A woman in her forties – successful pregnancy

30.6.2020 | Pavel Miklus | miklus.pmk@gmail.com

In April 2016, a 40-year-old woman who complained of migraines came to me…


  • chickenpox in childhood
  • at 10 years of age eczema on the eyelids
  • from the age of 15 approx. once a year migraine (sometimes with vomiting)
  • since elementary school she has been having herpes, lately more often
  • occasional discharge

Recommended: diluted boiled saliva (BS) 3l once a week, preferably in the morning, more often if necessary.

The first consultation, July 2016

  • atopic eczema manifested itself in a weaker form after the first applications of autopathy, but subsided in 1-2 days
  • she did not have a migraine
  • herpes did not appear, but she experienced itching of the lip, usually a first sign preceding a complete outbreak

Recommended: to continue with BS 3l once a week, more often if necessary.

Second consultation session, October 2016

  • when she was stressed at work, herpes returned
  • she remembered that one day after the application of autopathy, she almost always had a slight headache, but she didn’t have to take a pill
  • autopathy generally helps her to cope with stress better
  • she no longer mentioned the discharges
  • from the time of the first consultation in July 2016 she has not had any migraines and did not even remember them

Recommended: continue with BS 3 l 1 x a week, and once a month saliva without boiling

Further consultations took place over the telephone. Especially when she had cold and a sore throat. During this period, I recommended boiled saliva and breath (BSB), 3l.

Every quarter of a year she orders an autopathic bottle. In 2017 she had a six-month break, when she did not use autopathy at all.

She did not contact me until the beginning of 2018, when she had herpes. She said that she had tried to increase the potency to BS 4.5l, but without effect, so she returned to the original potency of BS 3l, which helped her.

She called me in February 2019. She was in the third month of pregnancy and very happy about it. I didn’t understand. However, she quickly explained that they have a 15-year-old son and have been planning another child for a long time, but it happened twice already that in the early stages of pregnancy she had a spontaneous abortion. She didn’t tell me that during the consultations. Both failed pregnancies took place between 2011 and 2015. That is, before autopathy. She explained to me that this time she felt that it was different and I could hear in her voice that she was very happy.

Recommended: to continue BS 3 l once a week.

At the end of August 2019, she called me to say that a beautiful, healthy boy was born.

She had a pregnancy without complications and vividly described how the nurses came to see her in the hospital, with the words that this mother gave birth naturally in her 40s (she was 43 years old), i.e. without a caesarean section. As if it were a rarity. Apparently, it is… I am not familiar with these things, but I was very happy for her. The happy mother did not forget to tell me that the date of birth was supposed to be September 12 and, according to the recommendation, two weeks before this given date, she applied BSB 3l autopathy, which turned out to be the day before the actual birth. The boy had only mild baby jaundice, which is said to be normal, so they could leave the hospital on the fifth day. She recovered quickly after giving birth, is breastfeeding and feels happy and satisfied.

She also contacted me when they were to go for the first compulsory vaccination in three months. To be sure, she wanted to give the child autopathy, so I advised her to prepare it after the vaccination from saliva without boiling – 4.5 l. She called after the vaccination, and I learned that the boy was vaccinated in each leg separately with hexavalent vaccine. To be sure that everything is all right, when at home again he was given autopathy using a pipette.

With the saliva 4.5 l the boy did not have any problems, not even an increase in temperature, and at night he slept peacefully as before.

Part of the lecture at the Conference Autopathy 2020.


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