Kundika upanishad

30.11.2011 | Jiri Cehovsky | jiri.cehovsky@alternativa.cz

To go to  the English translation of “Kundika Upanishad”, simply type to the search engin its name and add pdf


Kundika upanishad is a part of ancient Veda.

“Upanishads (in devanagari  उपनिषद् ) are ancient Indian literary works of religious-philosophical character and represent part of hinduistic cultural tradition. They are the peak of veda philosophy. Modern scientists date them to 800 till 400 BC.” (Wikipedia.org)

“Brahman (Devanagar: ब्रह्मन्) is eternal, constant, eternal, imanent and transcendental reality, which is according to hinduistic religion the godly basis to all matter, energy, time, space, existence and everything in this universe. ” (Wikipedia.org)


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