Materialist, mistrustful of the method…

19.11.2017 | Katerina Mertl Harudova |

More than a year ago a client approached me to help her husband by autopathy. The man was of middle age, a materialist unfamiliar with esotericism, mistrustful of the method. When I had met him, he was uncommunicative, nervous. I had not expected that he will stay with this method. His health problem was mainly asthma, but also allergies, probably food intolerance to milk and related intestinal problems, then headaches, rhinitis, itching skin, breathlessness, exhaustion. He started with autopathy at the end of July, boiled saliva, 3 l, 2x a week.

The first reactions were diarrhoea and increased tiredness, about a month later he reported decreased nervousness.
The doses were changed to the alteration of saliva and breath, boiled, 3 l, still 2x a week. After 14 days diarrhoea stopped, stomach without flatulence, headaches gone and behaviour, including fits of anger, became calmer. He also reported some signs of old symptoms.
We increased the frequency to 3x a week, the same dilution. Then we increased by ½ litre.

In October, after the commencement of the heating season, he was free of regular allergic reactions, itching of the skin was less. At the end of October everything was slightly better. Added was the use of soda.

In November increase of the same to 4 l 2x a week, without asthma, he stops being irritable.

December – we continue alternating 4 l, still 2x a week, saliva or breath, boiled. He feels content and happy, believes in the method.

In February he no longer needs frequent consultations, he uses doses according to momentary need, increased the intervals to approx. 14 days, is feeling well.

During coming meetings, until October 2017, he gives an impression of being content, relaxed, smiles and is a completely different person. His wife perceives this change in behaviour also very positively.


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