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9.1.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Chronic pain is one of the main sources of suffering of people of today. It is not unusual. We only have to think how many chemical drugs against pain are offered by TV advertisements. Thanks to these advertisements, various entertainment programs can be financed, whose main goal is to give the masses the opportunity to forget some form of psychic or physical pain. A huge industry focuses on the subject of pain that lives from the basic desire for getting rid of it. And what is interesting, the whole measure of pain felt by mankind is not getting smaller, on the contrary it is growing. Then these preparations have one fault: they do not cure the cause of the pain, they camouflage it, so that it later functions even more radically.

In autopathy we have gained in its nine years of existence much experience with curing pain. A whole row of descriptions of cases of cured migraines, arteritis, menstrual problems…(the list would be much too long) can be found in my books about autopathy and there are of course many cases which I did not publish and many other ailments accompanied by pain were successfully treated by the readers of the books and students of courses on autopathy.  Why is it that highly diluted and dynamised information from own body, coming from ordinary saliva or breath, can remove something as tangible as pain? When one of the organs begins to malfunction, it finds itself in disharmony and it communicates this to us through pain. It is like a red warn light, announcing alarm. When this happens in our car, we immediately start to search for the cause and cure it – for example we add oil and let the head gasket be repaired to stop the oil from leaking. But in our own case we proceed differently: we stop the control light by a pain killer. The engine runs a little further, but then it jams itself and the repair becomes very difficult, expensive and sometimes even impossible. Of course, the more expensive the repair, the better for the car repair industry. I think that even here the time is approaching, when the cars will no longer be fitted with warn lights. And in the pharmaceutical industry it is no different. But let us go back to the question, how to get rid of pain by removing its cause.  The cause is in the disturbance in the flow of vital energy, prana, which connects us with the Universe and forms our mind and body with all its organs. The existence of this vital energy is one of the most proved things in the history of healing and not only homeopathy is based on it, but also the traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. As long as the vital energy is harmonious, also we and our organs are harmonious, and we even do not think of pain. When it is disturbed, disharmony creeps in and with it the feeling of pain. When with the help of autopathy we repair the flow of the vital energy, also the organs recover, formed and organised by the energy, and the pain disappears. But not before the harmony returns in the affected organ. Harmony is a synonym for health. And when a person is healthy, there is nothing to be cured, the pain does not return.

Yesterday a woman came to me who visited me for the first time a year ago. This is how she described her problem to me a year ago: She has terrible pain under the right ribcage, it shoots to the back, the neck and to the head. Since year and a half she takes painkillers, which however do not remove the pain. She visited many doctors and clinics, including the center for nuclear medicine, but no one can give her exact diagnosis. They suggest that it could come from the spine. The pain hinders her and brings her to despair. She suffers from sleeplessness because of it. I suggested to her then an autopathic preparation from own saliva, made in an autopathy bottle using 1 liter water, once a week. She came for a follow-up consultation after a month and a half and told me: The pain stopped completely soon after use. Sleep regulated itself. The whole year to this day the pain generally did not manifest itself, and when it exceptionally shortly and more lightly appeared, it stopped after the next application of the autopathic preparation. Now she is without ailments and uses autopathic preparation from six liters water.

Many people asked me in my practice or during lectures what can I recommend to them for recurring or permanent pain in some organ – head, ovaries, joints, back… or for a pain of the soul. But the answer is always the same: autopathic preparation. As soon as our subtle engine, the so called vital force, is repaired, the warn light goes out.


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