Ruptured ovarian cyst – an acute autopathic case

15.4.2010 | Marie Jarosova |

The patient with a ruptured cyst was hospitalized with strong pains. To reduce the terrible unbearable pain that did not cease even though complete rest, she received overnight an infusion of Algifen via an intravenous line.

Overnight the pain ceased, but got stronger again in the morning. In the morning it was offered to her to continue with the Algifen infusion, with the addition of antibiotics to prevent threatening inflammation. The patient refused this form of medication and agreed upon 3-day hospitalization. In the morning, her husband had brought her the autopathic bottle together with an adequate quantity of water. The patient immediately prepared an autopathic dilution from 4 l and right after its application to the forehead the unbearable pain stopped.

Almost immediately after the 1st application she started to move without problems around her room and could lie in the bed in any position, which was not possible before. At the same time her blood pressure, which was “deadly” low before, increased.

After the 2nd application also from 4 l, the patient could change her clothes almost without pain and to a big surprise of the responsible physicians she prepared herself for going home. The condition for this was the signing of a declaration that she will keep an absolute rest in bed.

However, in any case, she could leave the hospital after 14 hours after the cyst rapture!!!

The autopathic preparation was repeated every 4 hours. 30 hours later the patient was completely pain free and without any symptoms


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