Aching knee

23.12.2019 | Jiri Cehovsky |

A 60-year-old woman came to consult me. Her right knee has been aching since winter. The doctors diagnosed arthrosis, second grade. Her left knee was replaced by orthopedic prosthesis nine years ago. She also had permanent pain in the finger joints. This bothered her the most when working in her country house or when lifting up children. She has been applying comfrey ointment and bandaging it. Her mother and sister had the same problem. Before and after the full moon, she had problems with falling asleep, even when tired, and at night she went to the bathroom every hour. I recommended autopathic preparation from boiled breath, which was to be prepared in the bathroom once a week, pouring one liter of water though the autopathy bottle.

She came for a follow-up control two months later and told me that the knee pain persisted for about a month, but then it was no longer so intensive and within 14 days it was gone. Thus, the knee had healed from its chronic, incurable condition and no longer limited her in her activities. No positive change has taken place with her finger joints; however, she had this problem already since decades. For about 4 days, she had been coughing out phlegm in the morning, but then she repeated autopathy and within the next few days it was all gone. She remembered that she used to suffer with it in the past.

She also told me that she has been feeling much better than before autopathy. This is always very significant, because life-feeling is a fundamental criterium in healing. We perceive the world around us depending on how we feel and depending on our inner condition it appears either ugly or beautiful to us. I recommended to her 3 l boiled breath (BB) once in two weeks, or depending on how she feels more frequently, and to increase to 4,5 l in one month.

She came to me in another two months and told me that she had a 14-day period, when she sweated more and needed more rest. She also had a discharge for a couple of days, cough and a runny nose. We call it a cleansing reaction – toxins are intensively eliminated from the body. But generally, she felt well. The knee was alright. The fingers still ached. Recommendation: BB 4,5 l, once in 14 days.

Follow-up control in three months: Her finger joints still ached, but it got better although it was winter, when it regularly got worse. The knee was alright. She also noticed improvement in her diabetes, with which she suffered for 9 years and for which she has been taking medicaments all this time. Before autopathy, the morning level used to be even 6 or more, now it was in the region of 3,65 till 4,6 – absolutely in norm. She said that she has a lot of phlegm some mornings, but then she takes a peppermint sweet and all is well again. Otherwise nothing else bothered her, she felt well.

She could fall asleep easier before the full moon – in the past she could not sleep the whole night, but at the time of the consultation it was full moon and she slept well. Recommendation: To continue with BB 4,6 l, once in 14 days or more often, in the case of reduced effect change to 6 l.

Follow-up control in four months: The dry bronchial cough she used to have in the morning had stopped, the finger joints and the knee do not hurt, nor do other joints. The blood sugar level tends to be 5,7, still in the norm. She has been sleeping well, even before full moon and does not need to get up at night to urinate. She said that twice a year she has been going to a dental hygienist, who damaged her gums and she got inflammation in it. She increased to 6 l BB, twice a week and the inflammation quickly disappeared. Recommendation: BB 6 l every 3 weeks or more often in the case of any problems.

After the many decades of various health problems she has achieved undisturbed health, nevertheless, it was still appropriate to continue with autopathy, even though less often, to prevent any health deterioration. Autopathy is not only for achieving health, but also for maintaining it.

Follow-up control after further 5 months: She reports that she is healthy. One day she had a sore throat, but she immediately made an autopathic preparation and the next day everything was well. She enjoys life much more. Her husband keeps wondering, why is she laughing all the time. ‘It is really wonderful’, says the now one year older, sixty-one-year-old lady.

We can become healthy even after sixty.


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