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A paper resented at the VIII Conference on Autopathy, on the 30.1.2016 in Prague

A man, 24 years of age, healthy. Does not take any medicaments. However, at the end of January and the beginning of February, first symptoms occurred, which were not paid sufficient attention to. It was mainly pertaining and increasing fatigue, followed by acute throat infection. Within a week from the first signs, the submandibular glands located beneath the floor of the mouth swelled up and this led to the visit of a medical practitioner. The doctor had taken blood samples and requested tests for the presence of antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus (EB virus) and cytomegalovirus. Throat swabs confirmed infection, but nothing else. The first tests had shown the presence of antibodies to EB virus, this was confirmed also by a control test.
9.2. Diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis. Ultrasound examination of the lymph nodes confirmed presence of inflammation.

In reaction to the diagnosis, autopathy from 6 l water and boiled breath was applied on the same day. The first two weeks, autopathy was applied 3x a week and each time the client felt considerable immediate relief. In the third and fourth week, 1,5 l water were added, thus autopathy was practiced with 7,5 l water, 1x a week, boiled breath and this 2x a week.
Fifth week of autopathy with 7,5 l, boiled breath, 1x a week. At the end of the first month after the onset of the disease, concretely on the 27th of February 2015, ultrasound examination of the abdomen was made with quite surprising results. They had shown that the kidneys were untouched by the disease, the spleen was only slightly enlarged and the liver was in a condition normally observed at the end of a healing process of this type of disease. The subsequent blood test confirmed that the EB-virus was on the retreat because the kidney values were normal, as was as the blood cell count and the haemoglobin amount. The quantity of antibodies in the blood was markedly lower than in the previous blood test.

As far as symptoms are concerned, they correspond with the previous description. In the first half of the month the client had slightly increased temperature, was tired and very weak. The disease was accompanied by blocked nose, breathing difficulties and minimal physical power. These symptoms ceased within the first 14 days. The application of autopathy was supported by herbal teas and remedies for the support of immunity, concretely Detoxin, a herbal medicine from the company Diochi, and the products Fytotonic and Vitatonic from the company Misiva. The patients with infectious mononucleosis can stay at home in bed even for several weeks. In this concrete case, the client was thanks to autopathy able to carry out normal daily tasks already after the first week.

• 4. 2. 2015 – blood test + ultrasonography of the throat glands
• 9. 2. 2015 – medical diagnosis of mononucleosis
• 9. 2. – 22.2.2015 – autopathy – 6 l boiled breath , 3x a week
• 23. 2. – 8.3. 2015 – autopathy – 7,5 l boiled breath, 2x a week
• 9. 3. – 15. 3. 2015 – autopathy – 7,5l boiled breath, 1x a week
• 27. 2. 2015 – control ultrasonography of the abdomen
• 9. 3. 2015 – control blood test


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