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New Download section

We have set up a new Download section on our website where you can order and download ebooks and videos in one place. In particular, please note the newly added video recording of the Autopathy step by step seminar.…

Autopathy Conference 2024

Our annual conference is coming up. Here comes a new opportunity to learn from the latest insights of colleagues, talk about our own experiences, and connect with a community of people who are changing people’s lives for the better by means of autopathy. There will be presentations describing how, in …

Practical Seminar on Autopathy (Supervision)

A practical case management in a closed circle of participants under the guidance of Jiri Cehovsky.

The aim of the two consecutive three-hour evening webinars is to acquire, consolidate or upgrade the basic skills and to deepen existing practical experience and knowledge.

The webinar has two parts: Wed 11 Oct …

Autopathy step by step

In this six-hour webinar participants will learn how to proceed independently in the treatment and even elimination of long-term (chronic) complaints. How, with the help of the memory of water, to gradually bring harmony into the whole system of body and mind. How to work with the Autopathy Handbook, with …

Questions and Answers

On Thursday , 27 April 2023, 16:00 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) Jiri Cehovsky will be answering your questions online at Zoom. Free entry, no registration. Information can be found here

New videos

We have added several new videos to the testimonials section:

Lyme disease, EBV, herpes, nervous system, pains in whole body, insomnia Return to autopathy, eczema Joints, psychic condition, overall improvement…

Program of the Autopathy Conference 2023

The following participants will speak at the conference:

Kristyna Brzkova: Nine years of autopathy in the family: Thanks to autopathy, our lives have changed! We are different, more satisfied, healthy, successful, and above all, our lives have gained a new dimension. Andrea Ettensperger: A case of mononucleosis and quick cure…

The online seminar How to Use Autopathy is already taking place on January 5

How to use autopathy: Thu, Jan 5 2023, 17:00– 20:00 UTC An interactive 3 hour online ZOOM seminar with Jiri Cehovsky.

Detailed information and applications here

Video: Autopathy helped me with my chronic hip pain, headaches, hormonal imbalance, depression, fatigue

Autopathy Conference 2023

Autopathy lives and evolves. Thanks to our practice. Although media intimidation is intensifying and difficulties are increasing, we also see a different reality. The reality of people who improve and heal after the subtle action of individually established parameters of autopathy. We have already met fourteen times to share our …


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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