Practical overview of methods and strategies of autopathy

14.7.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky |

For the full comprehension of this overview it is good to have read the book Get well with autopathy, 4th extended edition, and/or have participated in the course and have also read the articles on these pages, especially Autopathic detoxification 1 and 2 and Potency from own breath heals.

In the 10 years of the existence of autopathy, on the basis of experiences gained not only by me, but also by hundreds of other people practicing autopathy, procedures suitable for various conditions were discovered. Thus the initially simple method grew more complex, although it still remains transparent and easy to use thanks to the simplicity of the principles on which it is based. But it also became more effective. This concerns methods of preparation of the autopathic dilution (AD) in an autopathy bottle (AB), and also the application and the level of the dilution. It has to be said that more “complicated” forms of autopathic practice come into play when during the treatment it becomes clear that the given case is complex in nature and that a simple application of AD will not lead to the recovery of health, although some part-improvements may have taken place. This means that autopathy finds itself on a wider action field – from simple use in the case of relatively simple cases of chronic (previously incurable) diseases till more complex strategies in cases which demand it.

Application – single or repeated

1) In cases of persons with strong vitality and simple pathology, which was not suppressed too much by chemical medication (infant with a light eczema or a cough, young woman with painful menstruation, a simple acute disease such as influenza), sufficient is an application of one dose prepared from saliva or breath from a quantity of water that corresponds to the vitality of the individual, usually 3 – 9 l. Then “wait and observe”. In the number of cases described in my books, one application of AD could in the course of time help to recover lost health. The AD can then be repeated even after several years, depending on need, when the symptoms start to return, and this usually in the form of one application in a somewhat higher potency than the previous one.

2) Regularly repeated application – is used at the beginning of the treatment, especially when:

  • The client takes medicaments regularly.
  • Suffers from chronic long-term disease. Dynamic and life-threatening long-term diseases require shorter intervals (e.g. every day), slowly developing diseases need longer intervals.  Because in today’s world we are surrounded by various influences that lower our vitality and with it also our ability to react to AD, this method is currently suitable at the beginning of the treatment in the most of my cases. The most appropriate interval has proved to be one week on average. As soon as the symptoms start to cease according to the Herring’s Law (from within out, from psyche to skin) and for a limited time period old reverse symptoms eventually reappear, we can extend the period markedly (to a month etc.) or stop the application altogether and change to the system of “wait and observe” – see point 1). After this we usually intervene only with one application at the beginning of the returning symptoms. It is good to have an AB in reserve and to use it immediately when required.

We can also gradually increase the dilution, for example by one and half litre, for example once a week, once in 14 days, etc., until a level of dilution is achieved, which has the best effect, which the client can assess on the basis of his/her feelings.

  • The frequency of application: daily, every second day, once a month, according to the dynamic of the illness also higher potencies, stipulated according to the degree of vitality. Persons with structural disorders of inner organs possess lower vitality, persons with more superficial and less dangerous diseases possess higher vitality, and to this relate lower and higher potencies. Dilutions from one litre can be applied daily or every second day, especially when a chronic disease has a dynamic development and quickly exhausts the strength of the ill person (low vitality) and is strongly restricting him/her.
  • Whenever during regular application we observe improvement, which does not stay the whole period until the next dose, we shorten the period so that relapse does not take place. For example, the positive effect ends on the fifth day and so we subsequently apply AD on every fourth day. At the same time we can slightly increase the potency, which extends the period of its effect.
  • Whenever in the analysis of the previous effect we have a founded impression that the AD does not function, or functions only in a limited way, we must increase the quantity of water. During regular application we usually keep increasing by one litre and a half till three litters, until we observe a positive reaction, which demonstrates itself by a significant improvement (better feelings) or by a short temporary crises followed by improvement. Suitable interval in the treatment of long-term diseases is one week, but it can be also shorter, e.g. 3 days. After having achieved significant reaction, we continue in applying the same potency which caused it, or we extend the time period considerably, e.g. to 1 month. If the significant reduction was achieved, we can also stop the application and change to the system “wait and observe”.

The method of preparation

Instructions for all four forms of preparation can be downloaded here.

Although in the first years of using autopathy I recommended solely the preparation from saliva and achieved excellent results with it, the preparation from breath of the treated person forms the basis of my current practice. The most suitable is bubbling through the water in the AB with gradual breathing out from both nostrils. With this preparation I also use a series of applications, for example when a potency from saliva or breath sterilized by heat was applied before this (see below). Recently a new possibility of functional preparation of AD from breath, also that of animals and infants, emerged, where up to now no preparation from breath was possible: The bottle is placed in the plastic bottle closed by a cold zip for one hour in a cold place, for example refrigerator. Then the empty bottle is breathed through from a nostril in such a way that the shorter tube is placed to the nostril immediately after breathing in and before breathing out; at this moment it is possible to shortly cover the mouth with the palm of the hand, so that the breath flows out of the nose and subsequently through the bottle naturally. The inner space of the AB will mist over. Then we pour through the bottle the recommended quantity of water as in the methods of preparation applied hitherto. This effective form of preparation was discovered by one of my clients, when she wanted to prepare AD from breath for her dog.

  • In cases of autoimmune disorders, chronic inflammations and everywhere, where there are signs of an outbreak of microorganisms, chlamydiaceae – for example in MS, candida – for example in cancer, the presence of toxoplasmosis – for example in schizophrenia, viruses, bacteria, etc. (see my article Autopathic detoxication) I suggest to start a treatment with single or repeated dosing of AD made from material sterilised by heat. The basic material is morning saliva. In autoimmune disorders, for example of the liver, MS and in depressions, starting with sterilized breath proved to be effective. Sterilizing of breath and saliva can be alternated.

Sometimes it is enough to start the treatment with one dose of material sterilized by heat and to continue with a potency from breath without heating. This should be somewhat higher than the previous one.

Potency from materials sterilized by heat should not be applied very long without a reason and the level of 1 M (25 l) should not be exceeded. Further increase of water quantity has not proved to be effective. The application of material sterilized by heat for a period longer than one year usually did not bring further positive shift towards health. In long-term application of material sterilized by heat it is sometimes necessary to insert a potency from pure non-heated breath.

However, sometimes even one single dose of a dilution sterilized by heat had brought long-term effect and did not have to be repeated, nor supplemented by a potency from non-heated breath. In such a case we wait and observe. We repeat usually in a higher potency when signs of returning pathology appear.

The series of applications of a dilution sterilized by heat can be closed by an application of a dilution from pure non-heated breath (or possibly saliva), usually in a higher potency than the previous ones.  

  • It happened that after the application of a potency that was far too low for the given case, for example only 1 l for a person of a middle vitality, the expected visible changes in the state of health did not arrive. Such a case always indicates a potency that is much too low, which has to be made higher, or gradually increased. Also, in long-lasting effect a particular potency can be exhausted and the organism does not react to it anymore – it is then necessary to increase it, at least by one and a half litre or by twice as much as the previous one.
  • At the beginning of the treatment or during its course it has proved to be effective to start-up the reaction by a repeated increasing of the potency. First with heating, then from breath. For example: First dose 3 l heated saliva, second dose after one week 6 l saliva or heated breath, third dose after one week 9 l breath without heating.

In the course of the treatment, when some disorder continues, it is possible to increase the potency from the breath from the nose by 4-6 l (by 2-3 minutes flow-through with an overflow from the funnel), repeating after one week or 14 days, when no marked reaction arrives (usually tiredness, or a short worsening). Then stop and observe the development. There is no upper limit for the dilution of pure breath. I succeeded for example with thirty (case of young woman) and forty four litres (case of 63 old man), when a repeated weekly increase was stopped with subsequent satisfactory improvement.

All above mentioned observations and recommendations are of course valid also for self-healing.


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