydetected osteoarthritis of the left jaw joint, recommended were non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs orally and also topical in ointment, with the conclusion that she has to get used to it and that it will not get much better anymore

Laboratory tests:

Cholesterol up to the limit values in the norm, at immunology elevated EBV and CMV

Objective findings:

September/2018, 1. Visit – slight overweight, lucid, cooperates, oriented in space and time, sitting opposite me, nervously twisting handkerchief in her hands, hands cold, moist, nervous, she often touches the jaw joint at the left ear, where there is a slight swelling and the surrounding is warmer, opening the mouth in yawning accompanied by a knack and a painful grimace.

He speaks quietly, she answers the question of how she imagines her future to be in 5 years that she does not know what will be, she fears that she will remain alone, only with a dog, that she will never find a good relationship again, that she will never have children. Due to the pain in the left jaw joint she cannot eat anything that she would need to bite such as carrots, apples, nuts, etc., therefore she prefers sweet foods, ground, mixed, juices. She avoids company. She also complains of bloating and bloated abdomen, intolerance to some foods.

She answers the question of what she would wish for if she had 3 wishes with: worldwide peace without wars, peace and abundance for all, that all people became vegetarians and stop killing animals and the last wish was to find a partner with whom she would have a good relationship, children and to lead a fulfilled life that makes sense

Menstrual cycle regular (in 27days/5 days)

Proposed therapy:

Autopathy. Due to suspected infectious etiology, I recommended boiled saliva (BS) combined with boiled breath (BB): 2weeks BS + BB 3 litres every second day, 3rd and 4th week BS 4,5 litres every second day, 5th and 6th week BB 6 litres every second day, 7th and 8th week 8 litres 2x a week, 9th and 10th week BB 10 litres 2x a week and in the 3rd month 1x a week intestinal nosode from 6, 8,10 and 12 litres

Injection treatment:

Parallel to autopathy MD Neck (SILICEA) 1 amp. + MD Neural (colocynthis) 1 amp. + MD Small joints (violae tricoloris) 1 amp. 1x a week for 6 weeks

Follow-up control after 3 months in December 2018:

Total relief, pain in the jaw area completely ceased, only during cold wind and frost, in cold and humid weather she feels mild pain, slight stiffness. She felt tension in her jaw joint, but only at the dentist when the mouth was wide open. He sleeps well, feels refreshed in the morning, has more energy for walks with the dog, better mood, digestion improved, bloating stopped, lost 4 kg in weight, feels lighter and generally has more energy.

Radiology shows significant improvement in the jaw joint.

Laboratory tests show cholesterol in the norm.

In autopathy we continue with a new bottle – Prana 5, 1st week 3 litres, 2nd week 5 litres, 3rd week 6 litres, 4th week 8 litres

Follow-up control in January 2019:

She arrived for a supplementary application of the MD injections with the feeling of being well and thinking that she will not need me anymore. She is starting a new job in February, had found a friend, goes to meditation and women’s circles, began practicing hormonal yoga for women. Autopathy literally positively charges her, she feels a change in the quality of life in all aspects.


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