A common case from the practice, middle-aged woman, vasculitis, abdominal pain, joint pain and fatigue

25.2.2020 | Krystof Cehovsky | info@cehovskykrystof.cz

The lady has been suffering from sudden abdominal pain, she’s had this problem more or less her whole life – thirty years ago they removed her gallbladder. Recently, the abdominal pain has been very frequent and very annoying, with cramps and diarrhoea. When she sits, she feels pain under her left rib.

She has recently helped herself with autopathy that helped her also with other complaints, which her doctor assessed as vasculitis and which was manifested in her by a rash on her legs. She used 2 litters of saliva without boiling for several days and couldn’t believe it when the rash on her feet quickly disappeared. Above all, she had no attacks of abdominal pain. After some time, the difficulties began to reappear. And as it can happen sometime, in an effort to bring everything to an absolute perfection, she had arrived with the dilution at heights, where she no longer responded well to autopathy and her problems gradually returned.

She also complained that she was very tired and had to have an hours’ sleep twice a day. The joints in her toes and one hip joint hurt.

Recommendations for the next period:

to alternate saliva without boiling and boiled breath

Week 1: 2 L every second day

Week 2: 3 l every second day

3rd week: 1x in 3 days 4,5 l

I assessed the lady as being of medium vitality, but she had recently had a good experience with low dilution of saliva without boiling, and so I could recommend nothing else but to try to repeat it, and then increase the dilution, but only slightly. The combination with the use of boiled breath seemed appropriate due to the joint pains that have not responded to saliva yet and also because of the overall autoimmune problem, vasculitis.

Follow-up control after two months:

Vasculitis in the form of red rash around the ankles responded already in the first few days of using the recommended dosage. Joint pain became more pronounced for a couple of days. Subsequently, the pain eased, until it gradually retreated from the toes and the hip completely. Only during the 3-liter-period the joint problems returned for a while and then quickly disappeared and at present she has no problems with it at all.

She says that she has a severe cold all the time and is rheumy. This was probably some kind of a cleaning process taking place along with the improvement of the inner problems.

She sees a significant change in the level of energy, she no longer feels tired and does not have to go to sleep twice a day.

Her abdominal pains have improved dramatically, she has not had any for several weeks now. Nor spasms or diarrhoea.

A few weeks ago, the doctor prescribed to her some medication that she did not take in the end. Nevertheless, she went for a check-up and the doctor commented the situation that he had never experienced before that after his treatment the vasculitis problems disappeared this way. The client said that she did not disguise anything and pleasantly informed him about autopathy. The recommendation from our consultation was to stay with 4,5 l in the proven combination of alternating saliva without boiling and boiled breath.


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