A webinar for the certification of professional consultants

Three two-hour webinars during which student gains knowledge required for the application of autopathy in his/her consultant praxis or for the healing of oneself, the family and friends. The webinar teacher is Jiri Cehovsky.

The course text book is Get Well with Autopathy, with the addition of a number of more recent articles and videos at Autopathy.info, which will be recommended during the webinar.

After having taken part in all three webinars, the participant will receive a certificate of participation and if he/she wishes, his/her name will be published in the map of consultants at www.autopathy.com and www.autopathie.de.

The webinars are free of charge. You have to register for each webinar separately.

4. 10. 2017 – Autopathy I.

  • The basis of the method – its philosophy, history and its roots in the classical homeopathy and in the ancient Buddhist tradition.
  • How to make own autopathic dilution in home conditions, how to use the autopathy bottle. Mistakes to avoid during the preparation.
  • How to conduct the initial consultation.
  • How to individually stipulate the three basic parameters of healing: potency (the level of the dilution), selection of the method of preparation, the period of application of an autopathic dilution.
  • How to conduct the follow-up consultation and how to infer further recommendations from it.
  • Questions from the webinar participants and answers.

1. 11. 2017 – Autopathy II.

  • How to solve even serious chronic conditions common for the people of today.
  • Descriptions of cases of healing demonstrating how to proceed in similar situations.
  • Combinations of various ways of preparing the autopathic dilution.
  • More about the preparation of diluted information from the 7th chakra.
  • Questions and experiences from the webinar participants.

29. 11. 2017 Autopathy III.

  • Various strategies for handling a case.
  • Complex cases.
  • How to maintain good health achieved through the healing.
  • Long-term cases.
  • Specifics of self-healing.
  • Questions, participants’ experiences, discussion.

Webinar takes place from 16:00 (UTC/GMT)

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Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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