A case of eczema: Even a small change in the potency can have a large effect

11.7.2016 | Krystof Cehovsky | info@cehovskykrystof.cz

In the spring, a woman came to me with her one-year-old son, who has been suffering already since 9 months with eczema. The eczema had gradually spread from the area between the shoulder blades to the shoulders, then to the chest, the face, the genital area, the calves and the elbows. The parents have decided not to use for their son any conventional medical treatment in the form of corticoid creams and similar. The boy has been waking up at night and crying, scratching the inflamed areas. He has been unhappy all the time, crying a lot, also during the day, without any outer cause. The mother also notes the ever-present discharge from the nose, coughing and lacrimation, which she attributes to an allergic reaction to the currently blossoming plants.

I recommended the following procedure in autopathy application:

  • 1st and 2nd week: dilution 3 l, daily, the whole time alternation of dilutions from boiled saliva and boiled breath
  • 3rd and 4th week: 4,5 l, every second day (alternation of boiled saliva and boiled breath)
  • 5th week until the next follow-up control: 6 l 2x a week (1x boiled saliva, 1x boiled breath)

The follow-up control took place at the beginning of June. The mother reported about her son’s reaction to the treatment the following: In the initial 14 days he did not react to autopathy from 3 l at all, noting happened and she had not noticed any changes from the usual condition.

After changing to 4,5 l, she noticed immediately on the second day after the application a marked improvement in the eczema in the area of the face, during the next four days it disappeared completely from the area of the chest, the back and the shoulders. Within the week from the first application, it receded from the elbows and the calves. The parents have never before noted such an improvement in the eczema! Moreover, the allergy had also disappeared!

14 days later, in the morning, the mother prepared (according to the recommendation) a dilution from 6 l  and within several hours, the boy’s condition had worsened. The eczema started to spread quickly over various parts of the body. The mother was very worried and on the next day in the morning had prepared autopathy from 4,5 l (contrary to the recommended dilution). The positive reaction was as quick as was the previous worsening after application of the 6 l. Within 24 hours, the skin smoothed itself out and the eczema receded completely. From then on, the mother had only prepared dilutions from 4,5 l until the next follow-up control.

She told me during the consultation that a small manifestation of the eczema remained between the shoulder blades, however, only in a small area. She said that the boy is generally calmer, does not cry so much anymore and sleeps better. Allergic reactions are not manifest.

We have agreed with the mother that the 4,5 l is an undisputable resonance with the vital force of her son and that it is necessary to remain at this potency and to prepare the dilution only 2x a week (alternating boiled saliva and boiled breath) until the next control.

I know from experience that in spite of reduction of eczema and the related problems it is necessary to continue applying autopathy for the period of several weeks or months, even only 1x or 2x a week, to fully tune the organism and thus prevent the return of the disease.


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