Joint pain and a rush

26.9.2013 | Krystof Cehovsky |

A middle aged woman suffers since many years with joint pain. The worst is the right wrist, which hurts both during movement and rest. In both shoulders, more the right one, she feels strong stabbing pain when she moves. She is also bothered by a feeling of strain in the right ankle, which was broken two years ago.

Another unpleasant thing, which she would like to get rid of, is a rush in the area of the neck, back and behind the years. Also dry skin on the scalp, which reacts to increased temperature and sunlight by producing red patches.

I recommended to her to make an autopathic dilution from boiled breath in these doses:

–        the first 14 days 1,5 l every second day
–        the following 14 days 3 l 2x a week
–        the next 14 days 4,5 l 2x a week

In six weeks she came again for a consultation. Right at the beginning she told me that approximately 1 week after using the 1,5 l she got fever 39°C that lasted one and a half day. This was followed by a sore throat with cough, which stopped after further three days. During the consultation she was in a positive mood and described step-by-step the changes in symptoms that troubled her during our first session.

The right wrist got according to her words 100% better, only now and again she has the feeling of strained sinews around this joint. The pain in the right shoulder passed completely, she still feels the left one, which had hurt her more than the other before, but the pain is no longer so intensive and she can move the arm normally.

The rush on the neck, back and behind the ears disappeared totally. Her scalp is no longer dry, on the contrary, she feels in this area a good blood circulation, which was brought to her attention also by her hairdresser. The red patches did not appear anymore. The feeling of strain in the previously broken ankle however still persists.


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