Throat ache

15.3.2013 | Zbysek Nadenik |

Good day Mr Cehovsky /…/

In the frame of my study of books on homeopathy I came across your books about autopathy and because of ineffectiveness of a homeopathic treatment I decided to apply an autopathic one. I used 5 l water and waited for the results. It will be two months since my son used the dilution and the headache did not appear, furthermore, he had the mouth ulcers only one day (on a day when he was sick with vomiting and intestinal problems, which also lasted only one day). He did not have a throat ache even one day since. The only thing which did not improve is the hoarseness. I am concerned that I do not miss the time when I should apply the dilution again. I know that I have to be patient, the hoarseness lasts already 5 years. /…/

I thank you very much and wish you a very nice day,
With best regards, Vladimira F



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