Cases of chronic eczema

29.11.2008 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Slim thirty years old woman with red face, two university degrees, a passionate skier, told me this story: since one year of age she suffers from atopic eczema. It was the worst in the earliest age. Her whole life she has been treating it with corticoids, creams and other medicaments. Eczema appears on the whole of her body and also on the face, it is red in colour, patchy, dry skin, skin scales and itches, sometimes she scratches herself till she bleeds. It is the worst from the autumn till the spring, it is very dry. It always gets worse through stressful situations and nervousness.

Since one year of age she has also been suffering from allergies – identified was allergy to hay, mites, dust and pollen. It demonstrates itself, besides the eczema, like hay fever in the pollen season.

Once a week she has a strong headache, she has to take a painkiller. She is very sensitive to the cold, although she does not feel well in a heated room.

After one and a half month: Soon after the consultation with me, she made herself a dilution from own urine and applied it in a single use. On the next day the eczema got worse, it became redder and it itched more, she had a feeling as if she had a flu. She also had rhinitis. Right at the beginning she changed the medicinal cream for a fat cream without curative additives. She continued to take pills. The eczema remained about the same (as when she used the medicinal cream), but the headache got markedly better! She does not have to take painkillers every week – she did not need it since the use of the dilution. In the whole one and a half month she had headache only once and this only a very slight one.

Seven months after the application: the eczema on the face passed about three months ago. Everyone can imagine, what change this was for a young woman! It has almost disappeared also on her chest and her throat. It remained on her elbows and her knees. These were the places where it started at the age of one year. The burning sensation disappeared together with the eczema. She does not have headaches anymore. In the pollen season she was allergy free! She is very happy and content.

In the repair of the correct functioning of the fine matter creative principle the health disturbances receded from the centre out: first the headaches, then the hay fever and finally the eczema.

I wonder: Was it a case of healing of a headache, eczema and hay fever? The answer is obvious: No, it was a healing of the spiritual fine matter principle of this young women. It directs everything in a human being. It also influences how one is reborn, after he had died, hopefully in full health at the age of ninety. I think that the karma of this women, her thoughts and actions in this or her previous lives, was particularly good. Only so can one explain, how disorders that continued thirty years, almost from birth, could recede so quickly, in mere half a year, after a single application of the autopathic dilution.

10 month old girl has an eczema on the face and the whole body except for her back. In her second month it started on her eye brows, then on the face, then it had spread to the stomach and the extremities. The skin is typically red, in some places dry and cracked, it weeps in some places. The eczema strongly itches, the girl scratches herself, also in her sleep, and the eczema gets worse as a result. She does not sleep in the night and cries. It gets better outside when it is cold, it gets worse through bathing. She is easily frightened by sounds, when someone coughs or the dog barks outside, she starts crying. She wants to be carried all the time. She cannot stand being alone, cannot sleep alone in a room. White smelly crumbs develop in her armpits. Her mother says that she is somewhat late in her development, in 10 month she still does not crawl. I suggested homeopathic remedy.

After one month the mother reports that the eczema is much better now. The child does not cry at night anymore. The smelly crumbs are gone from her armpits. She started walking and her motoric is much better.

After another month the mother says: “It is wonderful.” The eczema is hardly visible, she no longer scratches on her face, only on arms and legs. She even walks without support.

After another month the eczema got worse again. Repeated was the same homeopathic remedy in same potency as in the beginning and after one month in a higher potency. The eczema ceased again, but slower than before. Five months after the use of the remedy it is in the elbow pits and under the knees. Now and again she scratched in places where the eczema is already gone.

Follow-up consultation after half a year: The eczema is gone. She does not scratch herself. She is talking and developing well and is no longer afraid to be alone.

Another case: Again a 10 month old child, eczema from three months of age. She scratched terribly, had raw cheeks, although she was treated by various medicaments. In the last two months the eczema got somewhat better, but at this time bronchial inflammations started. She has cough, coughs up phlegm, in the night it wakes her up. The mother suffers from asthma and is concerned because she had the same development in the past: eczema, then chronic bronchial inflammation – then asthma. In the girl the cough passes sometimes, but after a week it returns again. The girl suffers also from frequent vomiting, which she has already a longer time.

Its mother gives the child an autopathic dilution (saliva) in the potency of C200.

Follow-up consultation after one month after the application: the cough is much better and vomiting stops completely, eczema (peripheral problem) remains unchanged.

Follow-up consultation after further four months: The child is fine, does not have eczema, vomiting and cough passed.

Another case: Atopic eczema started in the female infant immediately after arrival from the birth clinic. Within a week, the whole body was affected. Intensive conventional treatment did not help. At the age of four months she was brought into my practice. She scratches herself utill she bleeds, overnight she has to have her sleeves sewn up to stop her from injuring herself. It itches strongly and the child is crying the whole day. I recommended a homeopathic remedy, which is difficult to find in infants, as their personal characteristics which could help identifying the right remedy are not markedly developed yet. It is necessary to try several remedies.

Follow-up consultation after a month: Nothing changed and what is more, the child stopped sleeping at night. She keeps on crying the whole night – she is hoarse and wheezy and scratches herself.

Follow-up consultation after two months: The child continues sleeping badly, some nights not at all, the eczema fluctuates from states of very bad to better but unsatisfactory ones. She keeps on scratching at night. I recommended autopathic dilution C40.

Follow-up consultation after three months: On the second day after the application the eczema got optically even worse, but the girl was in a considerably better mood. In the second night she slept much better. One week after the application she slept through the night, which had not happened before. The mother says that in the last months the girl slept only half an hour during the day and half an hour at night, the rest of the time she cried. Three weeks after the application also the eczema got much better. The girl is happy and lively.

Follow-up consultation in five months: No eczema in the face, a little behind the neck, a little at the ends of the hands and the feet. She sleeps in the night, wakes up to drink, then falls asleep again. Autopathic dilution C120.

Follow-up consultation after six months: After the application of the dilution she was in a bad mood, on the next day the eczema returned to her face. The day after that it disappeared again. It remains only on her legs. She had a strong flu.

Follow-up consultation after nine months: the face and the body are eczema free. Only now and again a lightly reddish place appears. She sleeps normally.

Another case of an eczema: A seven years old girl, lively, communicative. She has eczema under her knees and elbow pits, on the back side of her neck, it itches. Shen someone strokes her, she immediately starts scratching herself. She has this since her sixth week of life. Her parents use only herbal medicine and acupressure. It helped a lot, but recently no longer. She is a well behaved child, compassionate, over-sentimental. She cries often. She was diagnosed with many allergies, she suffocated after eating a poppy cake, and chocolate brought on skin rush. She lives in the country. She is allergic to dogs and horses, when she stroked a dog, swelling and rush appeared on her face. She likes animals very much. I recommended autopathic dilution C150.

Follow-up consultation after one month: After the application, her face got slightly red, this lasted until the evening. After four days, the eczema on her legs got worse. Then some patches appeared, but after one month the eczema got markedly better. She is crying much less than before, as her attentive father noticed.

Follow-up consultation after four months: The whole summer, until recently, she was completely without problems. In the past, the summer was a season when she was worse.  She has no reaction to dogs. She has signs of eczema in the elbow pits. Recommendation: wait. I considered the return of the weak eczema in the elbow pits together with the lasting improvement of the psychical condition and the allergy as a manifestation of the six year old symptom in the direction of healing according to the Hering’s law – from within outwards. That is – when the inner condition improves, the outward one can get worse a little, before the organism is healed completely.

Follow-up consultation after six months: It did not take place. The mother called me that they will not come because their daughter is completely without complaints.

Note: In all these cases, the potentized autopathic dilution was prepared in the harmony bottle.


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