Seminar about new trends in autopathy

15.10.2012 | Filip Cehovsky

A seminar with the title New Trends in Autopathy will take place in November 2012. It is intended especially for people who completed the course Autopathy III, but also for other people who have advanced knowledge in the use of autopathy.…

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Lecture: Autopathy, a 3000 years old method

18.7.2012 | Filip Cehovsky

The lecture Autopathy, a 3000 years old method will take place at the castle Karlova Koruna in Chlumec nad Cidlina in the frame of the weekend Čarování pod Královskou korunou on the 18th of August 2012 at 13:15.

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Review of the English version of the book Get Well with Autopathy

15.7.2012 | Filip Cehovsky

A detailed review of the English version of J.Cehovsky’s book Get Well with Autopathy was published in the July edition of the most read American online magazine about homeopathy It is written by the well known homeopath and chief editor of the magazine Alan Schmukler. The author familiarises with …

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Courses Autopathy I – autumn 2012

8.6.2012 | Filip Cehovsky

Courses Autopathy I will take place in the autumn in Ostrava, Bratislava, Prague, Brno and Ceske Budejovice.…

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Jiri Cehovsky about autopathy in the Czech TV

30.10.2011 | Filip Cehovsky

29. 10. 2011 Czech TV braodcasted in the frame of the program School of life a discussion about health from the Theatre na Kampe, in which Jiri Cehovsky participated. He spoke about autopathy and its social context. The whole four-hour discussion can be viewed in the archive of Czech TV …

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Articles about autopathy in popular homeopathic sites in the USA

11.7.2011 | Filip Cehovsky

Articles in popular homeopathic sites in the USA: Autopathy – Six Cases, Autopathic Detoxication, Autopathic detoxication II, Autopathy: Healing with potentized Saliva

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Program about autopathy in Slovak TV

19.5.2011 | Filip Cehovsky

17. 5. program about autopathy in STV (from 12. minute)…

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An article about autopathy published at

15.2.2010 | Filip Cehovsky

An extensive article about autopathy “Autopathy: Healing with potentized Saliva” was issued in the prestigious online homeopathic magazine, published in the USA.…

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Program of the Conference on Autopathy 2010

15.2.2010 | Filip Cehovsky

Here you will find the program (in Czech) from a current conference on Autopathy 2010. Sound recording can be ordered here.…

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Lecture about autopathy in the Municipal Library in Prague

8.3.2009 | Filip Cehovsky

4. 3. 2009 a two hour information lecture (in Czech) by Jiri Cehovsky takes place in the Municipal Library in Prague, small all, at 17.00, in the frame of circular lecture series organised by the magazin Medunka and the association SALOCO.…

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