Healing ulcerative colitis, autopathic dilution from stool and prana

25.2.2014 | Krystof Cehovsky | info@cehovskykrystof.cz

Case 1: A middle-aged manager

Since 14 years diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He notes on average 6-9x a day a runny till watery stool with blood. He is strongly bothered by it, he has to adapt his daily agendato it . It affects also his sleep – he often wakes up and the total time he sleeps at night is approximately 6 hours. During the day he feels as if “drained” and without energy. He tries to overcome it because he has many duties in his company. In the initial consultation I recommended to him the following procedure for autopathy:


1st week: 1l daily, alternating the methods using boiled breath and boiled stool
2nd week: 2l every second day, alternating the methods using boiled breath and boiled stool
3rd and 4th week: 5l 2x a week, alternating boiled breath and boiled stool
5th and 6th week: 8l 2x a week, alternating boiled breath and boiled stool
Already in the third week after application of this dosage the frequency of passing stool corrected itself to 3x a day. The blood disappeared. This condition is stable since 3 months. He does not use autopathy anymore, he says that it is no longer needed.

Case 2: Young, sporty woman

A woman, 27 years of age, visits me. Tall, athletic figure – she plays competitive volleyball. At first contact she gives energetic and very optimistic impression. Contrary to this first impression, she says that she suffers from depressions and anxiety states when in company of other people. She experiences heart arrhythmia, especially in the night and in the morning after waking up. Since two years she irregularly takes antidepressants, which make her weary and feeling delirious.  Since the age of 20 she suffers from ulcerative colitis and takes corticoids prescribed by her physician. The stool is runny and it includes pus and blood. She passes stool 4-8 times a day. She avoids fried foods and grains. After eating these, the intestinal problems increase.

I suggested to her for the coming month to regularly make herself an autopathic dilution alternating two methods – boiled stool and Prana 1, applied to 6th chakra, in the following doses:

1st – 2nd week: 1,5l daily from stool and 1x weekly Prana 1 (with application only to the forehead)
3rd – 4th week: 3l every second day from stool and 1x Prana 1
5th – 7th week: 4,5l 2x a week stool and 1x a week Prana 1+

After 7 weeks she came for a follow-up consultation with the good news that three days ago she was at intestinal examination and no inflammatory processes were found anymore. Post-inflammatory scarring remained in places that were affected by the inflammation in the past.

She feels herself the change in the regular quantity of passing stool – 2x a day. She feels better psychically, she is more self-confident when with people. The arrhythmias remain, but are weaker. She gradually stopped corticoids and antidepressants.

Dosage after this control:

1st month Prana 1, 6l 1x a week
2nd month Prana 1, 9l 1x a week

After these two months, the client informed me per email that her general condition markedly improved, which she recently feels especially on a psychic level. The arrhythmia appeared only once. The intestinal inflammation that lasted many years completely disappeared.


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