Autopathic detoxication II

27.6.2011 | Jiri Cehovsky |

This article has been published in a shorter version without the chapter “Heated breath” in in December 2010

The continuing practice of using the patient’s own sterilised saliva made into potency, had clearly shown this: When the substance is sterilised through boiling and no other extraneous information has been added, as is the case when we sterilise with alcohol, the results appear to be more dependable (I’m tempted here to say directly “dependable”). Sterilisation with alcohol had sometimes brought results, at other times it had not.

Here is one of such cases: The patient is a woman, thirty years old.  She has had severe acne for 15 years, which started in puberty. A dermatologist recently advised her to take a hormonal contraceptive medication, but she told him that she has been taking such medication for years, without any results. Otherwise she is healthy, except for an occasional backache. She used to suffer from Chlamydia, which prevented her from becoming pregnant. However, presently she is expecting a child. My advice: Mix the morning saliva with vodka and make it into potency with 1 litre of water in the autopathy bottle. Apply once a day for 6 days, and after this, dilute with three litres once a week. Follow up in two months: The acne got worse, particularly on her back and the low-neck area. Recommendation: Use autopathy once a fortnight, 6 litres, made from breath. Two months later she emailed me, being somewhat desperate, as the acne was spreading onto her arms, while getting worse overall. She had not lost confidence in the treatment I had recommended only because her good friend was treated successfully. Recommendation: Once a week autopathy with boiled saliva diluted with 6 litres of water. After a month she reports: Acne in the face has improved dramatically, it still persists in the lower parts (the therapy outcome follows Hering’s law: from up to down, i.e. correctly). Recommendation: AUTO 9l BOIL, once only. After that, the acne got worse at first, but during the month that followed, it disappeared even on the other parts of the body. On her last visit she stated that the acne was much better even a couple of days earlier, but now that she is menstruating, it is again making itself apparent, though it is still much better than at any time since puberty. I must add that acne might not be only a simple superficial skin disease, but it could be symptomatic of a much deeper inner disorder, and it could often be incurable by ordinary allopathic as well as by homeopathic treatment.

Case : Young woman who walked away from an unhappy, discordant relationship, and who suffers from loneliness. She is also being isolated from other people by her unfortunate tendency to become abusive when feeling threatened in any way. There are also traumatic experiences from her childhood, when she lived with her schizophrenic, dictatorial mother in a mouldy subterranean flat. During the first and the second year of treatment by autopathy there were some interesting improvements. For instance, she found a better job, the conflicts with those near her have resolved, and there was an overall feeling of well-being. However, when we switched to a homeopathic remedy, she experienced backaches, pursiness (short of breath), which she used to suffer from before, and an even bigger feeling of isolation. Added to that was tiredness with sleeplessness. After such bad news in February 2010 I recommended AUTO 6l saliva, BOIL, once a week. After two months, she reported: She took the preparation only twice. After the first dose she felt rather bad, stressed out, nervous and had a long menstruation. She made the preparation one more time, and something happened that she had never experienced before: she fell in love and began a satisfactory relationship. Immediately, all the physical and psychological problems were gone. Even the menstruation had returned to normal.

Case: A young lady suffering from alopecia, a severe hair loss, even baldness; I have described this case before in the book Get Well With Autopathy. After the autopathic treatment with saliva, everything returned to normal. Nevertheless, a year or so later, the problem with the hair loss had returned. Using autopathy  the potency was gradually increased – with no result. The hair loss continued and she had hardly any left, though the other problems, particularly the strong eczema she used to have before autopathy, were no longer there. In April 2010 she came back to me. Recommendation: AUTO 6l saliva BOIL, once a week. Follow up in two monthsA marked improvement. No more hair loss and the hair is steadily growing back. Some authors concerning themselves with yeasts insist that loss of hair and dandruff are mainly the work of Candida. Autopathy doesn’t strenuously search for causes. We know that there is ever only one cause: impairment of the flow of vital force, prana, or Chi (various cultures have different names for this subtle vital principle). In this case, however, it was caused by the subtle vibrations of the parasites.

Case: A mother of two children. Though essentially healthy, secure and with  n a good environment and relationships, she suffers from negative thoughts, which she cannot precisely define, but which bother her greatly. Two years ago she had read a book about the power of negative thoughts and it had terrified her. She has had craniosacral therapy sessions and that made things worse. Negative thoughts came even more often. Family relationships also aggravated the situation. At first she used autopathy from fresh saliva in lower potencies on her own, and it always helped for a time, but the problem would return. As I had successfully treated her two children for eczema, she asked for my help. My interpretation was that she had found herself in strange spiritual crises: she feels bad and doesn’t know why; she has negative thoughts and doesn’t know why. She is scarred, not knowing why. For instance, she keeps thinking about her child falling into their swimming pool, but it is locked up. There is no logic in that at all. Her finer vibrations must obviously be disturbed at a very deep level, where things cannot be explained through ordinary logic. Recommended: 25 l from breath, potency 1M, which for a month brought a partial relief  from the “level of fear” at which she was previously always experiencing.  However, the negative feelings had returned. She felt an urgent need for activity, unrest and fear, as before.  There were also discharges and craving for sweet food – clear symptoms of Candida, which she had before. Further recommendation: AUTO 25 l BOIL once only. A month later she reported: The second day after application a crises came, which had intensified gradually until the 5th day. Her head was spinning, she felt like vomiting, and she cried. She stayed in bed for one day. After that all the psychological and physical problems had disappeared quickly. They have not returned even after three months.

Case: A man over sixty, who two years ago had a cancerous tumour in the large intestine surgically removed. A month ago another tumour was found in his pelvis, 25 x 50 mm. At the same time, two metastatic tumours were found in the lungs, 26 x 30 mm on the right and 24 x 25 mm pressing on the pleura. Lately he coughs a little, otherwise he feels quite fine…except for the fear. It is suspected that the cancer might enter the bones. His father died of cancer; his mother at 96 is perfectly healthy. Recommendation: Autopathic preparation in autopathy bottle from saliva with alcohol and one litre of water every morning. In the evening changing to two remedies: Lycopodium 30 (specific remedy for the lung cancer) and the following evening Carcinosinum 30. Further recommendation: increase the pH of the saliva through food and bicarbonate (see the Chapter: Short Information on Basic Acid Balance), while drinking at least 3 litres of water. Avoid sugar and sweet food – sugar is the main source of sustenance for the cancer cells, which according to Dr. Simoncini have their base in the yeast activity. The first visit was at the end of November and another followed 3 weeks later. The client refers: The fear he was experiencing has subsided and he feels more relaxed and does not think about cancer. He had a CT of the lungs done a couple of days previously, and the smaller tumour has grown by one millimetre. Incursion of the cancer into the skeleton was ruled out. He is following all my recommendations and drinks water with dissolved bicarbonate, half a small spoonful, 4 x daily. About 5 days after commencing the treatment he had a strongly pruritic discharge after the bowel movement, which has disappeared afterwards. The coughing has stopped. Erroneously he was taking the homeopathic remedies two hours after the autopathy, rather than in the evening. He had a blood test, which showed that thrombocytes, leukocytes, glycemia, and sedimentation  are over the limit. I recommended that he continue the same treatment as agreed on before, except taking alternately the two homeopathic remedies in the evening. The next follow up was in a month. He is now on chemotherapy. It causes lack of appetite, sometimes feeling like vomiting, but overall his reaction to the chemotherapy is “better than the doctors frightened me with”. After bronchoscopy, he coughed out blood for a week, but not any longer and breathing is fine. Recommendation: Use autopathy from ½ litre of water with boiled saliva, every morning. In the evening take alternately the same two homeopathic remedies, one pill each time. The next follow up again in a month. He does everything as I recommended. Continues having the chemotherapy, once a fortnight. He is now halfway through the procedure and is to go for the fourth treatment. After chemo for three days, he is slightly indisposed. His appetite is good and he is not feeling bad. RecommendationIncrease the dilution in autopathy with boiled saliva to 1 litre every morning. Cough before spitting into the autopathy bottle. Otherwise, continue as before. Follow up after a further six weeks: The chemotherapy a fortnight ago had really “knocked him down”, mentally and physically. It was the sixth out of the planned twelve. For five days he could not eat or drink. He decided not to continue with the chemotherapy and asked for a CT check-up. He came to me the same day the doctors gave him the printed and signed finding on examination, bearing a stamp. It stated in the conclusion: “A locus of hypermetabolism of glucoses or structural lesion that would unambiguously testify to presence of viable neoplasia at this time were not found.” In other words, not even a shadow of the tumours that existed in that place was found. The blood test also showed that all the blood parameters that were previously high, were now within the norm (which is not common while chemotherapy is in progress): thrombocytes, leukocytes, glycemia, and sedimentation, in addition to that the markers of cancers were well within the norm. Therefore, my client was absolutely healthy. The doctors are hesitant, not understanding what might be happening, suggesting that the original diagnosis may not have been correct. Despite that they recommended continuation of chemotherapy, which my client refused. He too is very surprised. My recommendation: Continue with autopathy and homeopathic remedies as before. Follow up six weeks later: He feels fine and has no problems. Recommendation: Stop taking the homeopathic remedies and continue only with autopathy with two litres boiled, every second day. Another follow up six weeks later: He laughs and his mood is excellent. He had travelled through France, and sometimes overdid it a bit as far as calvados (brandy) is concerned. After discontinuing the chemotherapy he did not return to the oncology office and has no intentions of going there. Recommendation: AUTO 3l BOIL, once a week. I think that Dr. Simoncini would be happy, while the yeasts are trying to find their luck elsewhere.

 Case:  Eczema- Some time ago I successfully treated eczema in a young mother, who had it for her entire life. It had covered her body completely from feet to head. Now she has a son, who has inherited the disease. The mother herself had treated him with autopathy from saliva, after which the eczema got better, subsiding from head downwards. However, it kept returning. Even after twelve litre potencies from saliva that I had recommended after they visited me, it developed along similar lines. Recommendation: At the beginning of the year I recommended 6 l with boiled saliva, once a week. The autopathy bottle that was used for the twelve litre potencies had to be changed for a new one, even though the 3 months period of use had not been reached. When you go down by so many litres it is necessary, as the glass would retain the higher potency. A follow up after six weeks proved that soon after the first application his face had cleared, the madescent spots had begun to heal and the scabs dried out. He does not wake up at night as often than he used to.Recommendation: Continue with autopathy in the same way. In another six weeks the mother reported that the positive changes from the last visit have increased so much that there is hardly any eczema left. However, in the last few days something semolina-like has been appearing on hands and body, a rough skin but not eczema. Recommendation: Continue with autopathy in the same way. In another six weeks the mother reported that the positive changes from the last visit have increased so much that there is hardly any eczema left. However, in the last few days something semolina-like has been appearing on hands and body, a rough skin but not eczema. Recommendation: AUTO 9 l BOIL once only. Three months later, an e-mail came from the mother, reporting that three days after applying the nine litre potency of boiled saliva, the skin problems had disappeared. Since then he’s had no further problems.

Case: This lovely young woman has had multiple sclerosis for the past 4 years. She is taking corticoids, suffers from tiredness, is depressed, sad and cries during the examination. A couple of months ago she had high fevers and she has been feeling tired ever since. She recently had problems with sinuses and took antibiotics. My recommendation: AUTO 4.5 l boiled saliva (cough strongly before spitting), once a week. Follow up in a month: On the day of the autopathic treatment she felt good, had more energy and positive thoughts. She is not taking the corticoids any more. There is substantially more energy, particularly lately; she also has less need for sleeping. Recommendation: AUTO 6 l BOIL once a week. Follow up in 2 months, via e-mail: The neurological problems she has suffered from continuously, tingling and slackness in the left hand, are improving. She still has more energy. Instead of feeling sad she is, particularly early in the morning, enraged. Rage at the beginning of treatment I always see as a manifestation of awakening vitality that is not yet under control. She takes no corticoids. I recommended stopping the autopathic treatment until the control that was to follow in 14 days. She feels good physically and has no further problems, she is narky, particularly at work, and occasionally she blows her top. Previously she tended to retreat and bottle things up. Recommendation: AUTO 9l BOIL, once only. The next follow up was after full three months, during which she was without any problems and taking no medication. Ten days ago however, she had a shock, when she found out that her sister was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The tingling sensation in hand and loss of feeling in fingers had returned. Recommendation: AUTO 9l BOIL, once only until the next follow up.

The potency of boiled saliva can be determined the same way as with the pure saliva, as described in the chapter Specifying the degree of dilution, in my book Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony. Potencies of between one and two liters (in the autopathy bottle, one liter makes 40 C), in cases of serious and threatening diseases and conditions, we could apply daily, or even twice a day. The dilution of 4.5 – 6 liters is usually applied once a week, sometimes more often when there are distinctive problems. The potencies of 6 liters (240 C) and above could also be applied singly, while monitoring the development and waiting as long as there are continuing improvements. If positive development comes to a halt, or things do turn back and there is a relapse, we use the same potency or higher. Some of my students report that in some of their cases there have been significant improvements only after the dilution by twenty liters (app. 1M) or even more of boiled saliva. Such potencies then worked in the long term even after a single dose, but only when they had been reached gradually. With some people, however, the potencies of 1 – 6 liters are high enough.

Potencies prepared from boiled saliva have proved useful even in cases of acute illnesses, such as high fever in children, when I usually recommend the potency of six liters applied repeatedly (in intervals of several hours) or by a single application. Instructions for the preparation of autopathic dilution with boiling are HERE.

Heated breath

The most recent method of preparation of autopathic dilution up to now which has logically developed from the previous ones is the preparation from heated breath. I have used it recently in many people, however, the observation has been only short-term and although there had not been much feedback up to now, it is already of much interest. For this reason I decided to include this information here with the risk that it had not been sufficiently tested like the previous methods. The most clients refer about it enthusiastically and these are people who have used autopathy before as well as newcomers. They felt marked development in the direction of health, normality, feelings of happiness. And this often immediately after the use. It looks like that feelings of energy and distinct psychic relief appeared soon after application. It also looks like that this method of preparation is very effective in low potencies from 1 to 6 l as well as high potencies from 12, 25 or 35 l. It has quick effect especially in psychic problems and illnesses, but has penetrating effect also on the physical body.

Woman around forty, she suffers from pain in the back which hinders her in her daily functioning, she has it every day since 15 years. An x-ray examination does not show any cause. Since one year she has burning pain in the chest. Now she has a cold with runny nose and cough. During the last year and a half she has problems with her accommodation and had gained 30 kg in weight. She does not want to go out, she feels herself to be ugly. She has hunger with craving for sweets that cannot be satisfied, which gets only worse when she eats. She never has a feeling of thirst and drinks only a little. She suffers from over-acidity, pH of saliva is under 6. She has yeast discharges. She has to fight strong suicidal impulses, she is afraid of harming herself.  AUTO from 6 l, heated saliva, single application. Follow up control in 2 months: burning in the chest is better, suicidal thoughts are less intensive. Strange incidents happen to her. She still has intense cravings for sweets and great pangs of conscience about her weight. This condition stayed the same with some variation until the consultation, when I recommended to her to make a preparation from 7,5 l from heated breath. Fourteen days after application the craving for sweets had suddenly and completely stopped. Also her thirstlessness had stopped. After four weeks she had lost 4 kg without any effort. Her psychic condition was excellent, as if she had returned years back. She did not complain about her back.

Man of athletic body, 39 years of age. He suffers already twelve years from ulcerous colitis, a chronic inflammation of the large intestine. Twelve years ago they started to give him corticoids. He lived eleven years with constant pain in the region of pelvis, he passed fifteen times a day liquid stool with blood, he had to plan his travels so that there was always a WC nearby, strong flatulence, he was never sure, if only gas or stool will pass. Ten months ago after reading a book he started with self-healing, he applied dilution prepared in autopathy bottle from saliva and one litre water daily, then he changed to 3 litres, and then to 3 litres  from boiled saliva. From the beginning of the autopathic self-treatment he felt a notable relief, but the illness had the tendency to return, although in a milder form. At the time when he came to me for the first time, in August 2010, he was passing stool 2x a day, but still mixed with mucus and blood and could not pass gas without the risk of passing stool. The constant pain in the pelvis had continued. He had a pain in the knee. Recommended: In the morning take AUTO 1 l boiled saliva, in the evening 1 l from breath. In 10 days the colitis got better, the stool was mucus free and pain decreased. Radical change. After three days of improvement, the mucus in stool reappeared. Recommended: AUTO 2 l boiled saliva in the morning and in the evening 2 l from breath, daily. He also experimented with preparation from boiled mucus. After one month he reports: there is no longer danger that stool will pass with gas, ten days ago blood had disappeared from stool, stool is more solid, once or twice a day, but sometimes it does not go the whole day. The pain in pelvis continues. Recommendation: AP from 3 l with boiled breath once a week. After one month: The condition is stabilized, solid normal stool once a day, no problems with the exception of a slight pain in the area of pelvis, which passes in the morning after stool and does not return during the day. He feels very well and healthy.

Both of them (and a number of others) have used these instructions.

The detoxication phases can last different times. Sometimes it is enough to apply preparation from heated material only once and after this to continue with preparation from non-heated breath. In problems in which strong infestation with parasites is presumed, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and others, there can be many repetitions and this phase can take three months or even longer. Sometimes it was not necessary to repeat a preparation sterilized with heat, because the problems disappeared. Sometimes it happened that after certain time, for example several months, the application of a dilution sterilized with heat reduced the treatment results. This was a signal to change to the application of the preparation from non-heated breath. The organism freed of foreign vital frequencies provides purer vital information from breath and its potencies have then much stronger effect. In application of potencies from pure breath we can progress relatively quickly, even though with gradual increase, to high and very high potencies that bring long-term and intensive improvements in the level of health and happiness. As soon as this satisfactory level is achieved (this is determined by the healed person according to his or her feelings), we move to the phase of “wait and observe” and do not apply anything. This phase of health and independence from treatment can last years.


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