5 years old, she has never been healthy

20.1.2017 | Jiri Cehovsky | jiri.cehovsky@alternativa.cz

A mother brings to my practice her five year old daughter who has been suffering since birth with serious gastrointestinal problems. She has been experiencing bad constipation, when she sometimes passes stool after ten days. Every third day is the usual frequency for her. And then sometimes she passes stool three times a day. It improved a little when they removed cow milk products from her diet. She often complains about stomach aches. There is blood in her stool. The physicians do not know why she has been suffering with these problems, and up to now were not able to cure any of the chronic problems she had since infancy, including atopic eczema which appeared soon after her birth and the frequent and recurring headaches.

Recommendation: Start with boiled saliva 4,5 litres 1x a day, after two applications increase to 6 litres once a week. Boiled saliva was selected as a method of preparation of autopathy mainly because of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, from which, although from the other end of it, saliva comes from.

Follow-up control in 2 months: Blood in stool had appeared since the last meeting only once, at the beginning of the applications. The diarrhoea had stopped immediately and since this time the girl passes stool regularly once a day. And this although they give her foods, which in the past had worsened the diarrhoea: chocolate, ice cream… At the beginning of the application she complained about stomach ache, then no longer. In the first three weeks she had headache four times, then no longer. The eczema is gone. And so already at the first control the mother presented me a healthy child, cured of many chronic problems. Because the healthy state has been there only a short time, it was necessary to repeat the application in an extended interval of once in 14 days to prevent relapse.

Control in further 4 months over email: The mother reports that the state of undisturbed health continues, although they applied the last dilution after three weeks. I replied that in order to maintain the healthy condition, I recommend application of boiled saliva diluted with 9 litres once in 14 days.

Two years later I received per email a question concerning her daughter‘s current acute infection, from which emerged that in the meantime her daughter has been without chronic problems and this in spite of the fact that for the most of the time she no longer used autopathy. I have of course recommended to return to autopathy, starting with 6 litres, which was so successful in the past and to apply autopathy repeatedly over a longer period of time. Acute illness is usually the first signal of a starting general disharmony, which could later harm and cause return of chronic problems.

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