Three cases of autopathy

8.1.2008 | Jiri Cehovsky |


Eliska, 59 years old (looked 10 years older), came to me on crutches and with an escort. She can hardly walk. She has permanent pain in the knee and especially in the hip joint, the problems in this area started seven years ago. The pain is so strong that when she does not take strong painkillers, which she has to take 2x a day, she cannot walk even around her flat. When she leaves home, she goes no further than the garden or to places in the immediate vicinity of the house. She also has pain in the back and the small of the back. The condition slowly worsens. Since a long time she also has pain in the liver and the pancreas. During the last years she also has been having problems with the gallbladder, she had an attack and was brought to an emergency department in a hospital. She is troubled and down-hearted. Her condition is unbearable, her life consists only of thinking about how to overcome these ailments. She visits physicians, she also visited a healer – herbalist and a homeopath. She reads books on health and had read also mine about autopathy (Autopathy, a Homeopathic Journey to Harmony).

I gave her an autopathy bottle, intended for home preparation of a homeopathic dilution, or “potencising” as we homeopaths call it, from own saliva. The package contains also simple instructions how to proceed and which rules have to be observed. For the preparation of the autopathic dilution I told her to use 2 l of ordinary spring drinking water, non-sparkling. The autopathic preparation should be applied only once, immediately after it has been prepared. She expressed doubts if in her present condition she can prepare the dilution correctly, but I reassured her that it is no more difficult or complicated than making a cup of herbal tea. And she needs to do it once is several months, in a single use.

One application causes inner change, which initiates a long-term positive process, as we know it from classical homeopathy.

In two months she came for a follow-up consultation. She opened her notice book, in which she wrote down her development since the application. She said that she made the dilution two days after the consultation. After the application the pains passed and she did not take any painkillers on which she was dependent before. The joint pains came only once since then and lasted only about 4 hours.

A month after the application the liver and pancreas pains ceased. All this time she did not have any problems with the gallbladder. She can straighten herself up and at home and she walks around the garden without a stick. She takes the stick with her only for longer walks. She says that her mood is better and that she enjoys things more. She smiles as we talk.

A half a year later her liver, gallbladder and pancreas continued to be without problems, but the joint pain returned, although much weaker than before the first visit and appears only now and again. This I interpreted as a reduction in the effect of the first application and recommended to repeat an autopathic dilution from own saliva. I wrote on the box containing the bottle that she should use 4 l water, that is 2 x the starting quantity.

After four months she reported that she feels much better psychically. She no longer gets excited about small things – which was her problem her whole life. Gallbladder, liver and pancreas continue to be without problems, pain in the back and in the small of the back did not return anymore. The hip joint ached sometimes, especially when she did too much in her garden (gardening was not possible at all before) or had been walking too much. She regularly walks for example to the cemetery, which is about 1 km distance, before this she could go only “around the corner”. She does not take any medicaments. She sees her transformation which lasts just under a year as an unexpected and enormous change. We made next appointment in a half a year’s time. In case of any problems she should call me. She did not call me yet. With her permission I have recorded our talk and sometimes I show it, together with many other cases, to my students in courses on autopathy.


Betty was 16 and lived in Bavaria. In the autumn of 2002, her mother came with her to me. We have spoken English together. I was told that she has a bronchial asthma. It is hereditary, her grandfather, the father of her mother, died on it. She has difficulties since already five years, shortness of breath appeared for the first time after being separated from her father following her parents’ divorce. She wakes up at night and starts to choke. She chokes also when walking up the stairs, after such effort she needs to lie down to relax and recover. She often uses an inhaler to relieve the spasms, which helps only temporarily. After asthma attack she feels very tired. She suffers also from a choking cough. She cannot ride the bike anymore or walk up the hill, it tires her too much and she can’t catch her breath. She is very tired even after five minute walk on a level ground. She often feels anxious, even before small events, for example before a date with her boyfriend whom she sees every day, or before a party with friends. She is sociable but easily offended. During her first visit I recommended a carefully selected homeopathic remedy in high potency, applied in a single use.

Ten months later she visited me and reported about her development: after taking the remedy, her breathing was markedly improved for a long time, in winter and spring, and she was not tired at all. But three weeks ago everything got worse again. She has problems with asthma every second day and she uses the inhaler and the drops again. After the attacks she suffers from headaches. She is tired, has a cough, wakes up at night. I gave her an autopathy bottle and recommended to her to make a dilution from own saliva with 5 litres water, following the English instructions in the package.

The next consultation took place on the telephone three days after use. She told me that her breathing is better. The cough persisted. Immediately after use she had once a headache (that she knew from the past). Quite a typical occurrence.

Two months after the application she reported that the cough is only slight and does not appear after every exertion as before. She does not wake up at night. She does not suffer from shortage of breath at all. She dies not use the inhaler or other medicaments. She had a headache one more time, for which she took aspirin. She has an ache in both of her knees, a problem that she occasionally had in the childhood – therefore an old, reverse symptom.

Six months after the application her surprised stepfather reports that she is very diligent and enthusiastic about her work, which was unheard of before. She even tidies up her room at home, which she refused to do before. She is psychically much better and has witty perceptions about people. She does not have any cough or breathlessness. She is vivacious. Her knees do not ache anymore.

Eight months after the application: she is without problems, is industrious and very busy at school as well as in her social life.

Eleven months after the application her stepfather calls me: her breathing is still good, she does not cough and is not tired, but recently the headaches returned and she is „irksome” again. For the dilution in the reserve bottle that she had bought the last time I recommend 10 litres water. Since then her mother and her step father have spoken to me several times, because of own ailments, the last time yesterday evening, before I wrote these lines. Eight months have passed since the last application. The daughter is fine. There is nothing to heal.


A young, well-built man, 26 years of age. We will call him Karel. Contrary to what he tells me, he makes an impression of a very composed person, with pleasant and natural behaviour. Since 7 years he is in treatment with schizophrenia. The problems arrived after he went through toxic psychosis after LSD. He suffered from delusions, heard voices, did not feel anything except for anxiety, did not remember his old healthy condition and thought that he is in this terrible condition since ages. The problems increased particularly after his stay in the psychiatric clinic. He took many medicaments but they did not help. Three days before the planned application of electroshocks the delusions suddenly stopped. He continues to take the medicaments, but in smaller doses. There was also a period when he did not have to take medicaments at all. He does not have a job and in the last half a year feels worse again. He felt tension in his head and obsessive thoughts and fears appeared. Sometimes he has states of panic when in a crowd or generally amongst people, at the doctors, etc. It is connected with the feeling of tight space. He mentions the tension in the head as his main problem. He considers as the main problem caused by the illness the fact that it prevented him from „normal control over thinking”. The last four years he has permanently blocked nose, which makes his life difficult.

Since childhood he suffered from allergy, treated by the normal means, from which asthma developed three years ago. At that time also the feeling of strong permanent exhaustion appeared, which bothered him until October 2004. „At the end of October it disappeared. And do you know why?”, he asked. And immediately he continued: „At that time I have read your book about autopathy and I prepared according to the instructions there an autopathic dilution. Everything got much better after that.” He gave me his notes saved on a CD, which he made since the application, also according to the instructions in the book. I quote only the conclusion:

12. January – the summary after two and a half months’ treatment:

  • After the application of diluted saliva tiredness and lethargy immediately disappeared, this remains so until today.
  • The anxieties disappeared in the sense that I did not experience any panic states, but I still cannot believe it, that is – I don’t know if it is away…
  • Various complexes and things connected with them disappeared.
  • I have a feeling of much greater psychic stability and my will is much stronger.
  • Connection to my environment is better, space awareness does not cause me so much tension anymore.
  • Reduced was „flattening” of feelings and emotions, caused by the medicaments.
  • My nose is no longer so blocked during the day, but still at night.
  • During the treatment I managed to train my shortened tendons a bit.
  • I stopped being unhappy (emphasized by J.C.), stopped focusing on unhappy situations in the past, I am more in the present now!”


These three cases, which I selected more or less randomly from many others, have some joint characteristics. Each time it was a case of a complex of problems, where attempts were made in the past, more or less unsuccessfully, to resolve them with the help of conventional medicaments. All were cases of serious chronic conditions with unfavourable perspectives. Each time, soon after the first autopathic application a radical improvement took place. From the three, the case that I followed the longest was that of the asthmatic German girl – two and a half years.

The last case demonstrates that self-healing can also be very effective, although for dealing with serious cases it is always better to have the advice of an experienced consultant, a guide on an uneven road to health.

I gradually came to the conclusion that since there is autopathy, people do not have to be ill, if they really do not want to – which was certainly the case also before. There is an autopathic prophylaxis, which prevents further descent to illnesses. Of course, the way from serious long-term conditions is not straight – but it leads out, to freedom from illnesses. As long as we do not leave it, for example because of impatience, wrong notions and opinions or bad advice of others, no one can stop us from getting healthy. I see autopathy as a new and fundamental qualitative step in the development of homeopathy. A step from similar, similima, to the same. We cure same with same.

It is interesting to mention in this connection that the Greek word “homeo” actually does not mean “similar”, but the “same”.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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