The strength of high potencies and the attainment of long-lasting health

23.6.2017 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Contribution from the 9th Conference on Autopathy, 2017

After fifteen years of systematic practice of autopathy, we can come to certain conclusions, whereby the enthusiasm from discovery, or from gaining new information about the method and the development in its application, should be changing into a kind of wisdom, prudency and the ability to draw on all obtained knowledge. I will attempt here to provide a certain summary in relation to how a case is concluded, finalized and this in a way that the person will be healed and will not need further treatment, i.e. he or she will be healthy from head to toe. As we know from the practical work, the achievement of complete health (not only improvement of certain complaints) can take place, although not necessarily in all cases, primarily in persons with high and middle vitality. It is, however, always our aim. An aim, which is possible to achieve. It completely eludes the usual meaning of the word healing, as it is understood in other systems. It is swimming against a very strong stream, when we look around and see how things are and how the health situation of people in the so called civilised world develops and how quickly the share of physically and mentally ill people has been growing and this often from an early age. How their attitude towards life grows more and more negative. We should remind ourselves, how the World Health Organisation defines health: ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ However, this definition came to being seventy years ago and today it would be difficult to find such a person, which however does not include people who use autopathy, homeopathy and perhaps other methods of stimulating vital force, prana. We should remind ourselves that a person, just like his or her health, has various levels – and it is exactly the fine-matter levels (repudiated by materialists), which are of fundamental importance. It is these levels, with which we work. From a certain stage of achieving health till a process of tuning to the information from the fine-matter Source, it is that what we do with the autopathy bottle and we do not have to call it, and usually do not call it “healing”. From this point of view, we do not have any definition of absolute health, which we nonetheless want to achieve. The most of the healing, philosophical and religious systems resign on giving verbal definitions of absolute health, mainly maybe because from the practical point of view it is superfluous. It is important to know the way. Getting to know the way, i.e. the techniques of how to approach it, is all that we need.

In the more advanced stages of the autopathic development, usually following the phase of detoxification using boiled dilutions, we usually turn to pure information, potentiated without any further processing. In this lecture, at least at the beginning, I will on purpose not mention the newest technique of preparation from the 7th chakra. I will concentrate on older and more tested techniques, which, for the purpose of considering the most effective forms of healing, provide us with the most of material and the important length of experience. We will also look at the potencies, which can be used effectively in these more advanced stages of the development. We will analyse a number of cases and make some conclusions from them.

Saliva without boiling, high dilutions, high potencies

One of the first cases of autopathy, at the beginning of 2002, observed over 8 years until 2010: a young woman, athletic type. Atopic eczema since infancy, already since one year of age. It is over the whole body and on the face, red patches, dry skin, it scales and itches, sometimes she scratches it until it bleeds. It is worse from autumn until the spring, it is very dry. Always worse during the times of stress and nervousness. Since the first year of age, she has also been suffering from allergy – tests identified it for hay, dust, mites and pollen. It demonstrates itself, besides the eczema, as hay fever in the pollen season. Once a week she has been having a strong headache and has to take painkillers. She is very sensitive to cold, although also warm rooms have negative effect on her.

After about a month and a half after the first interview she told me: Soon after the consultation with me, she made an autopathic preparation from her own urine and used it once in the potency of about 100 C. Immediately on the next day the eczema got worse, got more red and itchy, felt as if she had a flu. She also had rhinitis. Right at the beginning she decided to change the healing cream for a moisturising cream without healing properties. She went on taking her usual pills. The eczema continued in its original form (the same as when she applied the healing creams), but the headaches improved markedly! She no longer needed to take pain killers – since the application of autopathy she did not need to take them even once. During the month and a half until the follow-up control she had headache only once, a mild one. Advice: wait and observe.

Seven months after the application of autopathy: Eczema is no longer present on the face since approximately three months. Everyone can imagine what an important issue this is for a young woman! Eczema on the chest and the neck remains however, also on the elbows and the knees. Burning sensations have stopped. She partially ascribes this change also to the usual improvement of the eczema in the summer months. She no longer has headaches. She also did not suffer from allergy in this pollen season, although she stopped taking medicaments!

Ten months after having started with autopathy: The eczema returned and a relapse demonstrated itself by headaches. Applied was dilution from urine, the potency increased by half. The headaches and the eczema have stopped, however, sleep disturbances with frequent waking up have taken place. She used dilution from saliva from 5 l water in an autopathy bottle (200 C). The insomnia stopped. Eczema in an improved form continued and after two months the headaches returned. 10 l in an autopathy bottle had brought about a relatively quick retreat of all symptoms and the achievement of complete health, which she did not know before. This lasted the whole year after one application of autopathy, and then the headaches returned and sleep got worse. She took 30 l saliva without boiling, and complete health arrived again. She repeated the same dilution and after another year and a half she went to 45 l. During the half-yearly follow-up controls we did not have anything to talk about anymore. 2x there was an attempt to use lower potencies for small ailments (e.g. dry skin), which never worked, and a new application of a high potency in an autopathy bottle, 30 later even 45 l, had re-established order each time. It is to note that if you were successful with a high potency, we repeat it or increase it, but we never lower it, even when the problem appears to be “small” to us and so “small” potency seems to be right for it. No, this is not the case. We repeat the same as before and when it ceases to be effective, we increase. In the case of potencies over 30 l, we always increase at least by 10 l, 5 minutes flow-through.

In 2009, Martin Sikner presented the following case at the 1st conference (all recordings from the conferences are available at A woman, 58 years old, diabetes, insulin 4x a day, blackening toes on both feet with recommended amputation, gout, schizophrenia, she hears voices, is crying, has polyneuropathy, her legs are insensitive to touch, hypertension. Mr Sikner has read the book Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony and got to work. He started with diluted saliva in low potencies, 2 l, and gradually increased. From the beginning he saw improvement. No potency had been repeated in this case. After two years on autopathy, in her 61st year of age, the woman is in good form, laughs a lot, does not hear any voices and communicates normally (schizophrenia is not present), the diabetes has been corrected to a level, when ‘if she takes anything today for the diabetes, then it is surely the weakest thing that exists’ and glycaemia after meals ‘is often even better than in absolutely healthy person’, she does not keep any diet and has been even eating sugar, she had in the past changes in the fundus of the eye, now the surprised physician states that there are no irregularities. Blood pressure is normal. The toes, which should have been amputated, have healed. She can walk better. Feeling returned to her legs and so even polyneuropathy seems to be no longer present. About two years later, the author of this contribution visited one of my seminars and I asked him, how is this client doing. He answered that she ‘is well’. We do not know the intervals of the applications, it had not been provided, but the author says that he took my advice that was published somewhere: In the subsequent applications the amount of water should always be doubled. In the whirlwind of events I have, I do not know why, forgotten this advice and I also do not remember whether I did not base it rather on a theoretical consideration. He always doubled the level of dilution in the autopathy bottle, so that from 80 C (2 l) he arrived at 160 C (4 l), the next application was 300 C (7,5 l), the next he increased to 2,5 M (60 l), where they arrived already in half a year, then 5 M (120 l) and finally after about 2 years of treatment, the woman used 8,5 M (approx.200 l, 100 minutes of flow under a water filter). The woman achieved health and this after a long-term, catastrophic and hopeless condition.

The return to health was made possible here by the high potencies of non-boiled saliva, to which she arrived after a series of lower potencies. It is a generally recommended procedure. Should we “overdo” a high potency from non-boiled body information (from breath, saliva, or both at the same time in one dilution), nothing else can happen than that the long-term healing effect will not be fully achieved. In this case a temporary return to the lower potency, which had proved to be more effective in the past, is possible. Nevertheless, our Source of the creative information forming our body and mind is on the fine-matter scale on the absolutely finest level. With time, through increasing potencies, we attempt to arrive near to it. However, it is possible only to the extent, which the actual condition of our body and mind allows.

This happened in the year 2011. A mother brought to me her thirteen years old boy, whom the physicians diagnosed juvenile arthritis. They told her that this illness is incurable. Since two years, he has been having pains in the joints of the extremities and in the spine. It hurts all the time and he has been taking medicaments for it. He has headaches, facial tics and speech disturbances. At one time he could not speak at all. He is often tired. At the same time he has been having problems in falling asleep, it can take two hours or more before he falls asleep, especially when tired. Sometimes he cried from tiredness, but could not fall asleep. Occasionally he has strange sudden states of inner aggression, he feels that he could do something bad, he can suppress it only with difficulty. They visited a neurologist with abnormal EEG findings. He has states of clairvoyance, he has dreams, which then come true in reality. The mother describes, how through pure wish, he could set his cell phone to show his current state of credit. He knows that his mother will call him several minutes before it happens.

At first, I treated him by homeopathic remedy with certain improvements, however, the basic problems had the tendency to return. In the year 2002 I gave him an autopathy bottle (one of the first cases of autopathy) and recommended to dilute saliva with 5 litres water (200 C). At this time he was in a condition very similar to the initial pone, except that the states of aggression had stopped.

Follow-up control in 2 months: tiredness disappeared and sleep had got better. Joints got worse. It went thus according to the Hering’s Laws: the inner got better, the outer worse.

Control in half a year: the dilution prepared in the autopathy bottle was repeated after four months in the potency of 400 C. The joints got significantly better. He is no longer tired. No headaches. Sleep is good. Gone is allergy to sun rays, from which he had been suffering. The mother said that his vision used to be turned inside, now it is direct.

After marvellous eight months the inner aggression returned, as well as headaches and tiredness, but all this not before one week before the control. Autopathic dilution 1,5 M, 18 minutes flow-through under a water filter.

Several further controls took place, during which slow improvement was visible, with a temporary relapse after inoculation. The higher the potency, the longer and deeper was his healing reaction. Smaller ailments, such as one week’s inflammation of the tonsils, for which he did not take any medicaments, were getting less frequent. Over the potencies 3 M and 4 M, applied in the interval of about 1 year, he arrived at 100 minutes flow-through (8M). He refused attending the high school, which he did not like, and attended another, specialized one, where he could realize himself better. In the interval of about 1 year he repeated 2x 200 l non-boiled saliva, once because of a returning weak headache, which stopped immediately after application of autopathy, and the second time because of returning slight joint pains, which disturbed his perfect health. The third time he used it was for a returning weak headache and a collarbone pain after accident, 200 l non-boiled breath. He became perfectly healthy and successful young man, in spite of the initial medical prognosis. I met him a couple of years later and asked him, how he is doing. He told me that he does not have any problems. I asked him about his clairvoyance. He replied that this remained. His girlfriend is also clairvoyant and so when they want to make a date, they do not need to make a telephone call. Seven years have passed now since the last application of autopathy – breath from 200 l, after which he no longer needed any medical help. And so the medical prognosis from the time when he was 13 years old that his condition and joint pains will only get worse, did not come true. On the contrary: Tell me, how many young men of today do not need any medical treatment for 7 years. And here it was initially a case of a boy, whose condition should have been completely incurable.

A lesson: Even for mild signs of a relapse use high potencies, which have previously proved to have been effective in removing the problem. Breath had proved to be more effective then saliva, the last high potency had led to high resistance and lasting health. At the beginning of the autopathic tuning, I would now probably use boiled breath (the main current method of preparation of dilutions for joints), before going over to pure saliva, or pure breath without boiling. But then I knew only one form of making a dilution, from the saliva. Here it is necessary to remind, that the main advantage of our contemporary practice is to choose the best, which had proved to be the most directly effective in similar situations, although simple saliva and finally breath could resolve the case. This I call the optimization of choice of three parameters (potency, the form of production, period of application). It is necessary to note here that it was the high potency of non-boiled breath that had finally resolved the case.

University student. Well-built young man, athlete, treated by me since years homoeopathically. He comes to me because he feels “down” in the bronchia an irritation leading to cough all the time. He has been coughing approximately once an hour. Spirometry did not show any anomalies, on the contrary, the lung capacity is the double of usual. He finds pinworms in his stool, has frequent stomach aches. His frontal sinuses feel blocked, his forehead hurts in the morning, has a cold. When in a cold place, he gets throat ache. Autopathy from saliva, 30 minutes flow-through under the filter, 60 l, almost 3 M. Follow-up control after 4 months: soon after the application the cough ceased, and finally stopped. The pinworms disappeared from the stool and stomach ache stopped. Sleep got better – he is asleep in 2 minutes and does not have any dreams. He feels better psychically – he can cope significantly better with examination, does not have fears. Is completely healthy. He never visited me again! We can lose clients due to their achievement of long-term health!

Why saliva and not breath? I did not know much about breath then. Why 3 M and not 1 M? I knew this client since a long time, he was already much improved through previous constitutional homeopathic treatment, had high vitality. Especially in young people, considered in the more advanced phases of healing should always be high dilutions of 1 M and even much more.

Transfer from boiled breath to breath without boiling and a marked increase of potency – a case of auto-immune disease

A woman, who had suffered almost her whole life from recurring inflammations, initially of the throat, then also joints, the urinary tract and female organs. One thing stopped and the other started. She has been taking some antibiotics all the time, as far as she can remember. And also other medicines, for example for insufficient function of the thyroid gland. She suffers from insomnia, joint and stomach pains, allergies, osteoporosis and chronic tiredness. However, her psychic condition bothers her the most. It got worse, when the physicians gave her the results of the laboratory tests: positive (above the norm) rheumatoid arthritis, also Lyme disease, Chlamydophila pneumoniae and trachomatis, and mainly antibodies for Lupus erythematosus, an incurable autoimmune disorder, which, when developed, can gradually destroy even the inner organs and end life. Now she is very worried what will be, is fearful and anxious. Recommended 3 l boiled breath, every second day.

At the time of the first follow-up control she did not feel any better than at the first meeting. And also during the second and the third it was not good. Only when, after gradual increasing, she arrived at 7,5 l boiled breath, a sudden change took place. ‘I have not felt so well as well as far as I can remember’, she told me. She feels a flood of energy and does not think about the problems so much anymore. She enjoys her life she says. After an increase to 9 l boiled breath it got even better. I suggested repeating 9 l boiled breath 3x in weekly intervals, then to increase to 10,5 l and then to 12 l boiled breath once in two weeks.

Two months went by and during the next visit she gave me with a meaningful look the papers with the medical report: The recent laboratory tests have shown that all previous threats were gone: Lyme disease, Chlamydophila pneumoniae and trachomatis, and mainly Lupus erythematosus. Including the rheumatoid arthritis. Everything is now in comparison to the previous tests in norm. And so her mood and her life perspective had improved enormously. And of course it was also reflected in the reduction of various physical complaints. Nevertheless, the gynaecological inflammations (which she had the most of her life) were coming back and she usually did not hesitate to take antibiotics. However, after a single application of non-boiled breath 30 l, all complaints had stopped almost from one day to the other. She was healthy like never before in her life. This lasted almost one year, when she repeated the same potency from breath due to recurrence of some complaints, which they then stopped again.

A lesson: Even very complex cases can quickly achieve health, when we increase the potency to 30 and more litres and transfer from boiled breath to breath without boiling. The detoxification phase in lower potencies of boiled breath was necessary at the beginning and it helped to remove serious threats in the form parasites and the autoimmune problems.

About thirty five year old woman came to me. She told me that she is relying on me, because she already visited me once as a child with her mother because of tendency to recurring anginas, which she used to have every year. I gave her then a homeopathic remedy Lachesis 200. It was 22 years ago. Since then she did not have an angina or flu even once. She was healthy, until three years ago, when she got hart arrhythmias and repeated inflammations of the urinary tract. Then came problems with pancreas, bloating and bad digestion and she started to generally deteriorate, was under extreme pressure in her profession, to which she gave all her energy, now is with her strength at an end, has an eczema, arrhythmias, is very emotional, tired, overcome by sadness. She says that ‘she feels to be at the end of her journey’. She knows that it cannot continue this way. She and her husband would like to have a child, but successful fertilization does not take place. We started with boiled breath and an increase from 6 to 12 litres. She reports after a while that many things have improved – emotional states, arrhythmias, eczema disappeared. Nevertheless, she continued in her demanding profession and after a while started getting panic attacks and depressions, arrhythmias came back. She still cannot conceive and she feels that she has only a little time left to start a family. She will soon be 40. Half a year after starting with autopathy I recommended 30 l B (non-boiled breath). Soon after that she took also 32 l B.

A half a year later she reports that her psychical condition improved immediately after the application, the arrhythmias disappeared and that the whole of this time she was relaxed, except for some stress at work, after which, in contrast to before, she always quickly recovered. Nevertheless, child nowhere. Advice: Increase potency from breath to 42 l, but only should the depressions or other already healed complaints return. She did not do this and in another two months she tells me that she is 3 weeks pregnant, medically confirmed. Only in the 6th month the arrhythmias started to return and she used 42 l B and it got better. After giving birth, she asked me if she should repeat the dilution from breath and I have agreed, birth is usually a stressful event and the repetition of the previous potency soon after that is almost a must. Therefore this was a case of infertility, a very widespread illness, which today kills the European population at a time, when women, due to work commitments, have to delay the founding of a family until the age before their forties, when however it can already be too late. A number of our experiences show that infertility can be resolved by autopathy. It appears that the basic method for dealing with infertility is the use of boiled breath and later transfer to breath without boiling, although we also have a report about healing by a dilution from prana.

I remember another case, when infertility was healed, this time only with boiled breath and only low potencies. A woman wrote to me that she and her husband cannot conceive. According to medical tests, both are healthy. Three times already they have tried in vitro fertilisation IVF, but it never worked. I answered that she should come to one of our courses and that she will learn there what to do. After month and a half I got another email from her: …I am glad to tell you that I am pregnant… Following the information in your lecture I told my husband to use 6 l and I used 12 l

We are all different. Therefore, when (whichever) problem has not been successfully dealt with by low potencies, we transfer to higher ones. This is also the basic principle of autopathy. Usually it is effective to change from boiling to non-boiled dilutions not before the potency of 30 l, otherwise there is a danger of a relapse. Age is irrelevant, the preparation to this change can take longer time with series of doses from boiled body information.

A case of changing to non-boiled breath, this time from Prana 5:

In the book Get Well with Autopathy, 6th revised edition, I have described a case of a female student suffering from strong depressions, insomnia, allergies and terrible fears, not only from the examinations, which were removed with a dilution from Prana 5 and a condition without fears and further problems was established, which she never knew before, because, as she told me, she has been suffering from fears her whole life. It is now three years ago and of course, the case has been developing further. This is how it continued: From 9 l P5 she moved slowly to 12, 15 and 16,5 l P5 and made the dilutions with intervals of several weeks, sometimes once in two months. She always used P 5 when she felt fear or could not fall asleep and it got immediately or quickly better. When she was at 16,5 litres, she went to be examined at an Allergology clinic, where she has been registered since 5 years as an allergy sufferer. There they told her that the tests do not show any presence of foods or other allergy. She had already noticed it also without the tests, for example the absence of allergic reaction to dogs. In the past, her lips got swollen after eating tomatoes, now she can eat tomatoes without any problems. Three times she used 18 l, but the third application was no longer effective, although the fear was gone on the second day after the application and she felt relief immediately, but it lasted only five days. Then she increased to 20 l, this worked again only some days and a relapse came again. Also further increases of Prana 5 up to 30 l had not brought anymore the long-term effect of psychical well-being. She confided in me later that at this time she used also other alternative therapies, which most likely interfered with autopathy. She had to repeat applications more often and was no longer as complete as before. At this time I recommended non-boiled breath 35 l. The condition improved, however, it was a time of examinations, which was a bad time for her. She took also homeopathic remedy, which I recommended to her, should the reaction not be satisfactory. The homeopathic remedy caused also only a short retreat of the complaints for a few days, but then the anxiety returned. After an increase of non-boiled breath to 40 l (20 minutes under the water filter), her condition improved for three months, when she did not have any marked problems, nor depressions. After three months the feeling of anxiety returned and she increased to 42 l non-boiled breath. All was well for 14 days and then anxiety states before going to sleep arrived again. She increased to 50 l Prana 5. Then it got better, but for several days she had a mild crisis, when I recommended waiting. I call it healing crises, it can sometime appear after using high potencies, old symptoms bubble up in a milder form on the surface and then it heals. This happened after a couple of days and she was well for two months, although due to further examinations not in a perfect condition. I recommended 54 l non-boiled breath, without any improvement and after a few days 60 l non-boiled breath. (Here I remind that when potency does not work, we increase the dilution, this is a rule.) It helped. She repeated non-boiled breath approximately once a month, whenever she felt some need to take it, usually it was the return of fear, even when only for an hour before sleep, and she gradually increased up to 74 l breath. When she tried, during a mild return of the complaints, to repeat the same potency, if was never effective, but an early increase had brought always a quick relief. And so the last half a year she has been all right. We have agreed that she will continue with non-boiled breath and I assured her that 74 l (37 minutes flow-through under a water filter) is not a limit. She signed her last correspondence with her academic title. Her life quality is incomparably better than before autopathy and autopathy had become a part of her lifestyle. We are surrounded by many influences, which cause anxieties and depressions. It is not possible to name them all, however, the main one is that we are out of tune and as a result cannot receive well the creative information – prana. And this we fear, we feel that all is going to get worse. We have to tune up, if we want to feel harmony, self-confidence and return to health again.

From the viewpoint of the technique of healing can the transfer to higher potencies of non-boiled breath in the more advanced stages of healing be recommended, especially in the case of potencies 30 l and more and this irrespective of the initial character of the complaint. Vitality, age, and other criteria are not decisive here. Important are the observed reactions to previous lower potencies.

I have a woman client, who has been very satisfied with 100 l boiled breath and has been using this doses several months with a marked improvement of energy and mood, which is usually the main signal for her that it functions. She has been taking this same potency for cough, which then stops in a couple of days. She has been taking these doses once in a month till once in four months. Lower potencies do not agree with her. She will be seventy soon, is working more than full-time, partly also physically, has been making 30 km trekking tours in the mountains, has been using autopathy since 14 years. Recently she has been feeling well, when she used 150 l non-boiled breath.

Child 5 years old, healed autopathically since birth. Applied was always the system „wait and observe“, always a single application. Generally healthy, occasionally small ailments (typically a one-day fever once a year, usually with a headache), handled by autopathy prepared either form prana, or from boiled saliva. However, a rush with putrid pimples appeared on the thighs and some on the back, which no longer reacted to boiled saliva 12 l effective in the past, but it spread further. The physician diagnosed water warts. Non-boiled breath 30 l once. Follow-up control in 3 weeks: The child is calmer, happy, but the rush persists. Control after one month. She is calm and happy, the rush has been gone since some time.

Advice about high potencies:

Prana (1-5) requires low, 1,5 l till middle potencies, until now they have proved effective till approx. 60 l, although individually they can also be higher. It is recommended to proceed according to the article Prana – a simple procedure for self-healing – from the book Get Well with Autopathy and you will find an updated version at .

Similarly with boiled saliva or boiled breath, although we cannot exclude higher than 60 l. Here we do not have enough experience yet.

Non-boiled saliva or non-boiled breath are effective with gradual increase of potency and without a potency limit. Even 250 l is not a limit, which corresponds with the homeopathic potency 10 M. However, in homeopathy we know and often use even higher potencies, such as 50 M and CM, prepared by using up to 10x more water. (I remind here that already at the beginning we choose litres according to the vitality, later according to the reaction to the previous application). Non-boiled breath now shows to be in higher dilutions the fundamental method with the highest chance for success.

Fear of high potencies:

Very often, mainly in self-healing, people hesitate if they should go to potencies higher than 30 l in the dilutions from saliva or breath. Although they know that if the previous potency has been losing its effect, it should be increased – a basic principle in the process of autopathic tuning. There is a fear from high potencies. Perhaps it is a fear of change. A change from illness to health? A change from a victim to an active person influencing not only own destiny, but also the destiny of others? Whatever it is, we have to be aware that it exists so that we can overcome it. In the 14 years (and before 20 years of use of homeopathic remedies) I have never seen a significant worsening brought about by high potencies over 1 M – 30 l and more. When the potency was really much too high (for example when I have in my third year of using autopathy used a dilution with 150 l to see what it will do), the effect was simply shorter and not so deep as it would have been had I used a lower potency, which would have been then more suitable for me. And this was all. This short effect indicated to me that the potency is too high.

Here a case told to my students and me during the course II in Bratislava by one of the course participants: This woman had eighty years old grandmother, who had a large tumour on the brain and could no longer move. She was only lying in her bed and hat terrible bed sores. The woman decided to heal these sores by a dilution from saliva. She made it with 50 l water. At this moment I interrupted her: ‘Have I not taught you that in cases of low vitality you have to use at the beginning dilutions from 1 l?’ ‘Wait’, the woman told me calmly. ‘I gave it to her and she started to walk again and the sores healed themselves’. ‘But I still not understand why you used so much water’. Her answer was: ‘It looked really hopeless and so I told myself that there was nothing to lose.’

An exception confirms a rule, which is still valid. In low vitalities we start with1,5 l water. However, gradually we can arrive to high potencies. It has always to do with karma: some need lower potencies and some higher ones – but no one has it written on their forehead. Only the practice shows. Certainly, the last case shows that fear from high potencies is rather a prejudice, stopping many people from achieving health. Think about this and buy yourselves a water filter. The preparation of high potencies is no problem at all.


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