Bechterew’s disease

18.2.2014 | Martina Ponocna |

Contribution from the IV. Conference on Autopathy, February 2014

In September 2012, a woman came to me with long-term health problems. She suffered already 22 years with Bechterew’s disease, a chronic inflammatory disease of the joints. Now she has already stiffness in the lower back, she cannot bend her neck far back, her shoulder and neck muscles are in a constant state of tension, so that she even cannot sleep on the side because she cannot bend her head towards the shoulder. She often takes Ibalgin 400 against the pain. She makes regular spa visits and feels better for a while, but it never lasts long.

A month before she visited me, a swelling on soles of both feet under the toes appeared, that spread till the insteps, she had swollen toes on one of the feet. The physician diagnosed it as another demonstration of the „Bechterew“ and prescribed physical therapy, which only made it worse. She had to take painkillers daily.

Bechterew’s disease is often accompanied by the inflammation of the cornea, from which the women suffers already seventeen years. The inflammation in the eyes alternates and appears approximately once in two years, in the last years already every year, and now the intervals of when she feels the outset of the inflammation are getting shorter. She has corticoid eye drops always at hand, with which she suppresses the inflammation in its beginnings. In the past, when she had acute inflammations, she used to go every three days to the hospital, where she got corticoid injected under the eye. Because of this she is always afraid, especially when the wind blows and she feels her eye which sometimes even twitches. She also complains of problems with sleeping. She has to go to sleep after twelve at night, when not, she wakes at night and cannot fall asleep anymore, thinking about things from the past which cannot be changed anymore. At midday she is tired and in a bad mood. Another problem that bothers her is an itchy rush on her back. This appeared together with the inflammation of the cornea seventeen years ago. She has it about once a year, mainly in the spring, when sweating. Sometimes she gets it on the palms and fingers of her hands, then the skin splits open and starts bleeding. Sometimes she has dandruff and cracked skin between the toes of her foot.

In spite of the signs of fungus, the form of preparation I selected was boiled breath from the nose, because in the past I also used to have inflammations of the cornea and of the hip joint and boiled breath from the nose worked wonderfully.

For the beginning I selected the potency of 1 l, and this for 6 weeks of detoxication. After this I slowly increased to 2, 3, 4 and half, 6, 8 and 10 litres – each twice a week. This was followed by 12 and 15 litre potencies once a week. Each potency was repeated several times. Then we got to 18 litres in a single application. After the 18 litres the woman was very satisfied. During this time she already sufficiently „communicated“ with her body and trusted it, and so we agreed that she will observe, and when she will need the support of a further potency she will repeat the 18 litres.

After some time she reported that she already repeated the 18 litres, but that the intervals between the 18 litres are getting shorter and so I recommended her to increase to 23 litres in a single use and to wait. After this the women told me that she made herself the recommended dilution, but that she made a mistake and used 30 litres. But she is happy since then, and everything sorted itself out again. She will come for a consultation only when necessary.

The changes started already after the 1 litre potencies – the psychic condition improved. The woman said that she felt as if a stone fell off her heart. The swelling of her feet ceased considerably and she was aware of greater mobility in her back, and also her eye, which felt stiff before. She almost stopped the painkillers. A number of cleansing reactions appeared.

Around 3 litres brought about also a marked regulation in the menstruation and the reduction of pain caused by varicose veins in her leg, she did not even mention these problems before.

A large step for the better, mainly in the psychic condition, was made with 6 litres.

At 10 litres she is completely without the swelling of her feet and pain in the back. She completely stopped medicaments against pain and did not have any pain since.

At 15 litres she got for the first time in her life a fever and this 39,7 °C, which lasted three days. Otherwise she did not have any larger problems. Her last check-up consultation was at 18 litres.

The inflammation of the cornea did not appear again since the beginnings of the autopathic treatment, only slightly as a reverse symptom. Today, she does not take any medicaments, she is happy about the improvements of her psychic condition, sleep and menstruation. But mainly the generally increased relaxation of the muscles in the back, neck, shoulders, the small of the back, where she suffered from stiffness. She can sleep on her side without problems.

She has only a slight rush in the upper part of her back that does not itch at all.

But unfortunately she no longer comes to me for regular massages because nothing hurts her anymore.


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