Autopathy in the psychotherapeutic praxis and cancer

9.3.2017 | Mgr. Veronika Kucerova |

Part of a lecture presented at the Conference on Autopathy in Prague, January 2016

Dear colleagues and friends of autopathy,

I have considered, which of my experiences with autopathy to present here. There are many successful cases of healing here, of illnesses, for which current medicine cannot offer any solutions and effective help. I am in awe over the enthusiasm and virtuosity, with which you respond to the challenges that are facing you. I am very grateful that I can be part of this movement, which tunes people to their real nature and directs them to use their full potential. In all cases that I assisted and which I tried to resolve with autopathy, marked or even miraculous changes had occurred. The reason, why the patients sought out autopathic help was never quite explained, but it had always brought them new knowledge about themselves.

A week ago, a man came for a follow-up consultation to my practice in Pilsen where I practice autopathy and psychotherapy. Like all of my clients, this man had inspired me in many things and gained my sincere admiration. We became friends. When I saw him, how in light steps he runs up the stairs to the floor where my practice is situated, how he radiates good mood, it was difficult to believe that he has such a difficult time behind him.

When he came to me in the spring of last year he was afraid for his life. Now he spoke about wonderful feelings he has been experiencing every day, about the joy of living that fills him. Absolute transformation. You should see him – and hear him speaking.

He came to me following a recommendation from acquaintances, who had told him about autopathy. The 54-year old man was very seriously ill. The diagnosis was malignant tumour of the pharynx with metastasis in the neighbouring lymph nodes on the right. He was very afraid and confused. Before him was demanding therapy, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He asked for help with psychic coping with the planned therapy and wanted to try autopathy as a supplement to the conventional therapy.

After a long and very open personal talk, I recommended to him the following:

  • Regular alternation of autopathy from boiled breath and boiled saliva, starting with the dilution of 1,5 l, with autopathy from prana (5), as required. Gradual increase of potency, increase of intervals between applications of autopathy. For a short time during this therapy also application of autopathy from the secretion of the festering lymph node, 1,5 l, 3 l, 4,5 l in the row, daily.
  • Additionally, he should regularly take kitchen soda (in the morning teaspoon of soda plus maple syrup in 2 dcl water plus several times a day without the syrup).
  • At the same time we started intensive psychotherapy using the method The Journey, directed at understanding the causes of his problems and their conscious processing. Support and great inspiration gave him also the book from Anita Moorjani: Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing that I recommended to him.

Condition in January 2016

  • Continues using autopathy Prana 5, 13,5 l approximately weekly
  • Autopathy Prana 5, gradual increase up to 15 l as required 1x in 14 days up to one month
  • He is calm! (the main reason, why the client contacted me)
  • Copes with very stressful situations with calm and detached view
  • Is in excellent physical and psychic form (see photo)
  • After-effects of radiation and surgeries excellently healed, good mastering of unpleasant medical procedures and interventions
  • A change in perceiving life, he lives his life fully, is happy, works, makes sport and hardens himself, he photographs
  • According to the doctors: 30.11.2015 – oncology check-up – good healing, no signs of illness – next control in March 2016
  • 12.2015 – ENT check-up – ultrasound – without findings, no signs of presence of the tumour, ultrasound of throat is in norm, the next check-up in one year

Summary: The client’s request of support in the regular treatment and the reduction of fear and confusion was fully achieved.

Bonus: A joyful life-feeling, respect for life and a feeling of living fully. Increase of energy, return to perfect condition, occasional states of euphoria, quicker regeneration, detoxification and healing of wounds.

Before I end, I add the client’s actual (January 2017) video greeting, intended not only for the participants of the conference on autopathy 2017, but for everyone.

I wish you with all my heart that autopathy will continue to strengthen you in the realization of the beautiful things in life, to heal you, surprise and interest you, as it does me.


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