Two autopathic cases

3.9.2012 | Renata Hajna |

In Prague, 12. 6. 2012

Dear Mr Cehovsky,

Thank you very much for the certificate for my taking part in the course on autopathy and for all your professional and valuable information, which I got from your lectures and your literature.
I want to inform you that I started practicing autopathy from the first lecture onwards, in March 2012, first in self-healing and subsequently in my nearest surroundings, with the following results so far:

Mother, 72 years

1)      We have meanwhile removed watering of the eyes which had bothered her 3 years and this at home as well as outside, in all seasons of the year. Tears fell down her cheeks, so that it sometimes looked like as if she were crying. The ophthalmologist suggested bathing the eyes with eye drops, but it did not help, or very little, and only for s short while (it was probably a case of short –term suppression). Then the doctor recommended punctuating the tear ducts and cleaning them, which I forbade her all the time. Thanks God for it, because in March we started with autopathy and the watering stopped. I also know that the problem was in her kidneys, not in her eyes.

2)     She also had a big problems with sleeping. From the beginning of using autopathy she now often sleeps the whole night, which I think is a very good situation at her age, sometimes she wakes up once in the night. Sometimes she has problems during full moon and the new moon, but it has to be said that it is much better than before the application of autopathy.

3)     She was also diagnosed with “fluctuating blood pressure levels”. Last month she had to spend 9 days in the hospital (heart) and during the regular measurements they ascertained that her pressure is now 120/90. The nurse laughed that she will not take her blood pressure anymore, because considering her age her blood pressure is like from a text book. In the past she had a blood pressure 160/120, even 170/130 and got prescribed a medicament (she does not know its name anymore) after which the muscles in her leg hardened from foot to the knee and so she stopped it. This improvement is surely also the result of application of autopathy, as it was with the watering eyes and sleeping. Before autopathy she took 1 pill a day and in spite of it the pressure fluctuated. Now she still takes ½ a pill, I do not know its name, but I am sure, judging from your lectures, that in time she will be able to stop it completely.
I also have to say that after her blood pressure regulated itself so nicely, and its fluctuation no longer bothered her in her everyday life, she stopped measuring it, which before using autopathy she did daily, noting the respective values for her doctor.

4)     She suffered many years from chronic bronchitis, which manifested itself through
choking cough, very often she had to sleep in a sitting position so as not to suffocate. This bothering condition always lasted almost the whole winter season for many years.
Now, since approximately 1 and ½ months she coughs out thick phlegm, in the last months very intensively, mainly in the morning. She has the feeling that her organism cleans itself.
Also her headaches stopped, which she had often, now almost none at all. When her migraines started, usually during times with changes in the pressure, before the storm, rain, change of weather, approaching full moon or a new moon, she took various pills to ease the pain. She often had also a stomach nausea.

The next example, my sister in law

Roughly from the beginning of this year, perhaps it was already at the end of the year 2011, she started to have problems with an ordinary cold. The cold was very strong, with increasingly congested nasal cavities. At the beginning it was bearable and she believed that when she takes the prescribed medicaments such as drops, syrups and inhalations, it will get better again and the cold will pass. But the opposite happened – the colds bothered her more and more, she had a pressure in the head with a feeling that her head will burst, sensitive ears, cavities filled with mucus and even difficulties with hearing on one ear. Because of her long-term condition she was once even at the Ear, nose and throat hospital emergency department.
During three months her doctor prescribed to her 3 packages of antibiotics with no response and so the doctor sent her to a specialist examination at the Ear, nose and throat hospital, where she was told that she will have to undergo surgery in which the cavities will be cleaned otherwise she will not get rid of these problems. She made enquiries about what the surgery involves and the subsequent convalescence and immediately started to search for other possible solutions.
She found a private ear, nose and throat practice in Prague, and before she knew it, she had to pay 1500 Kc and the results were none again.
I sat with her and explained how healing with autopathy “functions”, the effect it has on my mother and on me, what does it involve, and she agreed to using it.
She started with autopathy at the end of April and good results can be seen already. Almost from the beginning a cold started, approximately in 14 days she felt a crack in the nasal cavities and the mucus started to leave without any problems in large quantities, mainly in the morning, when she has to clean her nose a long time before she has a feeling of a temporarily empty nose. She already has a better colour in the face, is less tired and feels generally better.
She also told me that since she uses autopathy, she no longer has eczema manifestations on the body, but that sometimes other manifestations reappear, which had disappeared ages ago and which she had forgotten about. I assume that this was a case of reverse symptoms.
She uses breath with heating and saliva with heating, which she alternates every second day.


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