The story of a little girl, 9 months old, with hemangioma on her lower lip

12.10.2019 | Vladimir Galba |

The client’s mother’s statement is always in italics:

Adelka was born prematurely by 2 weeks and urgent intervention was needed. Weak responses. I had cramps in my lower back and my lower abdomen. It was a routine check-up.
After the birth, everything was fine. Two weeks later a red spot appeared on my daughter’s lower lip, a week later it developed into a pimple, which gradually increased to its present size. The doctor reassured me that it was just a pimple. At six months, she told me it was hemangioma. For me the whole world collapsed when I found out what it was. According to doctors, only surgery was possible. This was confirmed by the chief physician at the ENT clinic in Bratislava. I did not agree with this solution and therefore started to look for an alternative.

On the left side of the lower lip there is a hemangioma and also a spot on the left cheek. Maybe she was born with it.
Insomnia – wakes up 3-4 times at night. During the day she sleeps 1/2 hour after lunch. Then she wakes up and cries. She sleeps curled up on her stomach, bottom up. Mucous congestion and a runny nose.

Vaccination – after vaccination increased temperatures.
Recommended dosage: BB (boiled breath) – potency 2 liters, every other day. We begin with low potency to find out how the hemangioma will respond to autopathy and also because it is a nine months old baby.

Client’s condition at first meeting

Follow-up control after 14 days:
There was an enlargement of the hemangioma, thus it responded to autopathy. It is a typical manifestation of autopathy that initially there is a slight and brief deterioration. And the first check was already after 14 days, because it was a very sensitive problem and a very small child.
Sleep unchanged.
Recommended dosage: BB – potency 3 liters, every other day.

Follow-up control after 4 weeks:

The mucous congestion was cleared for one day, without symptoms.
Sleep – prolonged at night, going to sleep later. Sleeps for two hours during the day.
Hemangioma – there is no change. Mother feels good about it, she has the feeling that it is smaller.

Recommended dosage: BB – potency 5 liters, every third day.

Follow-up control after 2 months:

Insomnia – wakes up 20 min. after falling asleep, but only in the evening. She is alone in the bedroom. During the day she sleeps without any problems.
Hemangioma – change !!! Reduction.

Recommended dosage: BB – potency 7 liters, every third day. We are increasing the potency to support the immune system that has to deal with the hemangioma.

Follow-up control after 3 months:
Hemangioma – reduced..
Spot – still there but paler.
Sleep – no longer wakes up as she used to. Sleeps more peacefully.

Client’s condition after 3 months of therapy

Recommended dosage: BB – potency 8 liters, until the end of the week, when the effectiveness of the autopathy bottle expires, and on Sunday autopathy from Prana, potency 3 liters with new autopathy bottle, application to all chakras. After 14 days change to BB – potency 9 liters, every third day.

Follow-up control after 7 months:
Vaccination – she was vaccinated, the third revaccination – I don’t know for what it was. We’ve postponed it for 4 months.
She was examined by an ophthalmologist; the background was fine. It was because of the hemangioma.
There will still be a neurology examination.

After vaccination, hemangioma worsens – enlargement. So the vaccination moves us back in the treatment. We adjust the potency, dosage and try to lessen the reaction to the vaccination.
Recommended dosage: BB – potency of 12 liters, once every 10 days and at the same time we use Prana – potency 4 liters, once a week.

Follow-up control after 9 months:
An impression of a small reduction. After application, it appears as if the hemangioma has increased and then a feeling of calm and shrinking and localization. It is now away from the corner of her mouth.
Recommended dosage: BB – 16 l once every 14 days and simultaneously used – Prana 5 – potency 6 liters, once every 14 days.

Follow-up control after 12 months:
She is doing pretty well. Hemangioma is better.

Client’s condition after 12 months of therapy

Recommended dosage: BB – potency 18 liters, once a week and we also use Prana 5 – potency 10 liters, once a week.

Follow-up control after 14 months:
She took antibiotics for 7 days. The lips are, in my opinion, enlarged. And she was also in the hospital, because she had a cough. My husband took her to the doctor, who sent her to hospital. They were there for three days.
At the examination in Bratislava, the chief physician stated that there was no improvement and that the operation would be necessary. When I told him that the hemangioma was half the size, he said that it did not seem so to him. He had no photo documentation of the hemangioma at the beginning as we have, but only stated that there was no improvement. Finally, at my insistence that there is improvement, the chief physician allowed the postponement of the operation, saying that we would wait and then decide. The worsening of the hemangioma, was perhaps also due to the fact that I went on a business trip with my husband for a few days and left our daughter with my mother. Mom thinks that it could have gotten worse because we were gone.

Client’s condition after illness

Deterioration after illness, antibiotics, hospital visits and separation from the mother. We continue therapy.
Recommended dosage: BB – potency of 20 liters, every third day. We increase the potency for strengthening of the immune system, as it has to deal with the administered antibiotics and worsening hemangioma.

Follow-up control after 18 months:

The client’s condition after 18 months of therapy

Hemangioma is almost invisible when mouth is closed. We agreed to stop the therapy for now, let Adelka’s organism relax and, above all, give a rest to her mother who for eighteen months had regularly produced and applied Adelka’s autopathic preparations. The mother will watch how the hemangioma develops and should she need advice again, she will contact me.

To complete the story: Adelka goes to school today and no one sees that she’s had a hemangioma on her lip. Only those informed know that it used to be there.


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