Alzheimer disease

14.11.2009 | Zuzana Vitova |

Man, 76 years, from age of 40, after injuries to the head caused by an accident, receives disability pension. He had difficulties with breathing, was often tired, had angina pectoris and in the fall of 2007 was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. During 2007 he lost weight, had a distant took, looked into the wall and maintained that he is watching the TV. He did not recognise his grown up children and thought that his flat is occupied by many strange persons. He also thought that he has three wives. In the evening he fell asleep easily, but after midnight he woke up and wanted to go home. A man, who spoke four foreign languages, had read many books and was interested in many things, stopped reading altogether and was hardly aware what is happening around him. His IQ tests were very bad. His older sister died from Alzheimer disease and so his wife knew the process of this disease and was despairing.

In September 2007 the usual allopathic treatment started. After six months, the man’s condition did not change for better or worse. I suggested trying autopathy. They did not believe it much, but they also thought that it cannot get worse. In March we started with autopathy from 1 l a week. I know the man very well and so I was informed about his condition almost every day.

Already the first night he slept until the morning. Within a few days, his look became more focused and he started to be interested in things around him. He started to read again, but was tired very quickly. First after four weeks his vitality improved. He got Nordic walking sticks and started to go for walks with his wife. These increased in length until a 6 km circular walk that he undertook almost every day. He started to eat better and generally looked healthier.

After almost three months of treatment, a worsening took place, which lasted two days. He was confused again and did not know where he is, he also had problems with the heart and the head. It is possible that it was a reaction to the weather, to which he was very sensitive.

In July, that is three months after starting with autopathy, a medical examination ascertained improvement in ECG and laboratory tests. Also his IQ improved. Sleeping tablets and sedatives were stopped. The man took to solving crossword puzzles and was interested in the world around him. He experimented alone with autopathic potencies and found out that he feels the best with a potency of 4 l. He got a new autopathy bottle.

In July a worsening came again, which lasted almost whole month, before we realized that the man still uses the old autopathy bottle. After he used the new bottle, he told me that he has a feeling that a dark curtain opens before him and he finds himself in the colourful world of reality.

Since then he always has a new bottle in reserve.

Now and again a worsening arrives, the man sees strange people or is confused, but they last only a couple of hours. All this time the man never returned to a condition in which he was before the autopathic treatment.

The man applies autopathy already 10 months. He takes long walks with his wife, his IQ tests are markedly better, he solves crossword puzzles, reads books, watches TV and leads a life of a satisfied pensioner. His acquaintances say that he is always the same, he is not getting older. His wife is grateful for every day when he is his old self.



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