Cases of Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis

3.11.2010 | Stanislava Polakova |

Parkinson disease

Man, 82 years. Initial condition: Parkinson disease in advanced stage, the man no longer communicates with his environment, sits apathetically with mouth ajar, hands and sometimes the whole body are strongly shaking, loses weight, swollen lower extremities, takes a large quantity of medicaments.

Application 1, May 2006 – saliva potentized with 3 l water in an autopathy bottle – during the week the shaking stops, psychic condition slowly recovers, physical condition improves.

Until today a total of 8 applications of potentized saliva.

2. Application from 5 l, each subsequent dose increased by 1 l in the frame of 5-7 months, depending on circumstances. Today – April 2010 – dose from 11 l water.

Current condition: The man lives practically normally – he goes shopping alone, goes per foot to visit his daughter (3 km), follows sport in the TV, had gradually put on weight – 10 kg, from the previous 18 tablets daily he takes after the consultation with his physician only 5. He feels well.

Multiple sclerosis

Woman, 53 years. Initial condition: She receives disability pension since 2004, moves with difficulty with the aid of walking sticks, she spends much time lying down, has double-vision (eye surgery), impaired sensation in the hands (cannot hold a spoon), memory failures, speech impairment, strong dizziness – in the morning she has to take a medication so that she can get up, depressions.

1. Application 1, June 2006, saliva potentized with 1,5 l water in an autopathy bottle. Reaction arrives within three days: strong headache, prickling in the jaw, within 6 weeks marked improvement of psychic condition.

Subsequent applications:

September 2007 – again 1,5 l – improvement of motoric of the hand
March 2007 – potency from 3 l water, subsequent walking ability improvement
October 2007 – potency from 4,5 l water – walks around the flat with only 1 stick
March 2008 – potency from 9 l water
September 2008 – potency  from 10,5 l – at home walks without stick, goes shopping with 1 stick
March 2009 – potency from 12 l – potentized breath, after this the physician stops Prednison
December 2009 – potency from 12 l – again potentized breath

Current condition: the woman started to paint, works with computer, found a job – 2 days in the week she helps out in a sports centre with preparation of the snacks and cleaning, she bought herself a stationary practice bike, in winters he cleared away show from the payment, she is in good mood and is happy. We will continue.



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